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27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Corpus Christi (Texas)

Corpus Christi, known as the Sparkling City by the Sea, is a delightful coastal city teeming with life, nature, beach, and history.

Its name directly translates to “Body of Christ” in Ecclesiastical Latin.

It was “discovered” by Alonso Álvarez de Pineda, a Spanish explorer, in 1519, on the day of a Christian feast of the same name.

Now, it is Nueces County’s biggest city, as well as being the county seat.

A majority of Corpus Christi’s area is made up of water, which is why a lot of the city’s sites are focused on the coast, beach, and surf.

Still, many other attractions focusing on history, sports, food, and nature also crowd the area with more options for your vacation.

With so many places to see and a lot of stuff to do, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s something for everyone in this coastal settlement.

Here are the 27 best and fun things to do in Corpus Christi, Texas.

1. The USS Lexington

The USS Lexington

Nevskii Dmitrii / Shutterstock

The USS Lexington was commissioned in the year 1943 and became a large part of World War II’s Pacific theater.

It was a key player at Pearl Harbor in the 5th Fleet, where it served as a carrier for combat aircraft.

Its dark blue color, which afforded it impressive camouflage that tricked Japanese forces, earned it a special nickname: The Blue Ghost.

Today, the USS Lexington has more than earned its retirement after its prolific career – something it has found in the bay of Corpus Christi since 1992.

Here, it is a museum that educates visitors on the history and function of naval battles and aviation, as well as showcasing its own tale and legacy.

In addition, it hosts a flight simulator, a special escape room, a 3D movie, and virtual battle stations!

The USS Lexington has five different routes to take on a self-guided tour, so there’s no shortage of what to do when it comes to ways to explore its 1,000 square-foot interiors.

You’ll get to see the crew quarters, the flight and hangar decks, the command central, the forecastle, and even multiple different vintage aircraft.

Special tours, like paranormal hunt tours or camping overnight tours, give you access to even more parts of the ship.

Address: 2914 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78402, United States

2. South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center

South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center

South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center

The South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center is an absolute haven for nature lovers.

It is a small and peaceful park cemented among Corpus Christi attractions, approximately 15 miles from the downtown area.

With 180 acres to its name, it boasts nature trails packed with different flora in the form of shrubs, trees, herbs, cacti, and grasses.

There are even fauna, such as coyotes and deer, roaming around!

At the South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center, you’ll be able to visit many different gardens and areas filled with various flowers.

There’s a plumeria garden, a sensory garden, an orchid conservatory, a rose garden, a hibiscus garden, and an exotic Exhibit House.

There’s even a hummingbird garden, a playground for kids, and the opportunity to get up-close and personal with reptiles and birds.

Established in the year 1987, this Botanical Gardens and Nature Center is a Corpus Christi educational and recreational resource.

Throughout the year, many different events are held for guests, ranging from garden shows to fantastic sales.

It’s a lovely location that’s family-friendly and relaxing!

Address: 8545 S Staples St, Corpus Christi, TX 78413, United States

3. Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore

Brent Coulter / Shutterstock

Looking for a gorgeous getaway and nice vacation spots this weekend?

Look no further than Padre Island National Seashore, one of Corpus Christi’s most fun and delightful places to visit just off of its shore.

Ideal for sightseeing, it is a barrier island spanning 70 miles that have not been developed, boasting 130,000 acres’ worth of sand dunes, beaches, and grassland.

The island itself separates the hypersaline Laguna Madre from the Gulf of Mexico and has been owned by four different nations in its history.

Padre Island National Seashore was established in 1962 and is situated right along the major migratory route for birds, known as the Central Flyway.

This means that it’s a perfect spot for avid birdwatchers, providing the opportunity to catch glimpses of approximately 380 various species of birds.

There is also plenty of marine wildlife, including endangered species and sea turtles.

Naturally, beach activities are a big draw to Padre Island National Seashore.

You can swim, windsurf, dive, watch sea turtles, and go on cruises – or simply rest and relax on the sandy shores with a book and an umbrella!

Address: 20301 Park Rd 22, Corpus Christi, TX 78418, United States

4. Texas State Aquarium

One of the most fun things to do in Corpus Christi is to visit the Texas State Aquarium, a nonprofit institution that has been showcasing the wonderful wildlife of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico since 1995.

With a mission of rehabilitating, rescuing, and protecting ocean wildlife and educating guests on the importance of that mission, the aquarium provides various programs, lots of exhibits, and tons of information.

The Texas State Aquarium has many different exhibits.

One particularly notable offering is the Living Shores exhibit, which displays information regarding Corpus Christi’s Laguna Madre and exhibits of crabs and seahorses alongside one of the state’s biggest touch pool experiences.

Another very popular exhibit is the 400,000-gallon Dolphin Bay, home to Atlantic bottlenose dolphins that you can observe from underwater.

And of course, there’s Floating Phantoms, home to sea nettles and jellyfish.

If you’d like to see non-fish animals, you’ll be able to go to the Hawn Wild Flight Theater at the aquarium to view different birds of prey as they put on a performance of acrobatics.

For flora-lovers, the Flower Gardens showcase coral reefs that house cow nose stingrays, green moray eels, and tarpon.

Children will also be able to enjoy a splash park, programs where they get up close with fauna, and a fossil dig site.

Address: 2710 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78402, United States

5. Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History first opened its doors in 1957 with the goal of providing people of all ages – but especially children – with an engaging environment of knowledge and information regarding science, history, and exploration.

Covering close to 100,000 square feet, the museum focuses on the local area and southern Texas, showcasing exhibits and displays related to its history and the natural world.

Different exhibits at the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History cover numerous topics.

You can learn about the Civil War, local gems and crystals, local flora and fauna, historic photographs, Padre Island’s famous excavated shipwreck, old carriages, local cultures and their decorative arts, and the coastal region’s ecology.

Among the best things to see within the Museum of Science and History are the Science Center, which spans 5,000 square feet and contains a huge playground for children, the Explore the Nanoverse display which lets you get a good glimpse into the world through a microscope, and the Seeds of Change exhibit that allows up-close looks at nature.

There are also special programs, like summer camps, thematic seasonal tours, and workshops.

Address: 1900 N Chaparral St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States

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6. The Art Museum of South Texas

The Art Museum of South Texas

CrackerClips Stock Media / Shutterstock

The Art Museum of South Texas has a long, long history, going back to the 1930s.

Originally, its home was merely within the relatively small Centennial Museum, but in 1944, it gained its own property.

Originally, the museum’s humble collection was intended to foster awareness of the importance of art in society while inspiring others to enjoy and participate in the creation of art.

Today, the Art Museum of South Texas has grown significantly, having two different buildings packed with a mix of permanent and rotating exhibits.

The permanent collection contains over 1,850 works of art, primarily focusing on art from Corpus Christi and its regional surrounding area.

You’ll find works from North, Central, and South America, presented in a sophisticated and engaging style.

There’s no end to the kinds of works you’ll be able to see at this art museum.

From full-scale installations to paintings, from ceramics to textiles, and from sculptures to watercolors, it’s easy to see why this is one of the city’s top 10 hotspots for tourists.

If you have kids, you can bring them to ArtCade, a fun experience that will give them the chance to make their own art.

Address: 1902 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States

7. Texas Surf Museum

Texas Surf Museum

Texas Surf Museum

Given the coastline waves of Corpus Christi, it’s no surprise that it is the site of the Texas Surf Museum, a unique and quirky little offering downtown that focuses on the state’s history with the sport of surfing.

Naturally, it’s one of the key places to visit for any surf enthusiast, but it’s also just an interesting and engaging way to learn about this niche piece of history as a tourist.

The Texas Surf Museum opened in 2005 and is packed with paraphernalia, photograms, and all sorts of information.

Unique features, like a bench fashioned entirely out of surfboards, add to the novelty of the experience.

Exhibits discuss the culture of surfing, the physics of the excursion, marine life, and the sport’s long history, among other things.

The surf museum offers free admission and keeps things fresh with rotating exhibits and different kinds of media.

You’ll get to watch films, interact with hands-on displays, see classic and potentially famous surfboards, and view dioramas of surfing environments.

Address: 309 N Water St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States

8. Selena Museum

Selena Museum

Selena Museum

The Queen of Tejano music Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was an iconic, Grammy-winning Latin pop artist who even in her young years became the world’s highest-charting artist in her genre.

In her lifetime, she recorded a total of four albums, but her years were cut short at the age of 23 when she was murdered by a fan – specifically, the former president of the fan club dedicated to her.

After her passing in 1995, her career was honored, revered, and remembered by many.

In 1998, her family opened the Selena Museum as an attachment to their studio, the Q-Productions studio.

To see her fun spirit, pay respects to her memory, and learn about the crucial figure in musical history, the Selena Museum in Texas offers that and more.

At the museum, you’ll see portraits, famous costumes, gold and platinum albums, stories of Selena’s life, her very loved red Porsche, recreations of her studio, awards, and her impact on the music scene.

Whether or not you’re a fan, this is one of the things to do in Corpus Christi that you shouldn’t miss.

Don’t forget that, when you’re done, you can go to the seawall of Seaside Memorial Park to view her memorial bronze statue, which is named Overlook of the Flower or Mirador de la Flor.

Address: 5410 Leopard St, Corpus Christi, TX 78408, United States

9. Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge

Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge

CrackerClips Stock Media / Shutterstock

The Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge connects the city to its port and was built in 1959.

Today, it is responsible for transporting up to 30,000 vehicles every single day and has become one of the city’s tourist attractions thanks to its importance and architecture.

The through-arch bridge is designed with southern charm and is made from steel, spanning 620 feet in length.

The main draw of the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge, though, is what happens at night.

The bridge is renowned for its breathtaking LED light shows involving over 10,000 individual lights every single night.

Sometimes, seasonal festivities mean extra special light shows.

Even if you’re not interested in watching the show, you’ll still love walking across the bridge and invigorating yourself with a little exercise with a stunning skyline panorama.

Address: Corpus Christi, TX, United States

10. Whataburger Field

Whataburger Field is the city’s best sports field, so it’s one of the coolest points of interest locally for sports enthusiasts or just those looking for something to keep them entertained.

The field is actually a ballpark and was finished in 2005, boasting 7,000 seats with a children’s park, a youth baseball field, and even a VIP lounge.

Its design is meant to pay tribute to history with little easter eggs, such as the use of antique cotton presses as scoreboards.

As a minor league baseball field, Whataburger Field is the home of the Double-A Texas League Houston Astros affiliate known as the Hooks.

It sits at Corpus Christi Port and boasts a number of additional facilities, such as the air-conditioned Cotton Club rec area, a climbing wall, several courts for basketball, and even trampolines.

Hungry while at Whataburger Field?

Head to the many vendors who have set up food stalls selling crackers, beers, hotdogs, sandwiches, peanuts, pretzels, lemonade, burgers, funnel cake, and more.

Address: 734 E Port Ave, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States

11. Horses On The Beach

Horses On The Beach

Kwanza Henderson / Shutterstock

Love horses and looking for what to do in Corpus Christi related to these magnificent equine creatures?

Check out Horses On The Beach, one of the most fun activities you can enjoy in this Texas city!

It provides a series of horseback riding experiences and adventures for people of all ages and experience levels, letting you see the sights of the city while riding a steed.

Horses On The Beach boasts well-trained animals only, with intelligent and experienced guides that ensure nothing goes wrong.

It’s a calm and easy way for someone to tour the coastline city, complete with riding helmets and other safety equipment.

Aside from just horseback riding, Horses On The Beach also offers petting zoo experiences, hayrides, and Ranch Cookouts every night.

Address: 16499 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78418, United States

12. Snoopy’s Pier

Snoopy’s Pier

Snoopy’s Pier

Snoopy’s Pier is a simple homegrown restaurant that is one of the best spots to get seafood in all of the city, making it one of the great Corpus Christi attractions for foodies.

It was set up in the 1980s when Ernie Butler, a fisherman, decided to stop catching and start cooking.

With the help of his fishing buddies and family members, he developed a simple and satisfying menu that really makes you feel at home.

At Snoopy’s Pier, sample friend Texan shrimps, classic fish and chips, fried oysters, crab cake, or whatever the day’s fresh catch is.

Cold beer served alongside meals makes everything even yummier.

If you’d like, you can eat near a window so you can get the full blast of the gorgeous beach panorama outside.

Address: 13313 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78418, United States

13. Lazy Beach Brewing

Lazy Beach Brewing

Lazy Beach Brewing

If you’re looking for a fun and simple microbrewery that serves good drinks without being exaggerated, touristy, or sales-like, then Lazy Beach Brewing is one of the places to visit for you.

It’s one of the city’s most known spots for handcrafted brews and was established in 2014.

The main taproom of the brewery provides the very greatest of their flavors.

Among the cool brews that Lazy Beach Brewing offers are Bocks, Banana-nana Booch Booch, Hard Kombucha, Beach in Wheat, and Poseidon’s Trident.

While there are a number of branches of Lazy Beach Brewing, the greatest ones have food trucks around them so you can grab a bite to eat as you sip your beverage.

Don’t forget to check out seasonal beers, too!

Address: 7522 Bichon Dr #100, Corpus Christi, TX 78414, United States

14. Republic of Texas Bar & Grill

Republic of Texas Bar & Grill

Republic of Texas Bar & Grill

The Republic of Texas Bar & Grill can be found at the Omni Corpus Christi Hotel, where it sits on the 20th floor and projects its renown for being one of the city’s top destinations for dining and cuisine.

It is a fine dining establishment with classic steakhouse fare, boasting first-class service with a stunning view that’s perfect for dinner tonight.

The Republic of Texas Bar & Grill has a rather delectable menu featuring seafood, prime beef, wild game, venison, chicken, and prime-cut grade steaks.

Appetizers include crab cakes, quail legs, ahi tuna tartare, shrimp cocktail, and fresh oysters, as well as a selection of salads and soups.

Drinks range from curated wine to signature cocktails, and no matter what you order, you’re sure to enjoy your meal.

It’s no wonder that eating here is one of the most popular things to do in Corpus Christi among foodies!

Address: 900 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States

15. Bob Hall Pier

Bob Hall Pier

JACoulter / Shutterstock

Bob Hall Pier is located in Padre Balli Park, which is on Padre Island.

It stretches a whopping 1,240 feet out into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, making it ideal for a wide range of water-based action, especially for fishermen looking for deep water fish.

A Tackle Loaner Program allows guests to rent and use fishing gear, so you can still fish even if you don’t have your equipment with you.

A relaxing walk through Bob Hall Pier will allow you to take in the fresh and salty ocean air of Corpus Christi.

When it comes to what to see, Bob Hall Pier is undoubtedly one of the city’s greatest for ocean lovers, fishermen, and those seeking a calming experience this weekend.

Address: Corpus Christi, TX 78418, United States

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16. The Art Center of Corpus Christi

The Art Center of Corpus Christi

The Art Center of Corpus Christi

In 1972, The Art Center of Corpus Christi was set up as the Art Community Center.

Its purpose was simple – to promote art in all its forms.

That mission is something it very much lives up to now, making it fun, educational, and lively for art-lovers and anyone interested.

With various hosted events throughout the year, the center is always alive with activity.

At The Art Center of Corpus Christi, you’ll be able to view many rotating exhibits of original works from Texas artists.

If you’re up for a little learning, the Barry Brown Clay Studio inside the center is a must-see, offering all sorts of clay-making classes that you can enjoy and indulge in, no matter your age or level of experience.

Address: 100 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States

17. Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

William Cushman / Shutterstock

The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge runs along the coast of the Texas Gulf, located near Corpus Christi.

It is one of the best places to go if you’re in the city and want to plan a quick excursion this weekend.

With 70,000 acres of land to its name, the refuge is only approximately one hour away from the city in Austwell and is a common attraction for visitors to all sorts of surrounding areas.

The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge was established in order to serve as a winter home for whooping cranes, which are endangered, but now, it is so much more than that.

Snakes, alligators, migratory bird species like spoonbills and herons, bobcats, and more call this place their home.

Nature trails and walking trails allow you to explore the many different environments, which include freshwater ponds, tidal flats, grasslands, salt marshes, brackish rivers, swamplands, hypersaline lagoons, and more.

While you’re at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, you can enjoy the view, have picnics, go fishing, or exercise along the trails with bikes or hikes.

A visitor’s center opened during the summer, gives you the chance to learn about local wildlife and the trails, while an observation tower provides ample viewing space for birdwatchers and sightseers.

Address: 1 Wildlife Cir, Austwell, TX 77950, United States

18. North Beach

If you’re looking for some of the best places to travel in the US, you can’t go wrong with North Beach.

North Beach was once known as Corpus Christi Beach, so it’s no surprise that with such a titular name it’s earned a spot on our list of things to do in Corpus Christi.

A gorgeous getaway from the bustle of the city, the cove of the beach measures 1.5 miles and has been a prime spot across Harbor Bridge for over a century.

North Beach offers many fun ways to spend your time.

You can go beachcombing, swimming, picnicking, sunbathing, and more on the golden sands and warm surf.

It’s near to other attractions, too, so you can visit the beach easily or seek other forms of entertainment as desired!

Address: Surfside Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78402, United States

19. Corpus Christi Bay Trail

If you’re looking for tourist attractions that will also get you sweating and exercising – or that will entrench you in nature while affording many opportunities to survey the city – check out the Corpus Christi Bay Trail.

It runs from Oso Bay to the downtown area of the city and spans 8.8 miles.

The path is paved, making it easy to navigate, and it runs along the waterfront so you’re never too far from beachside views.

The Corpus Christi Bay Trail is the ideal way to see as much of the city as possible in one excursion.

Photographers, hikers, cyclists, and sightseers alike will see the value of its convenience, beauty, and experience.

As you walk, you’ll get to see all sorts of attractions dotting the way, and you may even catch sight of some birds, like brown pelicans and falcons.

Address: Corpus Christi, TX, United States

20. Blackbeard’s On the Beach

Blackbeard’s On the Beach

Blackbeard’s On the Beach

Since its opening in 1991, Blackbeard’s On the Beach has become one of the top points of interest for delicious food with a backdrop of history in Corpus Christi.

It is considered one of the city’s most haunted spots to eat, said to be haunted by pirates, natives, and former owners.

Locals and tourists alike love Blackbeard’s On the Beach for its delicious food, live performance of music, and naturally relaxing, family-friendly atmosphere with a cozy ambiance.

Most-loved food options include buffalo wings, Border Chicken Monterey with a cheese quesadilla and Charron beans, seashell salads, seared tuna, quesos, peeled or popcorn shrimp, chicken sarnies, and more!

Not sure what to order to drink?

Try Grog, which is the eatery’s famous signature beverage!, or opt for some American or Czech beers.

Address: 3117 Surfside Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78402, United States

21. Hurricane Alley Waterpark

Hurricane Alley Waterpark

Hurricane Alley Waterpark

Packed with fun activities during its peak opening time in the summer, Hurricane Alley Waterpark is located in Port Avenue and is full of choices for what to do!

The park has won awards and earned a status as one of Corpus Christi’s greatest family-friendly attractions, offering affordable admission, a fair few rides, and lots of unique features.

Hurricane Alley Waterpark boasts a lazy river called the Gulf Stream which lets you relax upon it, though a more exciting option is available at the Gulf Stream wave pool that is as big as 12,000 square feet.

Address: 702 E Port Ave, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States

22. Britton-Evans House and Sidbury House

A pair of popular Corpus Christi attractions are two historic homes that have made a name for themselves as being authentic, old-fashioned houses from the 19th century that give you a glimpse into the past.

They are the Britton-Evans House and the Sidbury House.

The Britton-Evans House is also called the Centennial House, and it was built in 1849.

It was built by Forbes Britton, who was a shipping firm partner to Britton, Mann, and Yates.

He was responsible for the operation of a freight line between Galveston and the city.

It boasts a gorgeous Greek Revival style and tells many tales.

The Britton-Evans House is now entirely furnished and restored with authentic artifacts and antiques.

As the oldest of Corpus Christi’s buildings, it has known many lives, including once when it served as a hospital during the civil war.

Its status as an archive and museum lets you look back on those times, especially to see what life as a wealthy 1850s local family would have been like.

The Sidbury House was finished in 1893 and remains the city’s last example of genuine Victoria architecture, visible in its big verandas, unusual silhouette, detailed wood balconies, and roofs pitched steeply.

It was once the home of Charlotte King Cook Sidbury, a civic leader.

The Sidbury House is currently a Texas Historical Landmark and is situated in Heritage Park alongside ten other similarly historic houses.

It now serves as a fascinating museum and is considered one of the town’s most haunted locations, if you’re interested in doing some paranormal hunting!

Address: 411 N Upper Broadway, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States

23. Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island State Park

rlsmithtx / Shutterstock

Mustang Island State Park is located approximately 30 miles to the south of Corpus Christi’s downtown area.

It is a barrier island spanning 18 miles and is one of the most delightful places to go in Texas for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

The beach stretches are great for swimming, kayaking, sunbathing and having a good time on the beach, but there’s more to this location than just the sand and surf!

The gorgeous land of Mustang Island State Park is ideal for many different species of wildlife.

More than 400 different species of birds call the park their home, as do sea turtles, deer, raccoons, and fish of all sorts.

Beyond the beach, you’ll find waterways spanning 20 miles that you can explore in vessels.

Address: 9394 TX-361, Corpus Christi, TX 78418, United States

24. Harbor Playhouse

Harbor Playhouse

Harbor Playhouse

Since it opened in 1925, Harbor Playhouse has been one of the key things to do in Corpus Christi for those seeking entertainment.

It puts on numerous theatrical productions and has been voted as one of not just Corpus Christi’s, but the wider state’s most prestigious community theaters.

The goal of Harbor Playhouse is to further enrich the local Corpus Christi artistic and cultural scene, preserving its legacy and telling stories to people of all ages.

Whether you seek contemporary thought-provokers, fun shows for your kids, classical hits, or bold musicals, Harbor Playhouse is sure to have a show for you!

Their take on A Christmas Carol is particularly popular when it shows in December.

Address: 1802 N Chaparral St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States

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25. Worldwinds Windsurfing

Worldwinds Windsurfing

EpicStockMedia / Shutterstock

As a coastal city, windsurfing is a must-do while you’re in Corpus Christi.

Exhilarating, exciting, adventurous, and enjoyable, it’s a great way to indulge your time – especially in places like Padre Island, Laguna Madre, and other popular beaches.

Worldwinds Windsurfing offers that opportunity in a great way!

Worldwinds Windsurfing lets you take advantage of the strong winds that fly in from the Caribbean and the Sargasso on your vacation.

The company offers rental, gear purchases, lessons, and opportunities of all sorts, so it doesn’t matter how experienced you are at the sport – you’ll be able to learn from accredited instructors and get outfitted with everything you need to enjoy a windsurfing experience!

Address: Bird Island Basin Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78418, United States

26. K Space Contemporary

K Space Contemporary

K Space Contemporary

K Space Contemporary is a home for alternative art.

It is a unique organization, opened in 2001 in order to provide Corpus Christi with a space for contemporary works by local artists.

These works are specifically non-commercial and showcase bold styles and daring genres from their artists.

K Space Contemporary is located in the downtown area, in Coastal Bend.

It is one of the most one-of-a-kind things to see in this lovely city.

You’ll get to see all sorts of innovative artistic methods and staff can help provide you with all sorts of information about the artwork on display.

Address: 623 N Chaparral St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, United States

27. La Palmera Mall

La Palmera Mall

La Palmera Mall

If you’re looking for more casual places to visit, La Palmera Mall is a fun option for wandering around, doing some shopping, and just kicking back and relaxing on your Corpus Christi vacation.

With 986,000 square feet of space, it boasts more than 130 individual retail shops as well as many great spots to eat at!

There’s a good mix of famed retailers and local shops at La Palmera Mall.

It has a whopping three different anchor stores, namely JCPenny, Dillard’s, and Macy’s, and it boasts popular chains like H&M and Michael Kors.

For more to do, you can head to the movie theater, and for food, you can try out restaurants like China Bistro or LongHorn Steakhouse.

The mall has both an open-air and indoor shopping area, so you can explore both options as desired.

Address: 5488 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78411, United States

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Start Planning Your Trip To Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi’s beauty speaks for itself.

Gorgeous panoramic views of the beach and horizon are set upon wildlife-teeming land.

Historical locations provide new insight into familiar concepts and ideas.

Exciting eateries and child-friendly attractions add even more enjoyment to the city.

Basically, whatever it is you want to do, this Texas city is likely to have it for you!

Happy travels.