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30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Gulfport (Mississippi)

This second-largest city in Mississippi is a mecca for tourism without being too touristy.

Things to do in Gulfport are never hard to come by.

The city is rife with entertainment, eateries, historical sites, art pursuits, and outdoor recreation.

Gulfport has many historically significant estates and museums, art galleries galore, great breweries, and many restaurants serving up delicious Southern cuisine.

This waterfront town is situated along the Gulf of Mexico, so coastal pursuits are a popular pastime in this Mississippi town.

From boating to cruising and paddleboarding to kayaking, watersports are a big deal here.

There are also lots of wonderful things to do in Gulfport in terms of family fun.

Some of the great family fun attractions include mini golf, arcades, water parks, community parks, and play centers.

However, whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or with children, Gulfport is an inviting city with lots of culture and fun to be had.

Check out some of the many awesome attractions Gulfport boasts.

1. Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Situated in an early 1900s school building, the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is a place for children’s imaginations to come to life.

A Gulfport mainstay, this attraction features interactive exhibits, outdoor recreation areas, and more.

Unlike traditional museums where it’s taboo to touch the exhibits, the center encourages hands-on activity.

Encouraging experiential and kinesthetic learning, children come to Mississippi from far and wide to visit this museum.

One of the top 10 things to do with children, the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is a must-see.

When visiting the center, be sure to pay attention to the historical architecture which adds to the experience.

Once your self-guided tour gets going, some of the amazing displays you’ll experience include indoor exhibits such as a climbing structure and a space exhibit as well as outdoor exhibits such as an outdoor creek and a make-believe neighborhood.

Besides the many wonderful exhibits, the center offers classes in cooking, the arts, sciences, and other areas.

One of the greatest points of interest for families visiting Gulfport, Lynn Meadows Discovery Center should top your shortlist.

Address: 246 Dolan Ave, Gulfport, MS 39507, United States

2. Gulf Islands Waterpark

Gulf Islands Waterpark

Gulf Islands Waterpark

Another fun family attraction, the Gulf Islands Waterpark is the perfect place for cooling off on hot summer days.

Loaded with massive water slides, pools, and rides for visitors of all ages, the park is enjoyable for the whole family.

Situated on 18 acres, there are tons of exciting activities around the park.

Home to the area’s only water coaster, the Horn Island Blaster, this ride alone is worth the visit to the park.

Some of the park’s other rides feature tube slides, a lazy river, body slides, and flumes.

The park’s Lil’ Pelican Bay is a sweet activity pool perfect for smaller children.

In addition to the park’s many thrilling water rides, there are also great amenities.

The park rents private cabanas, has a zip line course with 50 treetop activities, and has three restaurants to choose from.

With tons of stuff to do in one place, Gulf Islands Waterpark is the best place to beat the heat.

Address: 17200 16th St, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

3. North Star Sailing Charters

North Star Sailing Charters

North Star Sailing Charters

If you’re looking for an exciting, scenic way to enjoy the Gulf Coast, check out North Star Sailing Charters.

There are a few great ways to experience a sailing charter with this group.

From private charters to sailing lessons, you can choose to sit back and relax or learn a new skill.

Private charters seat up to six guests and set sail on the Mississippi Sound and Gulf of Mexico; these charters range from 2 ½ to 6 hours and are navigated by experienced sailors.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, sailing lessons are a fun way to experience the Gulf.

Lesson packages teach basics in small groups or private lessons.

Whether chartering a private tour or taking lessons, there’s so much beauty to see as you sail along the shores of Gulfport.

Besides the scenic coastline, you’re likely to encounter sea life such as pelicans and dolphins, and if weather permits, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the Barrier Islands.

Pack lunch and beverages, and sit back and enjoy the wind in your hair, the saltwater in the air, and the magnificence of the local seascape.

Address: 2250 Jones Park Dr, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

4. TrainTastic



All aboard! Calling all train enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for the top places to go for the hobbyists in your group, be sure to pay a visit to TrainTastic.

A great place to learn about locomotive history, the museum is an insightful place to visit.

For starters, the museum is the largest of its kind in the country.

Fueled by two brothers’ fascination with trains, the museum boasts impressive exhibits.

Besides the incredible 50,000-square-foot exhibit space, the museum teaches classes about creating and growing train displays as well as lessons on the history of the train industry and model trains as a hobby.

The displays at Traintastic are interactive, and the museum also offers outdoor train rides and other physical displays.

The displays are self-guided but well-organized, so you can learn about the world of model trains before moving on to how people use trains and how trains work.

In addition to the displays, there’s also an indoor, train-themed jungle gym for children.

Address: 615 Pass Rd, Gulfport, MS 39507, United States

5. Ship Island Excursions

Ship Island Excursions

Ship Island Excursions

One of the best ways to get out on the water, Ship Island Excursions are fun for the whole family.

Ship Island Excursions offers three different cruise types: a dolphin-watching cruise, a sunset cocktail cruise, and private charters.

Each of the cruises set sail upon the Gulf for nearby Fort Massachusetts where you can learn all about this historical site.

Other sites you’ll encounter aboard one of these cruises include the barrier islands as well as the coast’s beautiful sand shores.

All Ship Island Excursions depart from Gulfport Harbor and range in length from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Aboard one of the incredible dolphin cruises you’ll encounter Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, the sunset cruises feature a DJ and dancing, and the private charters feature a cocktail and dinner party which is great for adults.

One of the coolest Gulfport attractions to experience this weekend, Ship Island Excursions are a must-do.

Address: 1040 23rd Ave, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

6. Chandeleur Island Brewing Company

Chandeleur Island Brewing Company

Chandeleur Island Brewing Company

Whether you’re looking for something fun to do for couples or with friends, the Chandeleur Island Brewing Company is a great place to visit.

Situated in the heart of Gulfport, Mississippi, the brewery is the answer to the question of what to do in town.

Named for a stretch of islands off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the brewery was established by beer-loving buddies in late 2013.

Serving the tastiest handcrafted brews in town, the brewery is a hub for imbibing and gathering.

Known for tasty ales that use locally-sourced ingredients, the brewery serves a wide variety of brews in its cool taproom.

The aptly-named “Chandy Room” serves selections such as ales, hard seltzers, ambers, lagers, and other varieties.

An entertaining events calendar that features a great live music lineup is another reason to visit Chandeleur Island Brewing Company.

The brewery hosts guided tours every Saturday, and the taproom is open 7 days a week.

One of the coolest places to go in Gulfport, Chandeleur Island Brewing Company is worth a spot on your itinerary.

Address: 2711 14th St, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

7. Stennis Space Center

Stennis Space Center

Stennis Space Center

Situated along the Pearl River just outside of Gulfport, Mississippi, the Stennis Space Center is a NASA facility.

One of the biggest rocket testing facilities in the country, the Stennis Space Center is a must-see when you’re in town.

While the space center itself can’t be toured by the public, there is an adjacent NASA welcome center where you can enjoy an incredible experience.

In addition to the interesting time you’ll have at the NASA welcome center, if you time your visit well, you can even witness an actual rocket launch which is one of the coolest free things to do in town.

There’s nothing like the sight, sound, smell, and feeling of seeing a rocket launch firsthand, so be sure to visit the center’s website for launch time information.

One of the most interesting places to visit in MS, the Stennis Space Center is a must-do.

Address: Stennis Space Center, MS, United States

8. The Crosby Arboretum

The Crosby Arboretum

The Crosby Arboretum

If you’re looking for something cool to do near Gulfport, Mississippi, add The Crosby Arboretum to your to-do list.

Part of Mississippi State University, the arboretum sits on more than 700 acres of natural preserve.

Home to more than 300 species of naturally-occurring trees, shrubs, foliage, and flowers, the arboretum is a picturesque place to see.

The arboretum is also home to three distinct habitats that serve as exhibits; they include savanna, woodland, and aquatic habitats.

A tour of each of the three exhibits will reveal unique habitats, incredible wildlife, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to witness animals in the wild.

Besides the exhibits, landscape journeys share several other unique facets of the arboretum.

Tours of The Crosby Arboretum are self-guided and available Wednesdays through Sundays.

Trail signs and free maps will help you to navigate the park as well as explain the exhibits you view.

Ticket prices to visit The Crosby Arboretum are nominal, making it one of the few cheap things to do in town.

Address: 370 Ridge Rd, Picayune, MS 39466, United States

9. Jones Park

Jones Park

Jones Park

Situated on 60 acres in the heart of Gulfport, Jones Park is one of the loveliest places to visit in the US.

Sitting adjacent to the Mississippi State Port, the park’s magnificent coastal views are alone worth the visit.

Considered the “Front Yard for the State of Mississippi,” the park is a great place to visit for sightseeing, picnicking, strolling, and photography.

Besides the incredible views, the park has an awesome amphitheater where you can catch open-air shows all summer long.

Other Jones Park features include a splash pad and playground for little ones, a covered pavilion, and a promenade walk.

There’s great sightseeing throughout the park too; a replica lighthouse and anchor installation are just a few of the cool sights to see.

An open lawn space is perfect for tossing a ball, catching a frisbee, reading a book, spreading a picnic, and the like.

One of many special things to see in Gulfport, Jones Park is a favorite area attraction.

Best of all, it’s one of the few free things to do in town.

Address: US-90, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

10. Zip ‘N Fun Adventure Park

Zip ‘N Fun Adventure Park

Zip ‘N Fun Adventure Park

One of the top places to visit for thrill seekers traveling to Gulfport, the Zip ‘N Fun Adventure Park packs tons of excitement.

An adventure park, ropes course, and zipline all rolled into one, this attraction is where to go for your next adrenaline rush.

Home to two incredible obstacle courses, 50 thrilling games, and a whopping 8 zip lines, this place packs a punch.

The treetop adventure course has tons of cool features such as aerial bridges, swinging logs, and a Tarzan jump.

The Junior Adventure Course is perfect for adventurous little ones.

This course sits just a few feet off the ground with similar obstacles to the treetop course.

Reservations are required, but with both a treetop and junior course, this is a park that’s fun for the whole family.

If you’re wondering what to do in Gulfport this weekend, make a reservation at Zip ‘N Fun Adventure Park.

Address: 17200 16th St, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

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11. Mississippi Aquarium

Mississippi Aquarium

Mississippi Aquarium

Situated in a nearly 6-acre complex, the Mississippi Aquarium is a relatively new addition to Gulfport.

The aquarium opened its doors in the summer of 2020, and it’s one of the best things to see in MS.

The aquarium is unique in that it has both indoor and outdoor exhibits that house hundreds of animal species as well as nearly 50 species of plants.

As such, the aquarium is a wonderful place for both observation and learning.

During a tour of the aquarium, you’ll see animals native to MS such as alligators and catfish as well as others from all around the world.

Some of the most popular animals found at the Mississippi Aquarium are the assortment of rays in the touch pool.

The aquarium’s ocean habitat features turtles and sharks while the river habitat features catfish and sturgeon.

Besides the awesome animal exhibits, the aquarium also features a cafe, a gift shop, and daily programming.

Address: 2100 E Beach Blvd, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

12. Island View Casino Resort

Island View Casino Resort

Island View Casino Resort

If you’re looking for things to do and places to stay in Gulfport, head over to the Island View Casino Resort today.

Whether you’re looking for superb accommodations, excellent dining, or fun gaming, this casino has it all.

The resort offers both island view and beachfront hotel accommodations.

The complex is home to luxury resort amenities such as a full-service spa, an 18-hole golf course, and two resort pools.

Additionally, the casino is a gamer’s paradise with slot machines, table games, and big giveaways.

Island View is also home to nearly 20 restaurants; from a world-class buffet to fine dining and cafes to diners, there’s always something new to try.

As for entertainment, there’s always live music at one of the many on-site bars or lounges.

The perfect spot to spend a few days in Gulfport, the Island View Casino Resort is one of the top tourist attractions in town.

Address: 3300 W Beach Blvd, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

13. Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude Trampoline Park

One of the best ways to spend a day with children in Gulfport, the Altitude Trampoline Park is loads of fun.

This indoor trampoline park is exactly what it sounds like: a great place to jump around and expel energy.

With attractions for toddlers through adults, there’s something fun for everyone at Altitude Trampoline Park.

All of the jump attractions are laid out in bright, enticing colors, and there are a variety of jump courses.

On the main court, jumpers can jump, tumble, and show off on wall-to-wall trampolines.

The Wipe Out course is a competitive obstacle where you can go head-to-head with an opponent on a spinning feature.

Other enjoyable courses include a basketball trampoline, extreme dodgeball, and the ever-popular Battle Beam.

Despite being so much fun, Altitude Trampoline Park also ensures safety for all its guests, so you and your children can jump with peace of mind.

One of the best things to do in Gulfport, especially with children, Altitude Trampoline Park is a must-do.

Address: 9445 US 49, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

14. Windance Golf

Windance Golf

Windance Golf

Windance Golf is the most beautiful place to play a round of golf in Gulfport.

Beyond its beauty, however, lies an incredibly challenging, world-class golf course.

One of the state’s top resort golf courses, you can expect great golf, luxury, and breathtaking scenery.

Some of the course’s key features include a magnificent lake, incredible stonework, and native landscaping.

Whether you’re looking for one day of golf or stay-and-play packages, Windance Golf has it all.

The stay-and-play packages include deluxe hotel accommodations, an unlimited buffet at Island View Casino & Resort, free cocktails, and golf.

Windance is also home to a resort pool, a jam-packed events calendar, and access to the club’s fine dining establishment: The View at 19th Bar & Grill.

The perfect place to enjoy a golf getaway, Windance Golf is one of the top tourist attractions in Gulfport.

Address: 19385 Champion Cir, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

15. Bananas Mini Golf & Arcade

Bananas Mini Golf & Arcade

Bananas Mini Golf & Arcade

There’s no better summer pastime than mini golf with the whole family.

At Bananas Mini Golf & Arcade you can enjoy Gulfport’s tropical mini golf course which is both challenging and chill.

The course has challenging obstacles, amazing water features, and colorful lights to enhance nighttime gameplay.

To help you beat the hot MS heat, the course is also outfitted with misters to keep you cool.

After you’ve claimed mini-golf victory, be sure to head over to the arcade.

Relive your childhood or show your children the ropes on some of your favorite classic arcade games.

Claw games, shooting games, pinball, and more all await you at this state-of-the-art arcade.

Finally, after you’ve worked up a sweat and beat your favorite arcade games, it’s time for a sweet treat.

Visit the ice cream shop for Dippin’ Dots, a milkshake, a cone, or a sno-cone.

The perfect spot to spend an evening, Bananas Mini Golf & Arcade has so many great activities in one place.

Address: 2251 E Pass Rd, Gulfport, MS 39507, United States

16. Half Shell Oyster House

Half Shell Oyster House

Half Shell Oyster House

If you’re looking for romantic things for an upcoming date night in Gulfport, a reservation at Half Shell Oyster House is highly recommended.

Serving upscale Southern seafood in a casual setting, this restaurant is a must-do.

The restaurant’s vibe is reminiscent of an old-timey French Quarter establishment.

Relaxed and moody, Half Shell Oyster House feels cool, romantic, and casual while its food is upscale and sophisticated.

Speaking of food, their Bayou-inspired dishes bring local flavors and flair to your palette in the most delicious way.

While Half Shell Oyster House is known for its ½-shell oysters, other popular dishes include the Redfish Orleans, Seafood Stuffed Portabellas, and Seafood Gumbo.

A full-service bar with specialty drinks like the Cajun Oyster Martini and Half Shell Bloody Mary are great pairings for any dish.

Delicious food, tasty drinks, and the soulful jazz music that plays all day have all the makings for a casual yet romantic dinner date.

Address: 2500 13th St #1, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

17. Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach

Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach

Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach

One of the top vacation spots in Gulfport, Mississippi, Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach is something of a local institution.

This awesome restaurant packs a vibey, tropical punch that makes you feel like you’re visiting the islands.

The restaurant sits beside the Gulf of Mexico, and the epic coastal views only intensify its tropical feel.

With both indoor and outdoor seating options as well as Caribbean music playing, a visit to Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach is a cool experience.

In addition to the restaurant’s convivial ambiance, Shaggy’s serves some of the best local seafood fresh from the Gulf.

Some of Shaggy’s signature seafood dishes include Seafood Fries, Shaggy’s Snapper, and Firecracker Shrimp Tacos.

In addition to the many delectable seafood options, they also serve juicy burgers, fresh salads, and awesome appetizers.

The bar serves all of the usual suspects in addition to many tropical specialty drinks.

If you’re looking for a great local restaurant that the whole family can enjoy, be sure to check out Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach.

Address: 1724 E Beach Blvd, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

18. Gulfport Dragway

Gulfport Dragway

Gulfport Dragway

The Gulfport Dragway, which was established as Magnolia Dragway in 1972, is one of many unique Gulfport attractions.

The raceway hosts 1⁄4-mile drag races all week long.

If you’ve never seen one in person, the energy at these events is through the roof and well worth seeing.

Bring the whole family to the dragway, and get there early to experience all of the electrifying excitement; from test-n-tune events to junior drag races and electronic to footbrake races, there’s so much to see.

With events all year long, any time is a good time to visit Gulfport Dragway.

Although the dragway does have a concession stand, tailgating is encouraged.

Pack a cooler, a picnic, or have a barbecue, either way, it’s a blast at Gulfport Dragway.

Address: 17085 Racetrack Rd, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

19. Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

Dedicated to education and conservation, the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies is located in the heart of Mississippi.

Established in 1984, the center is a hands-on place to learn about and interact with marine mammals.

The institute’s main function is to rehabilitate sick and injured marine mammals and sea turtles.

One of the unique ways to interact with sea turtles is to track them from their GPS tags.

More hands-on exhibits include a dolphin interaction program and a stingray swim program.

Another cool program is the job shadow experience where visitors can spend a day in the life with a marine biologist.

Other awesome interactive experiences include the Sea Lion Kiss, the Dolphin Meet & Greet, and the Stingray Encounter.

A cool way to learn about and meet local marine life, the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies invites visitors to experience marine mammals in a whole new way.

Address: 10801 Dolphin Ln, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

20. Gulfport Premium Outlets

Gulfport Premium Outlets

Gulfport Premium Outlets

No vacation is complete without a little retail therapy.

If you’re looking for the best place to spend today shopping, head to the Gulfport Premium Outlets.

Packed with local shops and big-name retailers, you’ll find everything you want and need in one central location.

Stores such as Ralph Lauren, H&M, Nautica, and Aeropostale deliver options for all tastes and budgets.

Men’s stores, jewelers, candle shops, shoe stores, luxury handbags, and beyond can all be found at the Gulfport Premium Outlets.

What’s more, the outlet price tags ensure you get the best deals in every store you patronize.

In addition to great shopping, there are many awesome dining options at the Gulfport Premium Outlets.

Food trucks, ice cream shops, and fast food restaurants round out the tasty dining options at the outlets.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to spend a rainy day or just need to pick up some new duds, the Gulfport Premium Outlets have got you covered.

Address: 10000 Factory Shop Blvd, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

21. Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum

Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum

Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum

This outstanding Mississippi attraction provides a walk through a unique facet of American history.

The museum showcases exhibits connected to aviation history and shares the stories of the heroes who helped forge this history.

Some of the museum’s incredible exhibits pay homage to heroes such as John C. Robinson, the first African American pilot to fight in a war, as well as other important contributors.

Other exhibits display artifacts and information as it specifically relates to Gulf Coast aviation history.

Some of the amazing displays feature artifacts such as art, aircraft, documents, photos, uniforms, and beyond.

With 22 galleries set in a 33,000-square-foot facility, there’s tons to see at the Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum.

Audio/visual aids, historical facts, and bronze busts are just a few of the other items you’ll encounter during your self-guided tour.

Lastly, some exhibits highlight US military bases from 1917 to the present day.

Address: MS Aviation Museum, 429 Pass Rd, Gulfport, MS 39507, United States

22. Wut Sup Standup Paddleboards

Wut Sup Standup Paddleboards

Wut Sup Standup Paddleboards

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the local waterways, Wut Sup Standup Paddleboards is a great way to do so.

If you’ve never tried a standup paddleboard, they’re a great way to explore, observe nature, and enjoy physical recreation.

Wut Sup Standup Paddleboards rents and sells standup paddleboards which is a great option for experienced paddleboarders.

If you’re a novice, they offer lessons and guided tours.

In addition to standup paddleboards, this business also rents kayaks, pontoon boats, wave runners, and bicycles.

With many of these other rentals, you can also book guided tours.

The guided tours explore the peaceful waterways of the Gulf of Mexico.

The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, and the equipment rentals are clean and in perfect working order.

Any of the amazing tours that Wut Sup Standup Paddleboards provide are a good way to explore the area.

Address: 13247 Seaway Rd., Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

23. Fishbone Alley

Fishbone Alley

Fishbone Alley

This downtown mecca is one of the most popular Gulfport attractions.

This funky and colorful destination is full of culture and activity.

The alley is a walkable area that backs up to restaurants, bars, shops, and other local businesses.

A great place to stroll, gather, and enjoy the arts, the walls of Fishbone Alley are covered in colorful street art, a sight in and of itself. Local artists have left their mark in murals, panels, and painted shutters throughout the alley.

Some of Fishbone Alley’s restaurants include a vibey bistro, a barbecue joint, and a steakhouse while shops include clothiers, an afro-centric boutique, and a smoke shop to name a few.

Situated between two city blocks, Fishbone Alley is easy to walk with lots to see and do along the way.

A must-see when you’re in town, Fishbone Alley is great for shopping, dining, and sightseeing.

Address: 2609 14th St, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

24. Seabee Heritage Center

Seabee Heritage Center

Seabee Heritage Center

Established and managed by the Seabee Historical Foundation, the Seabee Heritage Center is one of the best things to do in Gulfport.

Preserving and sharing the niched history of Navy “Seabees,” the center shares the Navy’s unique military history.

Showcasing Seabee memorabilia in a state-of-the-art building, the museum houses gifts from retired Seabees and their families.

Many of the exhibits are interactive, and knowledgeable tour guides, many retired Seabees themselves, guide visitors from exhibit to exhibit.

A tour of the museum navigates the Grand Hall which introduces guests to the unique facet of Seabee military service.

Photographs, equipment, vessels, uniforms, and other artifacts can all be explored during your visit to the Seabee Heritage Center.

Biographical displays also honor fallen and retired Seabees.

A perfect attraction for history buffs, the museum is a must-do.

Address: 445 Gulfport Harbor St, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

25. Downstage Productions Theater

Downstage Productions Theater

Downstage Productions Theater

This theater is a charming venue that’s home to a sweet group of local performing artists.

Established by a group of friends who desired more performing opportunities, Downstage Productions Theater opened its doors in 2013.

The theater’s first production was “Jesus Christ Superstar,” and since that time countless other headlining shows have graced its stage.

With a penchant for respect, inclusion, discovery, and collaboration, Downstage Productions Theater is an inclusive playhouse.

If you’re looking to enjoy great merriment, be sure to check out the theater’s events calendar before coming to Gulfport.

Upcoming shows include “The Crucible” and “Winnie the Pooh;” show themes at Downstage Productions Theater typically run the gamut of child-friendly to mature audiences only.

A great place to catch a live performance, Downstage Productions Theater is a cool place to visit.

Address: 12100 US 49 #418, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

26. Gulfport Arts Center

Gulfport Arts Center

Gulfport Arts Center

Gulfport Arts Center is a cozy and welcoming spot in the heart of the city.

Notably, the gallery displays the works of only local artists.

As such, the exhibits you’ll enjoy at the gallery have a distinctly Mississippi vibe.

Works on display feature an array of mediums including paintings, sculptures, textiles, pottery, jewelry, woodcrafts, and other crafts.

In addition to simply touring the gallery, many of the works are also for sale, so maybe you’ll even find your next piece of artwork to take home.

The center also offers programming for both children and adults throughout each month.

Art classes, writing classes, and other creative programs are always happening, so be sure to check with the center for its class schedule when you’re in town.

The center also hosts creative community events throughout the year, so be on the lookout for those too.

27. Bayou View Park

Bayou View Park

Bayou View Park

If you’re looking for free things to do when you’re in MS, a visit to Bayou View Park never disappoints.

Bayou View Park, located in the heart of the city, is a clean and beautiful place to enjoy some time outdoors.

It’s also the perfect place for children to let off a little steam.

Some of the fun activities to partake in at Bayou View Park include a playground with a swing set, a lighted walking trail, and tennis courts.

There are also plenty of open green spaces for picnicking, gameplay, and lounging.

In addition to the activities available at Bayou View Park, there are also great amenities.

Public restrooms, ample parking, covered pavilions, and other amenities make a trip to this park as comfortable and convenient as it is enjoyable.

A great place to enjoy wholesome outdoor recreation, Bayou View Park is open from dawn to dusk each day.

Address: 4901 Jefferson Ave, Gulfport, MS 39507, United States

28. Gulfport Little Theater

Gulfport Little Theater

Gulfport Little Theater

This quaint community theater is the answer to what to do when you come to town.

Presenting dramas and musicals featuring adults and children, the theater showcases family-friendly productions throughout the year.

The shows feature great musical numbers, incredible actors, and engaging content.

Some of the theater’s past shows have included “Taming of the Shrew,” “Camp Junie B,” and “Alice in Wonderland” to name a few.

Besides its regularly-scheduled programming, the theater hosts community holiday shows throughout the year too.

Of note, the theater is small, so it behooves you to purchase tickets well before your visit.

A tiny theater with a big heart, Gulfport Little Theater is worth a spot on your itinerary.

Address: 2600 13th Ave, Gulfport, MS 39501, United States

29. Beauvoir



If you’re looking for interesting historical things to do in Gulfport, be sure to visit Beauvoir.

Beauvoir, which was built on an 80-acre tract in 1848, is well known as the estate of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

Besides its most significant historical resident, the estate, preserved in its original glory, is like something out of the pages of history books.

Constructed from local cypress wood, outfitted with imported marble, fixed with Italian doors, and flanked by two smaller cottages, Beauvoir is truly something special.

If you’d like to peruse the halls of this incredible estate, tours are available all week long.

Tours are led by knowledgeable docents and begin every hour on the hour.

Your Beauvoir admission ticket includes access to the mansion as well as the presidential library, the Beauvoir Museum, historical cottages, gardens, and other interesting on-site attractions.

Be sure to grab a cute souvenir from the gift shop before ending your tour.

Address: 2244 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39531, United States

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30. The Pecan House

The Pecan House

The Pecan House

This family-owned business specializes in pecan confections.

A lovely place to visit when your sweet tooth starts aching, The Pecan House is a local institution.

Founded in 1984, this business is run by a family descending from a long line of candy makers.

Though they specialize in candied pecans and pralines, their expertise is not limited to these candies.

However, to experience a true Southern treat, the pralines are a must-have.

When you visit The Pecan House be sure to stock up on pralines, fudge, brittle, and other sweet treats.

Besides these amazing candies, The Pecan House also purveys delicious homemade soups, pork rinds, spice blends, and cheese straws.

Besides these tasty goods, The Pecan House also makes gift baskets, sells merchandise, and delivers domestically.

The Pecan House is a must on your tour of Gulfport.

Address: 8930 Lorraine Rd A, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

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Things to do in Gulfport are never hard to come by.

From thrilling adventures to outdoor pursuits and fabulous eats to arts by the mile, this vibrant Mississippi city is calling your name.

So whether you’ll be in town for a few days or an extended visit, be sure to add some of these wonderful attractions to your itinerary.