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27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Blue Ridge (Georgia)

Blue Ridge, Georgia is a quaint mountain town situated in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Known for its welcoming ambiance, inspiring hiking trails, and its proximity to the Appalachian Trail, it’s a wonderful travel destination to visit with family.

Providing visitors with a taste of a rugged, outdoor lifestyle, travelers come from far and wide to experience all of Blue Ridge’s natural splendor.

With spectacular mountain scenery as well as a rich and diverse ecosystem, this sect of Georgia is a must-see for nature enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for unique and exciting things to do in Blue Ridge, you’ve come to the right place.

With an assortment of great sights to see, historical places to visit, restaurants to enjoy, and excitement to be had, visiting this charming town is a no-brainer.

Take a look at some of the most popular and enjoyable attractions you should check out on your upcoming trip to Georgia.

1. Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge

KevinYOLO / Shutterstock

This 3,300-acre body of water is a spectacular place to spend time with family and friends when visiting Blue Ridge, Georgia.

The lake is mostly fed by the Toccoa River so it’s constantly being pumped with fresh water.

The lake is a fun spot to enjoy during the summer months as it’s perfect for swimming, relaxing, and sightseeing.

Surrounded by the Blue Mountain Range, the lake’s backdrop is a majestic sight to see.

Moreover, the lake is surrounded by a number of boat ramps, a marina, campgrounds, and picnic areas.

A perfect spot for camping, swimming, boating, and beyond, Lake Blue Ridge is one of the greatest things to see in Georgia.

Furthermore, the lake is surrounded by picturesque forestry perfect for exploring.

Other lake features include a recreation area, a beach-area concession stand, public restrooms, and showers.

One of the top Blue Ridge attractions, Lake Blue Ridge is an excellent spot to spend a few days.

Address: Blue Ridge, GA, United States

2. Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

Lucy Kowalski / Shutterstock

Nestled in the center of Blue Ridge, Georgia, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is the heart of this small town.

This scenic railway journeys through the beautiful Blue Mountains.

This historic railway was restored in the early 1990s and has been drawing visitors from all over the country since.

During a railway tour, visitors will learn all about the train’s interesting history.

Of note, all tours begin at the historic downtown depot; from there you can choose to ride a comfortable, climate-controlled car or an exhilarating open-air car.

Railway tours cover 26 miles of scenic mountain railway along the Toccoa River.

Halfway through each tour, there’s a two-hour layover in the historic towns of McCaysville, GA, and Copperhill, TN.

These are quaint downtown areas rife with culture, shopping, and sights galore.

The depot and layover towns have tons of lodging options from camping to luxury rentals as well as many awesome local eateries.

Whether visiting Blue Ridge today or this weekend, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is one of the coolest activities to do in town.

Address: 241 Depot St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

3. Das Kaffee Haus

Das Kaffee Haus

Das Kaffee Haus

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, be sure to check out this Blue Ridge institution.

According to locals and visitors alike, Das Kaffee Haus serves the choicest java in town.

Offering a variety of menu items from unique coffee blends to delectable pastries, Das Kaffee Haus is a great place to stop for a quick pick-me-up.

Seasonal coffee varieties are always unique and delicious; whether you prefer a naturalist’s approach to coffee or a little adventure in your cup of joe, Das Kaffee Haus is the spot to visit.

Serving up perfect blends of “elevated classics,” daily specials, and seasonal blends such as a campfire latte (think s’mores) and a pumpkin chai tea, the originality of the selections can’t be outdone.

Delicious baked goods such as cider macaroons and other delightful pastries are just another great reason to visit this charming coffee house.

Perfect for eating in or taking out, Das Kaffee Haus is one of the top places to visit in Blue Ridge.

Address: 612 E Main St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

4. Expedition: Bigfoot Museum

Expedition: Bigfoot Museum

Expedition: Bigfoot Museum

One of Georgia’s biggest family attractions, Expedition: Bigfoot Museum is one of the most fun things to do in Blue Ridge.

The museum is home to a whopping 3,700 square feet of artifacts and displays relevant to the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Included in the exhibits are lifesize and interactive displays that bring visitors face-to-face with tons of interesting Bigfoot artifacts such as casted footprints.

In fact, the museum is home to the largest collection of Bigfoot prints.

Within the museum is the great little “Sasquatch Theater” where visitors can learn about the history of Bigfoot.

Furthermore, some of the exhibits chronicle Native American displays, cultural exhibits, and the world’s only Bigfoot research vehicle.

Moreover, the museum’s Bigfoot Gift Shop is loaded with tons of unique souvenirs.

Museum tours are self-guided and can take about an hour to complete.

One of Blue Ridge’s most fun tourist attractions, Expedition: Bigfoot Museum is a must-see.

Address: 1934 GA-515, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

5. Long Creek Falls

Long Creek Falls

UT07 / Shutterstock

If you’re wondering what to do in Blue Ridge, look no further than Long Creek Falls.

These picturesque waterfalls are 50 feet tall and have a rather wide footprint.

Situated amid the Chattahoochee National Forest, the falls are surrounded by verdant forestry and astounding wildlife.

Whether beelining directly for the falls or visiting them at the commencement of a hike, they’re accessible from the Appalachian, Benton MacKaye, and Duncan Ridge Trails.

The best trail to access the falls is the Appalachian Trail at Three Forks Valley.

This trail comprises a two-mile, in-and-out hiking path exposing one of the most magnificent stretches of the trail.

The cascading, white water crashes to the falls’ base under a wondrous canopy of colorful forestry and flowers.

The shallow pool at the base of Long Creek Falls is the perfect place for splashing and frolicking with small children.

One of the greatest Blue Ridge attractions, be sure to add Long Creek Falls to your itinerary.

Address: Forest Srv Rd, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

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6. Mercier Orchards

Mercier Orchards

Jeri Bland / Shutterstock

Established in 1943, this beautiful orchard sits on a whopping 300-acre tract in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

One of the loveliest activities to do today or this weekend, Mercier Orchards is a family-friendly site for picking seasonal fruits.

Mercier Orchards is a veteran-owned apple orchard that will take you outside into one of the town’s most picturesque properties.

Besides apple picking, visitors can also pick pecans, potatoes, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and other fresh produce when in season.

Besides produce-picking, Mercier Orchards is also home to an awesome market where you can purchase produce, fresh baked goods, cider, and the ever-popular cider donuts.

Seasonal activities such as orchard tours, pond fishing, an on-site winery, and other seasonal events are fun to check out too.

Finally, the orchard’s awesome cafe is open on weekends to enjoy home-cooked meals made with orchard ingredients.

One of the top things to do around Blue Ridge, make sure to check out Mercier Orchards.

Address: 8660 Blue Ridge Dr, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

7. Tank Town USA

If you’re wondering what to do when visiting Blue Ridge with children, this family-friendly venue is a must-see.

However, whether you’re a child or a big kid, Tank Town is an exciting and adventurous activity.

At Tank Town, you can make reservations to drive or ride in an assortment of tanks and/or construction equipment.

From 40,000-pound excavators to thunderous army tanks, there is a bevy of vehicles to choose from.

Some of the tanks are even equipped with artillery that you can fire as you drive.

Additionally, some of the tank packages even allow you to crush cars along away; crashing glass and crumpling metal add to this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The experiences range in length from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and you can also make reservations to combine a few of the packages into an afternoon of exhilarating excitement.

If you’re looking for thrilling stuff to do in Blue Ridge, Georgia, be sure to check out Tank Town.

Address: 10408 Appalachian Hwy, Morganton, GA 30560, United States

8. Swinging Bridge on the Toccoa River

Swinging Bridge on the Toccoa River

Sally Masters / Shutterstock

One of the most popular Blue Ridge attractions, the Swinging Bridge on the Toccoa River is a magical sight to behold and an exciting adventure to be had.

A popular attraction for hikers, fishers, sightseers, and paddlers, visiting the bridge is a right of passage when coming to Blue Ridge.

Easily accessible to hikers using the Benton MacKaye Trail as well as passersby heading to the Toccoa Canoe River Trail, the Swinging Bridge on the Toccoa River is a lovely place to take in the views or capture stunning photographs.

All trails leading to the bridge are short and agreeable, suitable for all skill levels and even small children.

Other attractions you might encounter on your journey to the bridge include waterfalls, Wilscot Valley, and the historic Skeenah Mill.

With ample nearby parking, accessing trails leading to the bridge is rather simple.

The hiking trails, the surrounding forestry, and the bridge itself make for beautiful sights as well as a wonderful way to spend time outdoors in Blue Ridge.

Address: Swinging Bridge on the Toccoa River, Suches, GA 30572, United States

9. Blue Ridge Adventure Park

Blue Ridge Adventure Park

Blue Ridge Adventure Park

Situated just one mile outside of downtown Blue Ridge, Blue Ridge Adventure Park is a thrilling attraction to visit.

The park is a unique aerial obstacle course that brings visitors to astounding heights as they navigate the sky.

Challenging your physical and mental prowess, Blue Ridge Adventure Park is a great place to spend the day.

Of note, the course is made up of three exhilarating levels of lofty obstacles that include features like tight ropes, suspension bridges, and swinging platforms.

The obstacles are situated from 15 to 50 feet in the air and range in difficulty from suitable for beginners to challenging for experienced course goers.

While the thrills of the course are certainly palpable, Blue Ridge Adventure Park takes safety very seriously; all participants are clipped in to a safety line for the entirety of their adventure.

The course takes about an hour to complete and is suitable for individuals 10 and older.

Address: 2087 E 1st St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

10. Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides

If you’ve ever dreamt of horseback riding through the mountains, Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides is the adventure for you.

One of the most romantic things to do for a day date, Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides are a must-do.

The perfect setting for safe and scenic horseback riding, Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides has more than 25 years of industry experience making them a trusted local outpost.

Riding sessions depart at scattered intervals throughout the morning and afternoon hours and reservations are required.

A half-hour from downtown Blue Ridge, your outing is easily accessible.

Once at the outpost, you’re paired with a gorgeous horse and set off on a one-hour-long scenic trail ride that weaves in and out of the Blue Mountains.

In addition to horseback riding, the outpost offers gem mining and fishing outings during the Spring months.

A fun thing to do for families or couples, Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides are super fun and romantic.

Address: 319 Hells Hollow Rd, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

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11. Grumpy Old Men Brewing

Grumpy Old Men Brewing

Grumpy Old Men Brewing

Conceived by, you guessed it, a couple of grumpy old men, Grumpy Old Men Brewing is the passion project of two retired beer enthusiasts.

What started as a hobby in an outdoor shower grew into one of Blue Ridge’s most popular breweries.

Established in 2013, the brewery’s beers quickly became a mainstay in the North Georgia beer market.

With more than 20 crafted selections on tap, the brewery is a taster’s delight.

Unique crafts such as a chocolate lager, amazing IPAs, ales, porters, and beyond are all great draws to the brewery.

No matter your craft beer fancy, there’s something on tap for everyone.

The taproom is open seven days a week, so whether you’re visiting today or this weekend, anytime is a good time to pop into the brewery.

Besides the excellent beer selection, Grumpy Old Men Brewing also serves tasty bites and live music.

One of the coolest things to see when visiting Blue Ridge, Georgia make sure to add Grumpy Old Men Brewing to your itinerary.

Address: 1315 E Main St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

12. Toccoa River Tubing

Toccoa River Tubing

BluIz60 / Shutterstock

One of the most fun things to do in Georgia is to enjoy a Toccoa River Tubing adventure.

In fact, there’s no better way to spend the day than floating down the scenic Toccoa River.

Surrounded by the picturesque North Georgia Rivers, the views coupled with the calm river waters, make for an uber relaxing day in the sun.

One of the greatest family things you can do in Blue Ridge, river tubing on the Toccoa River is suitable for all ages.

With a bevy of exciting adventures to choose from, the supply of fun never runs out with Toccoa River Tubing.

From canopy tours to zipline adventures and tubing to rafting, you can easily plan a whole day’s worth of activities with Toccoa River Tubing.

Concerning the river tours, trips down the leisurely, calm river waters are one and a half miles in length and take approximately two hours.

An excellent answer to the question of what to do when visiting the Blue Ridge area is to be sure to make time for a Toccoa River Tubing tour.

Address: 340 Toccoa Ave, McCaysville, GA 30555, United States

13. Cartecay Vineyards Wine & Craft

Cartecay Vineyards

Cartecay Vineyards

Situated near Blue Ridge in Elijah, Georgia, Cartecay Vineyards Wine & Craft is one of the best tourist attractions to see with an all-adult party.

Founded in 2007 with the proprietor’s purchase of a historical farm in the Cartecay region of Georgia, the vineyard has been an area mainstay for quite some time.

Once a produce and dairy farm, Cartecay Vineyards Wine & Craft has blossomed into a burgeoning vineyard that draws visitors from far and wide.

With more than 14 acres of grapevines, Cartecay Vineyards Wine & Craft crafts an assortment of wine varieties including merlot, Vidal blanc, traminette, and cabernet sauvignon to name a few.

With regular vineyard tours, tastings, and more on the schedule, there’s truly so much to see and do at Cartecay Vineyards Wine & Craft.

With a tasting barn, wood fire stoves for gathering, a covered porch for relaxing, and other such settings, the vineyard is an excellent venue for spending the day around the Blue Ridge area.

Address: 5704 Clear Creek Rd, Ellijay, GA 30536, United States

14. Daffodil Hill Farm & Carriage

Daffodil Hill Farm & Carriage

Daffodil Hill Farm & Carriage

One of the top vacation spots for couples visiting Blue Ridge, Georgia, Daffodil Hill Farm & Carriage has all the makings for a romantic getaway.

Surrounded by acres of beautiful forestry, gorgeous landscaping, and other natural views, this destination is perfect for couples looking for an intimate retreat.

Central to the property are the ever-popular Carriage House Suites; these gorgeous accommodations combine historic charm with modern amenities.

The rooms have special features including a heated jacuzzi, a fireplace, and ambient chandeliers to name a few.

While staying at Daffodil Hill Farm & Carriage, you can book private farm tours and carriage rides.

Moreover, you can interact with sweet farm animals such as fainting goats, ponies, donkeys, peacocks, and more.

Finally, visitors to Daffodil Hill Farm & Carriage can bask in the property’s surroundings which include an 80-foot waterfall, thousands of flowers, and an intimate chapel rife with history.

If you’re wondering what to do for a romantic trip in Blue Ridge, check out Daffodil Hill Farm & Carriage.

Address: 90 Fox Run, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

15. Morganton Point Campground

Morganton Point Campground

Morganton Point Campground

Situated in Blue Ridge within the northeast Georgia Mountains, Morganton Point Campground is an optimal site for family camping.

With the stunning waters of the adjacent Lake Blue Ridge coupled with the views provided by the surrounding Chattahoochee National Forest, every turn offers campers a new beautiful sight to behold.

Best of all, the campground has 60 miles of explorable shoreline.

The lake provides for fishing, non-motorized boating, swimming, and beyond.

Furthermore, the Morganton Point Campgrounds are jam-packed with amenities and recreation.

Camping consists of both primitive and RV sites and all sites are equipped with a fire ring, picnic table, drinking water, and accessible showers.

As for recreation, campers can enjoy hiking trails, watersports, wildlife observation, boating, and more.

With so much to do in one beautiful, central locale, Morganton Point Campground is one of the top places to camp around Blue Ridge.

Address: 475 Lake Dr, Morganton, GA 30560, United States

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16. Serenity in the Mountains

Serenity in the Mountains

Blue Planet Studio / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for places to visit with a flair for relaxation, be sure to check out Serenity in the Mountains.

This premier day spa is Blue Ridge’s most popular place for pampering.

Whether planning a girls’ trip or a romantic getaway, Serenity in the Mountains is a premier place to carve out some time for.

The spa itself offers an array of amazing services such as skincare, massage therapy, nails, and more.

Delicious appetizers and tasty drinks can be added to a spa package.

Serenity in the Mountains even has a special Gentleman’s Spa for the fellas.

In addition to the spa services, Serenity in the Mountains is situated adjacent to luxury hotel suites.

As such, you can extend your relaxation for a day or two if you wish.

The rooms are outfitted with king-size beds, jacuzzi tubs, oversize tile shower, and beyond.

Between the spa services and the luxury amenities, a trip to Serenity in the Mountains is certainly a top way to spend a few days in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Address: 59 McKinney Rd, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

17. Blue Mountain Ridge Food Tours

Blue Mountain Ridge Food Tours

Blue Mountain Ridge Food Tours

Fun things to do in Blue Ridge are not hard to come by, just ask anyone who’s taken the Blue Mountain Ridge Food Tours.

This three-hour-long food tour was designed for foodies like you.

If you love trying new foods, dining on local ingredients, and checking out new eateries, you’ll love the Blue Mountain Ridge Food Tours.

The food tour packages are curated to be walking tours that take you to some of the best Blue Ridge eateries.

Blue Mountain Ridge Food Tours offers two curated tours: a “Fabulous Foodie Tour” and a “Sugar High Tour.”

The former takes you through five unique restaurants while the latter is a four- to five-stop dessert tour.

During both tours, you’ll have the chance to sample each of the establishment’s menus.

All of the venues provide non-alcoholic beverages while some serve spirits.

One of the coolest things to do in downtown Blue Ridge, a Blue Mountain Ridge Food Tour is a must-do.

Address: Blue Ridge, GA, United States

18. Southern Charm Restaurant

As its name implies, this restaurant is laden with good old-fashioned Southern charm.

One of the choicest places to visit for Southern cooking in all of Blue Ridge, Southern Charm Restaurant is a must-see eatery.

The restaurant is housed in what looks like an updated plantation house and has been in business since 2013.

Owned by a brother and sister duo, Southern Charm Restaurant has been welcoming guests into a warm and inviting setting to enjoy the very best in deep south cooking.

Open seven days a week and serving guests on a first-come, first-served basis, anytime is a good time to visit the restaurant.

Some of the fine southern dishes you can enjoy when visiting Southern Charm Restaurant include Southern Cheese Caviar, a Catfish Po’Boy, Barnyard Chicken, and Country Smothered Chicken to name a few.

Best of all, entrees are served with the warmest of Southern hospitality.

One of the top restaurants near Blue Ridge, Georgia, Southern Charm Restaurant should make your list of places to go when in town.

Address: 224 W Main St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

19. 2nd Story Entertainment

2nd Story Entertainment

2nd Story Entertainment

This attraction is one of the most entertaining things to do in Blue Ridge.

Essentially, 2nd Story Entertainment is a family entertainment center of epic proportions.

The center is a wonderful place to spend the day indoors if you’re looking to beat the hot summer heat or even a rainy day.

Within the center, families can enjoy many fun attractions.

For starters, 2nd Story Entertainment is home to a full 18-hole mini-golf course; best of all the entire course is indoors and climate-controlled.

Moreover, 2nd Story Entertainment has tons of other fun game games to partake in.

There’s a giant Connect 4 game, lifesize checkerboards, and even a few dartboards.

Additionally, there are nostalgic arcade games like PacMan, Air Hockey, and others.

Lastly, a convenient snack bar serves up delicious concessions such as soda and ice cream.

A super entertaining place to spend time with family when in Georgia, 2nd Story Entertainment is highly recommended.

Address: 733 E Main St Suite C, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

20. Escape Blue Ridge

Escape Blue Ridge

Reddogs / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for things to do in Blue Ridge that will challenge your mind and problem-solving skills, be sure to visit Escape Blue Ridge.

A great team-building activity to do with family and friends, Escape Blue Ridge is a local escape room adventure that locks players in a room and challenges them to solve a series of puzzles and clues to break out.

Games have a one-hour limit, so the ticking clock creates an exciting sense of anticipation.

Escape Blue Ridge has a bevy of cool, themed escape rooms such as a Wizard School of Magic and Blackbeard’s Brig to name a few.

Each room holds different mysteries, so you could conceivably visit over and over again and have a new experience each time.

The escape room is fun for all ages; however, if you’re playing with an adult crowd, there are several bars near Escape Blue Ridge which can be a fun thing to do after your escape room experience.

A great way to spend an evening when in town, Escape Blue Ridge is top-notch.

Address: 389 West First Street, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

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21. The Lilly Pad Village

The Lily Pad Village

The Lily Pad Village

A perfect setting for family fun, The Lilly Pad Village has been eliciting big smiles since 2008.

One of the most child-friendly Blue Ridge attractions, The Lilly Pad Village is where you can go to mine for gems.

Surrounded by a picturesque mountain setting, the scenery is just as beautiful as the gems you’ll mine for.

With your visit, you’ll receive a bucket, the size of which you choose, packed full of mining dirt and gems.

Some of the awesome gems you’ll mine include amethyst, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds to name a few.

In addition to gem mining, The Lilly Pad Village offers other fun activities.

Some of your other activity choices include mini-golfing in a lovely shaded setting and fishing on the property’s private fishing pond; here you’ll fish for catfish and smallmouth bass to name a few.

One of the foremost things to do near Blue Ridge, Georgia, The Lilly Pad Village is a great place to spend a few hours.

Address: 24 Adelaide Dr, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

22. Cohutta Cove Mini Golf

Cohutta Cove Mini Golf

Cohutta Cove Mini Golf

A superb coupling for family entertainment, Cohutta Cove Mini Golf is a great little Georgia destination for both mini golf and gem mining.

The 18-hole mini-golf course is perfectly suitable for both children and adults.

Furthermore, with premium lighting, you can golf day or night.

Each of the course’s holes provides an exciting new landscape with unique obstacles to make the experience more thrilling.

A great way to blow off steam after a long day of hiking or shopping, Cohutta Cove Mini Golf is a great joy.

In addition to mini-golf, Cohutta Cove Mini Golf also offers gem mining; each gem mining bag provides visitors with the opportunity to find quartz, peridot, obsidian, and sapphire among other beautiful gemstones.

Lastly, Cohutta Cove Mini Golf sells tasty refreshments such as ice cream, candy, smoothies, coffee drinks, and other delectables.

One of the most entertaining things to see in Georgia, be sure to pay Cohutta Cove Mini Golf a visit.

Address: 64 Dunbarton Farm Rd, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

23. Axe Throwing Therapy

Axe Throwing Therapy

AP Group of Photographers / Shutterstock

A unique approach to recreation and the concept of blowing off steam, Axe Throwing Therapy is an exciting way to spend time with family and friends.

Axe Throwing Therapy in Georgia provides visitors with a muse for recreation, competition, lots of laughs, and stress relief.

At Axe Throwing Therapy, groups can play many different competitive axe-throwing games.

Unlike other establishments of the sort, Axe Throwing Therapy is digitally configured so all of the scorekeeping is done for you.

Best of all, Axe Throwing Therapy is situated on the same property as Shezmu Cellars, a great local winery and taproom.

Come to axe-throw but stay for the food and drinks.

With 30 craft beers on tap and 25 Georgia wines available, your axe throwing experience can be coupled with a sampling of local spirits.

At Axe Throwing Therapy, walk-ins are welcome and experiences can range from one to two hours in length.

One of the greatest ways to spend an evening with friends when visiting Georgia, Axe Throwing Therapy is top-notch.

Address: 322 W Main St #2b, Blue Ridge, GA 30513, United States

24. Fat Raccoon Gallery

Fat Raccoon Gallery

Fat Raccoon Gallery

The Fat Raccoon Gallery is a quirky spot to enjoy a smattering of local culture.

This art gallery is small and friendly and a perfect spot to check out when you’re in town.

Situated in the Copperhill section of town, Fat Raccoon Gallery features paintings, ceramics, crafts, and textiles all from local artists.

In fact, since its opening in 2018, the gallery has become the most popular art attraction in town.

Conceived by a local art lover, the Fat Raccoon Gallery melds different art forms with unique visions.

The result is what, on the surface, appears to be a hodgepodge of culture.

However, that’s exactly the point of Fat Raccoon Gallery.

A marriage of blended sensibilities, local creativity, and an inviting presence make the gallery relatable to all.

What’s more, the gallery is purposely family-friendly; they pointedly choose not to showcase vulgar or violent artwork.

As a result, the Fat Raccoon Gallery is a space you can comfortably visit with children in tow.

A unique place to check out, Fat Raccoon Gallery is highly recommended.

Address: 121 Ocoee St Suite 2, Copperhill, TN 37317, United States

25. Ocoee Whitewater Center

Ocoee Whitewater Center

Ken Lund, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Situated just outside Georgia on the Tennessee border, the Ocoee Whitewater Center is known for hosting a portion of the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Constructed for kayak and canoe races, the Ocoee River was chosen for its popularity as a whitewater site.

The course was constructed with native rocks, a narrowing of the riverbed, and has become known as the best whitewater course in the world.

As a result, kayakers come from all over the world to test their skills on the Ocoee course.

In addition to the popular whitewater course, the Ocoee Whitewater Center is surrounded by an awesome recreation area.

With more than four acres of pristine land dedicated to watersports, hiking, and biking, there’s so much to do in one central locale.

Furthermore, the center has picnic areas and environmental education programs too.

Lastly, the Ocoee Whitewater Center has a nature-themed gift shop, a cafe, and playgrounds.

A great place to spend a whole day outdoors, Ocoee Whitewater Center is a must-do.

Address: 4400 US-64, Copperhill, TN 37317, United States

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26. Horseshoe Bend Park

The perfect destination for a day of family recreation in the great outdoors, Horseshoe Bend Park is known for its fishing.

The park sits upon the beautiful Toccoa River and has many convenient access points.

Best of all, from the park’s vantage point on the river, you can enjoy conventional and fly fishing.

In fact, the park’s point of the river is stocked full of rainbow trout for the taking.

Surrounded by the glorious Blue Ridge Mountain range, the setting is serene and picturesque.

In addition to being a great draw for fishing, Horseshoe Bend Park features picnic pavilions, a gazebo, public restrooms, and other convenient amenities.

Additionally, the park has ample recreational activities to make a day at the park even more eventful; there are horseshoe pits, volleyball nets, and two playgrounds.

A great little park to spend the day enjoying the beauty and serenity of the Toccoa River and adjacent mountain range, Horseshoe Bend Park is a must-see addition to your itinerary.

Address: 1156 River Rd, Mineral Bluff, GA 30559, United States

27. Memory Lane Classic Car Museum

Memory Lane Classic Car Museum

Memory Lane Classic Car Museum

This museum shares its stunning private collection of classic automobiles with the public.

With cars spanning the past nine decades, the museum is truly a wonder to explore.

The museum’s extensive collection also includes motorcycles and NASCAR race cars.

The museum is open to the public Thursday through Sunday and can be viewed through self-guided tours.

In addition to museum tours, Memory Lane Classic Car Museum hosts a wonderful annual car show with prizes, music, food trucks, and more.

If you happen to be in town then, be sure to check it out.

In addition to touring the museum, be sure to visit the gift shop where you can pick up unique classic car merchandise and souvenirs.

Overlooking Lake Chatuge, the museum’s setting is as beautiful as its contents.

Lastly, Memory Lane Classic Car Museum is a wonderful place to visit with car enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a taste of history.

Address: 1159 Jack Dayton Cir, Young Harris, GA 30582, United States

Start Planning Your Trip To Blue Ridge

Thrilling and adventurous things to do in Blue Ridge are not hard to come by.

From cultural hotspots to delectable eateries and a great local art scene to magnificent things to do in nature, your upcoming trip to Blue Ridge is sure to make memories to last a lifetime.

So pack your bags, buckle in, and prepare for the time of your life.

Happy travels.