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28 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dayton (Ohio)

Dayton is a family-friendly, bustling city known for its influence on aviation history.

It is the county seat of Montgomery and is a busy metropolis.

The city is part of a low floodplain of the Great Miami River and grew in fame with technological advancements.

Now, it is the heart of a sprawling urban complex, with experimental laboratories and fertile agricultural growth.

It is also the country’s aviation center, with lots of manufacturers for various equipment, tools, and parts.

As a vacation destination, Dayton has lots to offer.

Museums galore offer many interesting ways to learn about local history and culture.

Entertaining venues for live performance provide tons of ways to spend an evening soaking in artistry.

Numerous parks provide a break from the rush of the city.

Aviation and automobile attractions cater to aficionados from all walks of life.

Regardless of what you seek, you’ll find it here.

The trouble isn’t so much finding out what you can do, but which one of those things you should do!

To help you, here are our picks for the 28 best and fun things to do in Dayton, Ohio.

1. National Museum of the US Air Force

National Museum of the US Air Force

LukeandKarla.Travel / Shutterstock

The National Museum of the US Air Force is undoubtedly one of the most famous Dayton attractions in Ohio.

It is home to one of the biggest collections of aircraft and missiles in the world.

Situated at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, it was founded in 1923 and has grown to contain close to 400 display items.

Given its expansiveness, it’s a great way to spend a whole day this weekend!

The collection of the National Museum of the US Air Force is nothing short of impressive.

There is the B-29 Superfortress, which dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki in World War II.

There is also the world’s only XB-70 Valkyrie B-36 that remains surviving, a Blokscar, many jets, and even rockets!

You’ll also get to see a replica of the 1909 Military Flyer of the Wright Brothers!

All items at the National Museum of the US Air Force boast historic significance.

You’ll find exhibits about aviation in wars like the Cold War, Korean War, and World War II.

You’ll learn about the chronology of the development of flight and its progression to space travel.

You’ll view a presidential aircraft section packed with aircraft used by past American Presidents.

Pieces of information displayed clothing, a theater showing documentaries and films, and a flight simulator add to the experience.

Not to be missed is SAM 26000, the world’s first Boeing Air Force One.

It is the plane that carried President Kennedy’s Casket to DC.

After its 36-year career, it is now at the museum and open to visitors, who can climb onboard and explore its interior.

Another attraction to views is the Avrocar, a flying saucer made for the Air Force.

Originally built as part of a secret project in the Cold War, it was eventually used for NASA’s wind tunnel testing.

It might be responsible for many UFO sightings!

Address: 1100 Spaatz St, Dayton, OH 45431, United States

2. Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

RozenskiP / Shutterstock

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park is a memorial park dedicated to important figures in aviation history.

It contains many other smaller places to visit within its grounds, all related to Paul Laurence Dunbar or the Wright Brothers.

This park in Ohio was created to maintain the Wright brothers’ legacy after their home was destroyed in the 1970s.

It offers an expansive look into the way these figures influenced the world and its technology today.

One of the hotspots at the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park is the John W. Berry, Sr. Wright Brothers Aviation Center.

It is here that the Wright Flyer III of 1905 is displayed.

This airplane was the first plane to be considered a National Historic Landmark.

The John W. Berry, Sr. Wright Brothers Aviation Center also holds a replica of the bicycle shop owned by the brothers.

Within, you’ll see tools that they used to create planes and the camera that took a photograph of their first flight.

Another fun site at the park is the Huffman Prairie Flying Field and Interpretive Center.

It offers unique insight into the Wright Brothers’ efforts as they engineered and developed aircraft.

This center’s field is an 84-acre space where the brothers worked on their planes and flight.

Next, check out the Paul Laurence Dunbar House Historic Site.

Dubar was the first African American poet to receive international acclaim.

He was a close friend of the brothers and was influential in the world of African-American art.

In his life, he wrote over 400 poems, a few plays, some short stories, six novels, and musical lyrics.

Finally, visit the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center.

This National Historic Landmark is where the Wright Cycle Company was originally situated.

The complex contains old bicycles from their brand, printing presses dating back 100 years, and numerous experiments and inventions.

Address: 16 S Williams St, Dayton, OH 45402, United States

3. Carillon Historical Park

Carillon Historical Park

Kenneth Stedman / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for some nice places to go, you can’t go wrong with the Carillon Historical Park.

Carillon Historical Park is definitely among the top 10 things to do in Dayton, Ohio.

Spanning 65 acres, it is a delightful and relaxing urban green space packed with interesting historic exhibits and structures.

You’ll get to learn all about local history, especially relating to its development and technological influence, as you walk around.

Located to the south of the Great Miami River, Carillon Historical Park is basically an open-air museum.

You’ll learn about its early settlers, the development of the canal, and the Wright brothers’ contributions to the country.

Structures of note include a heritage schoolhouse, a stone cottage dating to the 19th century, and Dayton’s oldest building.

An industry and intention center at Carillon Historical Park provides insight into local inventions.

You’ll see the world’s first Frigidaire refrigerator, an automobile electric system, the engine of the liberty aircraft, and more.

Live demonstrations of musket-firing and candle-dipping add to the intrigue, as does a 1930s print shop.

Address: 1000 Carillon Blvd, Dayton, OH 45409, United States

4. Dayton Art Institute

Dayton Art Institute

Dayton Art Institute

The Dayton Art Institute is a fine art museum that overlooks the city’s downtown area.

It was founded in 1919 and its current building was built for it in 1930.

Its architecture is one of the best in this part of Ohio, with an Italian Renaissance style and lots of details.

Its exhibits span many different points of time, dating 5,000 years apart from its oldest to newest.

With over 27,000 works of art in its collection, the Dayton Art Institute is packed with things to see.

Sculptures, paintings, photos, and traveling exhibits are nothing short of exemplary.

You’ll see American works from the 18th and 19th centuries and Baroque pieces from the 17th century.

Big names to look out for are Rubens, Degas, and Monet.

You’ll also see works from Asia, Europe, Oceania, Ancient Egypt, and Native American people.

Address: 456 Belmonte Park N, Dayton, OH 45405, United States

5. Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm

Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm is a 200-acre education center dedicated to teaching others about the environment and its protection.

If you’re wondering what to do in Dayton, Ohio that’s suitable for all ages, this is a great option.

With hands-on activities, lots of opportunities to interact, and engaging resources to learn with, it’s an enriching experience.

At Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm, you’ll get to explore prairies, ponds, streams, woods, and meadows alike.

Of course, the primary attraction is its working farm, which is a sustainable establishment.

Visitors can see the way that products are collected and prepared to be sold to local markets.

Pigs, horses, cows, goats, and more inhabit the barn, and other wildlife teems outside.

Throughout the year, various events are also held here to provide additional sources of enjoyment.

Address: 1000 Aullwood Rd, Dayton, OH 45414, United States

6. Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is one of the most fun tourist attractions in Dayton, Ohio for children.

It provides the city’s only facilities of its kind, emphasizing learning and science.

Its life began in 1893 when it was simply the Museum of Natural History.

It has since grown to house a live animal sanctuary, planetarium, aquarium, and a huge collection of natural history exhibits.

Favorite parts of the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery include its solar system tour and an interactive experience featuring a suspended globe.

This globe, measuring 68 inches, showcases numerous dynamics such as air traffic and animal migration.

There is also a chance to see an Egyptian mummy, explore a tide pool of live marine creatures, and climb into an enclosed treehouse.

The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery also has a Discovery Zoo packed with state-native fauna.

Almost 150 animals, such as otters, foxes, sloths, and meerkats, live and thrive here.

Of course, there’s a lot more to enjoy here than just these things!

Through activities, kids can learn about biology, paleontology, geology, anthropology, and much more.

Address: 2600 Deweese Pkwy, Dayton, OH 45414, United States

7. RiverScape MetroPark

RiverScape MetroPark

Alex Balanov / Shutterstock

RiverScape MetroPark is situated in downtown Dayton, right in the heart of this Ohio city.

It sits on the Great Miami river’s shores and provides a green space and community center to visitors and locals alike.

Despite its location in the center of a busy town, it’s very tranquil and provides a flower-dotted escape from the surrounding bustle.

As you explore RiverScape MetroPark, you’ll spot fountains, riverside paths, bike rentals, and more to make use of.

One of the very former is the Five Rivers Fountain of Lights, one of the world’s biggest fountains!

There are also regular live performances and events held at the park, and a few cafes to grab a bite at.

If you come to RiverScape MetroPark in the winter, you’ll get to use the park’s ice rink.

Measuring 150 by 70 feet, it’s a stunning space with lots of room to have a blast!

Regardless of what you partake in, a visit to this MetroPark is one of the great recreational things to do in Dayton.

Address: 237 E Monument Ave, Dayton, OH 45402, United States

8. America’s Packard Museum

America's Packard Museum

America’s Packard Museum

America’s Packard Museum is one of the top places to go for automobile aficionados in Dayton, Ohio.

It is situated inside what was once a Packard dealership and is the world’s only restored museum for the brand.

It’s also one of America’s best auto museums!

America’s Packard Museum opened its doors in 1992 and holds a large collection of related memorabilia and exhibits.

You’ll be able to view all sorts of stunning classic Packards from the 20th century, some of which date back to 1903.

More than 50 of these vehicles are displayed in a beautiful showroom, accompanied by information so you can learn all about them.

There are also artifacts and items going all the way back to 1899!

Address: 420 S Ludlow St, Dayton, OH 45402, United States

9. Dayton Dragons Baseball

Dayton Dragons Baseball

David Lee / Shutterstock

The Dayton Dragons are the city’s minor league baseball team.

They have the record for the highest number of sold-out professional games in a row, totaling more than 800.

With a record like that, you have to add their games to your list of what to see!

The Dayton Dragons play home in the Fifth Third Field in Toledo, Ohio and have amazing high-energy games.

There’s no denying how fun it is to watch them play as you chow down on hotdogs and other concession snacks.

You don’t have to be a sports fan to have a blast as a spectator!

Address: 220 N Patterson Blvd, Dayton, OH 45402, United States

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10. Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum

CiEll / Shutterstock

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum is one of Dayton’s more sobering points of interest.

It is significant in Ohio for being one of America’s oldest rural garden cemeteries.

Spanning 200 acres, it has more than 110,000 individuals buried in its resting grounds.

Many of these are the graves of well-known people, including Paul Laurence Dunbar, Erma Bombeck, and the Wright brothers.

Opened in 1941, Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum isn’t just an important burial ground.

It also serves as a botanical resource, with 165 native species of trees.

There are over 3,000 individual trees here, many of which have lived for longer than a century!

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum itself isn’t on the National Register of Historic Places, but its chapel is!

This chapel holds a stunning Tiffany window, which is one of the country’s finest genuine ones of its kind.

The cemetery’s Romanesque Gateway is also on the aforementioned register.

One interesting grave to respectfully visit is that belonging to Johnny Morehouse.

This sad resting place is one for a five-year-old who fell into the Miami and Erie Canal and drowned.

His dog had tried to save him but was unable to.

After Johnny was buried here, it’s said that the dog stood by the grave for weeks and weeks on end.

Johnny’s gravestone keeps this story alive, showing a figure of a young boy peacefully sleeping on his dog.

Address: 118 Woodland Ave, Dayton, OH 45409, United States

11. Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center

Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center

TastyPoutine, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center is a community center for entertainment.

Many Dayton and Ohio performing companies call this stage their home.

Interestingly, the center is built in a former department store!

It opened in 2003 and has two theaters with beautiful architecture, elegant illumination, and modern technology.

As one of the more fun Dayton attractions, the Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center hosts many shows.

Seasonal and traveling acts come to show off their talents and an events calendar is always packed.

The center also contains restaurants and a winter garden that you can explore!

Address: 1 W 2nd St, Dayton, OH 45402, United States

12. Orville Wright Hawthorn Hill

Orville Wright Hawthorn Hill is yet another one of the places to visit in Dayton, Ohio dedicated to the Wright brothers.

This was the home of Orville Wright and his family, who all moved in back in 1914.

Wilbur Wright passed away before the home was finished.

At the time, the city was a mere small suburb!

The large mansion of Orville Wright Hawthorn Hill was made as the brothers’ fame grew further.

The total space of the land is 17 acres, filled with hawthorn trees decorating the hillside.

The mansion was designed by the brothers with the help of an architectural firm, created in a Georgian revival style.

Orville Wright Hawthorn Hill utilized many gadgets and inventions made by Orville Wright.

This included a rod-and-chain system to control the furnace from upstairs and a toaster that could also slice bread.

There was also a water softener for shower use, a buzzer system, and a chair with an adjustable footstool and reading stand.

Many guests would come to visit the mansion over the years, including Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and Carl Sandburg.

Even the likes of President Roosevelt and Greece’s King Constantine stopped by!

Address: 901 Harman Ave, Dayton, OH 45419, United States

13. SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeological Park

SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeological Park

SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeological Park

SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeological Park opened in 1988.

It is an open-air museum that is home to a reconstructed Native American village, based on one that existed here 800 years ago.

Today, it’s one of the best things to do in Dayton, Ohio for history buffs.

Situated close to the Great Miami River, the SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeological Park is a gem.

With 3 surrounding acres of ground, it showcases many archeological excavations that were found here over the course of two decades.

These artifacts are an interesting reflection of the culture of the 250 or so Native American people who once lived here.

Exploration tours let you explore the SunWatch Indian Village and Archaeological Park in detail.

You’ll find out about the village’s astronomical alignments, how houses were built, and how the people here brought in the harvest.

There are also many stories to hear that bring this recreated preserve to life.

Address: 2301 W River Rd, Dayton, OH 45417, United States

14. Victoria Theatre

Victoria Theatre

Victoria Theatre

Victoria Theatre is situated in downtown Dayton, Ohio, and is a historic venue for entertainment and performing arts.

Each year, it puts on more than 300 live performances, with actors from both local and global spheres.

Different events cater to people of all ages, with fun performances suited for children and grown-ups alike.

Victoria Theatre’s many things to see include series themed on family, Broadway, films, star attractions, and discovery.

Particularly famous are the Morris Furniture, Cool Films, and National Geographic Live series.

It is also the host of traveling and touring shows from musicians, bands, Broadway productions, and comedians.

Address: 138 N Main St, Dayton, OH 45402, United States

15. The Oregon District

The Oregon District

Nyttend, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you an architecture enthusiast wondering what to do in Ohio?

The Oregon District of central Dayton is one of the top examples of Victorian structures!

Much of the buildings here date back to the time period between 1820 and 1910.

Many of them are dual buildings, with both commercial and residential purposes true to early merchant success in the district.

Comprising 12 blocks of buildings, the Oregon District is a joy to explore.

It’s quaint, charming, and surprisingly quiet.

As you walk, you’ll see coffee houses, clubs, pubs, shops, and cafes galore.

The hip modernity of the current district doesn’t take away from its obvious history, etched into every structure you see.

Aside from Victorian design, you’ll see Queen Anne, Federal, Greek Revival, and Italianate architectural styles.

Address: Dayton, OH, United States

16. National Aviation Hall of Fame

The National Aviation Hall of Fame is technically a part of the National Museum of the US Air Force.

However, it’s popular enough on its own to be considered one of many Dayton attractions!

This expansive gallery provides a fun and insightful way to learn about pioneers of aviation from Ohio and across the country.

The National Aviation Hall of Fame was founded in 1962 as a memorial to the influence of prominent figures in aviation history.

There are seven sections, two of which are dedicated to the two world wars.

The others are the Golden Age of Flight, Jet Age, Into Space, History of Early Flight, and Enshrine Lab sections.

Interpretive information is available individually in each section, helping you better understand and engage with the exhibits.

Address: 1100 Spaatz St, Dayton, OH 45433, United States

17. Dixie Twin Drive-In

Dixie Twin Drive-In

Dixie Twin Drive-In

Dixie Twin Drive-In is one of the best things to do in Dayton, Ohio for a bit of a retro throwback!

It’s a classic offering of quintessential Americana and nostalgia mixed with modern technology.

With two large screens and state-of-the-art projectors, it showcases two movies per screen each night.

For the most part, Dixie Twin Drive-In plays First-Run types of movies.

A concession stand offers treats of all sorts, with meals, snacks, and drinks.

It also sells merchandise of the drive-in.

On Sundays, the Paris Flea Market sets up outside of the drive-in early in the morning, offering a nice shopping experience.

Do note that all this happens during the warmer months, from April to October!

Address: 6201 N Dixie Dr, Dayton, OH 45414, United States

18. Watch Local Performance Art

Watch Local Performance Art

Master1305 / Shutterstock

If you seek fun places to visit in this Ohio city, you can’t go wrong with watching some local performance art.

You can watch the Dayton Ballet, which has been around for 80 years, performing wonderful classics with five seasonal programs.

There’s also the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, which is almost five decades old!

If dance isn’t your thing, you can catch a performance by the Dayton Opera.

Different seasons offer wildly different shows, ranging from contemporary works to Italian classics.

It has been running since 1960 and is truly state-of-the-art.

Finally, there’s also the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.

Many different shows ensure there’s something for everyone, from pop music lovers to classical music aficionados.

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19. Possum Creek MetroPark

Possum Creek MetroPark is packed with stuff to do for people of all ages.

It’s a beautiful mix of history and nature.

Once, this whole area was farmland, and until it was tended to it had degraded significantly.

Now, it’s a beautiful home for birds and butterflies, with lots of activities.

Its education center has been offering public programs for the community throughout the year, focusing on the environment and produce.

Possum Creek MetroPark is probably most known for Argonne Forest, which once held an amusement park.

The purple trail loop lets you explore this forest thoroughly, learning about nature and local history as you go.

It’s also a great place for picnics.

You should then stop by Argonne Lake, which boasts fishing opportunities and reservable space for camping or shelters.

Possum Creek MetroPark also boasts one of the most stunning grass prairies in Ohio.

It is called the Jean V. Woodhull Prairie, named after a big contributor to Dayton’s MetroParks.

Here, you’ll find a native landscape filled with rare plants like sawtooth sunflower, coneflower, spiderwort, blazingstar, and prairie dock.

This is also a habitat for insects, birds, reptiles, and other small fauna.

After that, head to Possum Creek Farm to learn about small-scale local produce raising.

See rabbits, chickens, and other livestock, as well as herbs and honey being farmed in the yard!

Address: 4790 Frytown Rd, Dayton, OH 45417, United States

20. Eat At The Best Local Restaurants

Eat At The Best Local Restaurants

stockcreations / Shutterstock

If you’re a foodie, points of interest on your vacations are likely to include dining establishments.

There are plenty of good ones in Dayton, Ohio to try out!

One of the popular local restaurants is Meadowlark Restaurant.

The welcoming environment of this casual location provides a cozy and intimate dining experience.

Dishes are primarily of American fusion flavor, mixing classic dishes with international twists.

All ingredients are either handmade or locally sourced (or both).

This is a trendy location with bright artwork, homey exposed brick, happy music, and great lighting.

Chef ownership makes it all the more enticing!

Want some casual drinks and snacks?

Try Fifth Street Brewpub!

The laid-back establishment serves a big menu of different beers from both national and local sources.

Spirits and wines are available, too.

Standard pub food is to be expected, with high-quality components and creative mixes adding to the flair.

If you’d like something chicer, try Wheat Penny too!

It focuses on Italian-influenced cuisine and California-style pizza, using locally sourced and handmade components.

Pizza is the main attraction, but sandwiches, salads, pasta, and all manner of sides and entrees add variety.

There’s also a nice pairing guide offered that gives you great ideas for combos of entrees, sides, and drinks.

Decor-wise, the contemporary vibes mix with industrial elements for rustic elegance and simplicity!

21. Wright Company Factory

Wright Company Factory

Wright Company Factory

The Wright Company Factory opened in 1910, founded by Orville and Wilbur Wright.

The brothers used the factory to manufacture and sell aircraft, but after six years, the building was sold.

A different aircraft company took over for a while before eventually also selling in 1919.

This is how the Wright Company Factory ended up as a car factory.

The car company developed more and more infrastructure, and the original technology by the brothers slowly faded into the background.

The new buildings began to obscure the historic structures, causing them to be forgotten.

In 2008, the plant was closed down.

In 2013, the big modern buildings were demolished.

The removal of these large structures reveals the old Wright Company Factory building, still in surprisingly good condition!

Today, the National Aviation Heritage Alliance has restored the buildings.

Free tours are available now and then, and the historic factory is fun to explore and learn about.

After 80 years, the buildings still retain their old charm and have become among Dayton attractions.

They’re an important part of Ohio’s backdrop and are well worth a trip!

Address: 99 Cowart Ave, Dayton, OH 45417, United States

22. Learning Tree Farm

Learning Tree Farm

Learning Tree Farm

Learning Tree Farm is a site for education with the mission of helping kids learn about the environment and nature.

It was set up by two elementary school teachers in 1973 for children in Dayton, Ohio.

At first, it mainly served a few hundred kids from schools near it.

Now, more than 130 schools send over 6,000 students in total for their programs.

And 10,000 more come in via programs and events!

Learning Tree Farm is one of the most engaging places to visit if you’d like to be inspired!

People of all ages can learn about environmental stewardship, nature and wildlife, and the importance of ecological preservation.

As a key community resource, it’s a wonderful way to get in touch with mother nature!

Address: 3376 S Union Rd, Dayton, OH 45417, United States

23. Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark

Looking for fun but relaxing things to do in Dayton, Ohio?

Check out Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark.

Close to the downtown area, it is a formal garden park that boasts a total of 10 gardens.

It has wooden paths, dirt trails, paved trails, boardwalks, and lots of ways to view each of its parts.

At Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark, you’ll get to learn a lot about the region’s ecosystems.

From the Stillwater River’s aquatic habitat to the aged woodlands teeming with wildlife, you’ll see all sorts of flora and fauna.

Meadows and prairies present more opportunities, as do swampy forests!

The Children’s Discovery Garden is especially popular with families.

Meanwhile, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the lush Marie Aull Nature Trail.

Address: 1301 E Siebenthaler Ave, Dayton, OH 45414, United States

24. Caesar Creek State Park

Caesar Creek State Park

Greg Dungan / Shutterstock

Willing to drive out this weekend?

Head to Caesar Creek State Park, one of the most beautiful places in America!

Located near Dayton – just 30 minutes away – it’s one of the many things to see in Ohio.

The park was set up in 1978 surrounding the big Caesar Creek Lake.

It boasts a mix of verdant forest and lovely beaches, as well as numerous meadows, ravines, and 43 miles of trails.

Among the activities you can do at Caesar Creek State Park are horseback riding, biking, hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, and sunbathing.

Picnic areas and campsites offer even more opportunities to relax.

There’s also the Caesar Creek State Park Nature Center, which lets you learn about the park’s wildlife.

The Head Naturalist onsite is eager to discuss the environment, park, and flora, and fauna.

A particularly interesting part of Caesar Creek State Park is the Pioneer Village.

Staffed by volunteers, it has a collection of various structures dating back to the first settlement.

You’ll see log cabins of all kinds filled with period-appropriate furnishings.

There are also two natural waterfalls at Caesar Creek State Park.

One is Crawdad Falls, close to the Pioneer Village area, with a natural shelf fed by heavy rains.

The other is Horseshoe Falls, which boasts very fast waters, especially during seasons with regular rain.

Horseshoe Falls is also close to the Swinging Bridge, which can be exciting to cross!

Address: 8570 OH-73, Waynesville, OH 45068, United States

25. Go To A Comedy Club

Ohio’s comedy club scene isn’t often talked about, which is a shame given its liveliness!

The ones in this city should be on your list of what to do this weekend if you seek a show.

One great option is the Dayton Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant.

The casual eatery entertains its diners with live comedy across many different shows.

Different dining options become available throughout the day, varying in fanciness, but they all offer American fare.

There are also age-restricted hours for more risque or adult humor.

Another good choice is Wiley’s Comedy Club, a relaxed and casual hangout.

The lounge, located in the city’s downtown area, is home to a wide variety of acts.

Small local comics and renowned national ones all travel here to perform.

As you watch shows, you’ll get to enjoy drinks from a delightful bar menu and snack on pub food.

An open mic night is also available at certain points of the week.

If you’re interested, see what’s happening tonight before visiting!

26. Carriage Hill MetroPark and Farm

Carriage Hill MetroPark and Farm is a fun way to learn about the history of Dayton and Ohio’s Miami Valley.

The 900-acre site is the home of interpretive education, historical information, and old-fashioned demonstrations.

This is performed through the use of period actors, who help tell the tale of the area’s natural and cultural history.

The farm of Carriage Hill MetroPark and Farm allows you to learn about a farming family called the Arnolds.

You’ll also get to sample fresh produce and check out the livestock in the working barn.

There’s also a Riding Center where you can ride a horse through farmland, forest, and grassland alike.

This is undoubtedly among the coolest tourist attractions for history buffs and families with eager children!

Address: 7800 Shull Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424, United States

27. 2nd Street Market

2nd Street Market

2nd Street Market

If you’re looking for things to do in Dayton with the rest of the locals, try 2nd Street Market!

The public market is vibrant and central to the shopping scene of Dayton, Ohio.

It’s the city’s biggest and oldest of its kind, offering year-round enclosed shopping with many different vendors.

At PNC 2nd Street Market, you’ll find baked goods, fresh produce, maple syrup, meats, coffee, cheeses, honey, and much more.

Reminiscent of a European market, it also offers items like plants, flowers, and jewelry.

With bustling crowds and chaotic energy, it’s a lively place that’ll perk you right up!

During the festive seasons, you’ll often see live performances being put on, as well as other events.

Address: 7800 Shull Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424, United States

28. Englewood Metropark

Englewood Metropark

Kenneth Keifer / Shutterstock

Dayton’s many MetroParks always make for fun places to go.

Englewood Metropark is one such location.

Packed with nature and among the biggest parks in the area, it’s been a local fixture for over five decades.

Activities here include 24/7 fishing, disc golfing at Blue Heron Disc Golf Course, and bird-watching.

In fact, Englewood Metropark is so good for bird-watching that it has the Benedict Blincoe Wildlife Observation Area.

90% of all species of birds in Dayton have been seen here.

The observation area supplies crayfish, worms, and other common bird foods to encourage them to stop by.

You’ll get to spot migrating and local birds alike.

Some examples are eagles, great blue herons, sandhill cranes, belted kingfishers, owls, Baltimore orioles, ducks, warblers, and cedar waxwings.

Interestingly, the ecology of this part of the park is a wetland, formed from Stillwater River’s silt runoff.

Other animals, like beavers, raccoons, and muskrats, also visit.

Englewood Metropark boasts an impressive three waterfalls which you can see in one trip through the green trail.

The first you’ll see is Martindale Falls, which boasts a shale-and-limestone ridge that cascades into a rocky ravine.

The next is Patty Falls, which boasts wet weather falls accompanied by a smaller side fall.

Finally, there’s the small Oaks Falls to relax at!

Also, while you’re at it, take a walk to see one of the oldest trees in the area, a blue ash tree dubbed Big Blue.

Address: 4361 W National Rd, Dayton, OH 45414, United States

Start Planning Your Trip To Dayton

Dayton is a teeming, diverse city where old and new blend seamlessly.

You’ll see green verdancy juxtaposed against bustling metropolis backgrounds.

You’ll explore historic and artistic attractions that cater to the old, the new, and the strange.

Honestly, you’re spoiled for choice!

With any luck, this guide will help you nail the perfect itinerary.

Happy travels.