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27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Fort Myers (Florida)

Fort Myers is a port city and is the opening gateway into the Sanibel Islands and more islands beyond.

It is famous for its many beaches and its excellent opportunities for water sports, with many stretches of sand throughout the town that can be explored and made use of.

Much like the surrounding area, it gets sun for 340 days a year, making it the ideal tropical getaway for many.

Apart from being a sunny paradise, Fort Myers offers sprinklings of history with remnants of those past, ranging as far back as its early Native settlers up to the 1920s era right before the Great Depression.

It packs a punch with plenty of natural parks and preserves for outdoorsy tourists, galleries and theaters for the artistically inclined, and unique exciting experiences for people of all ages.

But with so many Fort Myers attractions, how can you choose between them?

To help you out, here are our picks for the 27 best and fun things to do in Fort Myers, Florida.

1. Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Romrodphoto / Shutterstock

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates are situated to the north of busier downtown Fort Myers, an idyllic and beautiful getaway from the bustle.

The estates were two homes built by Edison and purchased by Ford respectively.

The two inventors were extremely close friends and, in the late 1800s, decided to live their lives next to each other in Fort Myers.

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates span 21 impressive acres on the waterfront of the city and is one of its top attractions.

Edison’s home is called Seminole Lodge and Ford’s is known as The Mangoes.

The pair of friends would live out the remainder of their lives in each other’s company here.

Today, the Edison & Ford Winter Estates is a National Historic Landmark and provides unique insight into the world of Edison and Ford.

You can take tours of the modern 15,000-square-foot museum packed with artifacts across seven galleries relating to both men and their legacies, or you can explore the laboratories and wide-reaching grounds and all its things to see.

You’ll spot electricity displays, vintage cars, and more.

You’ll even get to spot North America’s biggest Banyan Tree in the botanical gardens, where it covers a huge acre of ground and reaches 65 feet into the air!

Address: 2350 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33901, United States

2. Fort Myers River District

Fort Myers River District

EQRoy / Shutterstock

The Fort Myers River District is the chief historical spot for sightseeing in downtown Fort Myers.

It is packed with a mix of tourist attractions and local hotspots, ranging from boutiques to theaters and from restaurants to 1920s Art Deco buildings.

There are lots of opportunities for shopping, excitement, nightlife, and art viewing, and you can see all sorts of sculptures and performances taking place here alongside regular events and markets.

The Fort Myers River District is essential viewing for any trip to the city, and it’s ideal for when you have time to thoroughly explore this weekend.

The streets, paved with brick, offer whimsical, historic, artistic, and fascinating things to peruse along the way.

Address: 2180 W First St #510, Fort Myers, FL 33901, United States

3. Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach

Jon Bilous / Shutterstock

Fort Myers Beach is one of the free things to do in Fort Myers, spanning seven miles across the gorgeous Florida shoreline.

Warm, shallow water, beautiful sand, and linings of houses, restaurants, and hotels have made this one of the city’s most fun attractions.

It tends to get crowded at peak seasons and is well-loved by locals and visitors alike.

Fort Myers Beach covers ground from Lovers Key State Park to Bowditch Point Park.

It’s modern and offers beach chair rentals, equipment, and sports item rentals, food service, lots of space to swim, and a lively and invigorating atmosphere.

If you’re here at sunset, you’ll get an extra eyeful of beauty!

Address: Florida 33931, United States

4. Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

PetersonBD / Shutterstock

The Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve located in Fort Myers, Florida, is a 3,500-acre haven.

It is a delightful preserve for all sorts of flora and fauna and is a great option for what to do if you’d like some serene time in the great outdoors this weekend.

It has been officially noted as a preserve since 1970 and is free to enter.

The Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve boasts a boardwalk that stretches for 1.4 miles.

It is a trail lined with all sorts of interpretive and informational kiosks and loops around the preserve, providing knowledge on how the preserve protects the Gulf, what lives here, and what fun things you can enjoy on your visit.

One of the main pulls of the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve is that it’s a great spot for bird-watching.

You’ll find ibis, blue herons, snowy egrets, roseate spoonbills, and all sorts of other wading birds here.

Not that intrigued by birds? Don’t fret!

At Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, you can spot turtles, alligators, otters, and plenty of endangered species.

Plants that you may spot include red maple, cypress trees, wood ferns, and much more.

There is also a gift shop!

Address: 7751 Penzance Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33966, United States

5. Lakes Regional Park

The Lakes Regional Park was once a gravel quarry.

Now, it has turned into one of the top Fort Myers attractions and is also one of its free things to do.

It is near to the downtown side of the city and spans an impressive 289 acres full of delightful sightseeing space, perfect for outdoor recreation and a taste of Florida’s natural environment.

It is also relatively accessible, with easy and even trails as well as short paths for approachable journeys.

The Lakes Regional Park is home to a big and beautiful man-made lake where you can launch a motorless watercraft, rent a boat, watch the fountains, or even fish.

In the rest of the park, you can go bird-watching, hiking, biking, picnicking, and camping.

There are even fitness stations, sports courts, and bike rentals!

Enjoy over 2 miles of paths and an enjoyable, calm experience.

If you’re bringing children with you to Lakes Regional Park, they’ll be able to enjoy a playground and a splash pad, as well as a unique and highly loved highlight of the park.

This highlight is a miniature train, approximately an eighth the size of a full-sized train, and it actually runs on a 15-minute “tour” spanning 1.5 miles.

This tour brings you through little recreated villages, tropical wooded areas, and lakes.

There is also a Story Time event that takes place in a special garden!

Address: 7330 Gladiolus Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33908, United States

6. Manatee Park

Manatee Park

EQRoy / Shutterstock

Manatee Park is one of the best attractions in the city during the winter months, a rather special way to spend a season usually associated with staying indoors!

Powered by the Florida Power Light Plant’s warm water, the park has many warm water pockets that draw marine life that seek a cozy place to rest.

Manatees are chief among the animals in question.

At Manatee Park, you’ll be able to hop into kayaks and travel through the park in order to see the manatee that group together and commune in the warm water.

If you’re too near to the shore, you’re less likely to see them, so the park makes travel out into the murky canal accessible.

Canoes are ideal for trying to spot manatees.

A fantastic visit between November and March, Manatee Park is easily one of the most cool things to do in Fort Myers.

With 16 acres of space, you’ll be able to see approximately 50 of the gentle mammals, if not more.

Admission is free with a charged parking fee.

Address: 10901 Palm Beach Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33905, United States

7. Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium

Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium

Bill Ragan / Shutterstock

The Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium is a must-see in Fort Myers.

It is situated on Ortiz Avenue and is a gorgeous and breathtaking attraction covering 105 acres.

Packed with all sorts of exhibits, events, and programs, it is a delightful location to learn about Southwest Florida’s natural history, see animals up close, and fill your head with new knowledge about the natural world.

The Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium boasts three nature trails, a planetarium, aviaries for butterflies and birds, and even a museum.

Three shows featuring live animals and educational material are held every day at the center’s planetarium, which can host about 100 people at a time.

Solar observation sessions also occur weekly.

As well as being a nice spot to visit, the Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium is also a home for injured wildlife, often those that can’t be released again into the wild.

Among the animals that you may be able to see are hawks, bald eagles, owls, and alligators.

There are also fossils to peruse, touch tanks to try out, and plenty of demonstrations.

With a mix of artificial habitats, you’ll be able to experience wetland ecosystems and more.

Address: 3450 Ortiz Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33905, United States

8. IMAG History & Science Center

IMAG History & Science Center

IMAG History & Science Center

The IMAG History & Science Center is one of the most fun things to do in Fort Myers, especially for those who love science and practical, hands-on activities!

Interactive exhibits totaling more than 60 provide plenty of opportunities for you to learn about space science, the earth, technology, culture, the natural world, marine life, and even Florida’s own history.

Among the exciting exhibits at the IMAG History & Science Center is the Living Lab, where frogs, snakes, and turtles can be watched and ogled.

The LIVE! Animal Encounter lets you get up close and personal with animals and even touch or feed them.

A virtual reality experience lets you visit a 3D rendition of the original city of Fort Myers back in the day.

A Mini Museum is ideal for kids and a 3,200-gallon aquarium built by Animal Planet’s Tanked provides glimpses of native and exotic fish.

Despite its relatively small size, the IMAG History & Science Center is an awesome spot for kids, especially those aged 12 and below!

Address: 2000 Cranford Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33916, United States

9. Baseball Spring Training

Baseball Spring Training

Matt Trommer / Shutterstock

Baseball Spring Training is one of the fun things to see while you’re at Fort Myers.

Apart from the many fun things to do in Florida, we all know that Florida is a haven for baseball fans, and that’s for good reason!

In the spring, baseball teams begin preparing and training for the bigger leagues, and you’ll be able to watch them in action!

There are two main stadiums where you can watch the state’s Baseball Spring Training.

The first is JetBlue Park at Fenway South, which is home to the famous Boston Red Sox.

The second is the CenturyLink Sports Complex-Hammond Stadium, which is where the Minnesota Twins train during the spring.

Both teams train for Major League Baseball, and the spring training “league” is known as the state’s Grapefruit League.

Address: 11500 Fenway South Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33913, United States

10. Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge

The Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge is situated on the state’s southwest coast.

Though not specifically in the city, it is very near to Fort Myers and is often considered one of its tourist attractions.

According to many biologists, the refuge may be home to the very last colony of viable breeding Florida panthers on America’s eastern side.

For over three decades, the Panther National Wildlife Refuge has been a wonderful place to visit to explore and learn about these large felines.

It is worth noting that, given their elusive nature, you aren’t guaranteed to spot a panther as you go around the refuge grounds – though you can see them in the special panther habitat exhibit.

Still, taking a hike is worth it, and signing up for a guided tour will give you a great glimpse into the world of these wildcats.

Address: 12085 SR 29 South, Immokalee, FL 34142, United States

11. The Pier

The Pier

Jon Bilous / Shutterstock

The Pier, also known as Pelican Pier thanks to the many pelicans that often stop by, is one of the standout features of Fort Myers Beach and is often visited on its own as a unique tourist hotspot.

It was built in 1912 and reaches a whopping 560 feet into the Gulf of Mexico.

For the most part, it’s a fishing hotspot, but it’s also one of the most opportune spots for watching the sunset in the city.

The Pier is full of different activities, so you’ll never run out of stuff to do.

At night, crowds gather to watch the sun go down over the ocean while nibbling on snacks amidst live performances.

In the daytime, fun in the sun is to be had on the beach, through parasailing, or on boats.

And, of course, no matter the time of day, you’ll find kiosks and stalls selling souvenirs, fishing supplies, snacks, and drinks.

If you’re lucky, you’ll spot some dolphins swimming in the water close to The Pier!

Address: 10 Old San Carlos Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931, United States

12. Lovers Key State Park

Lovers Key State Park

Maridav / Shutterstock

Lovers Key State Park is one of the best places to visit for quiet recreation in the city, especially if you’d like a breather from the more intense, crowded, and lively Fort Myers Beach this weekend.

It’s a great draw for all sorts of activities, such as paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, and more.

One of the draws of Lovers Key State Park is its stretch of beach, which can be accessed with only a short walk.

Along the way, you may spot marine or aquatic wildlife, as well as alligators, and you’ll stroll across scenic bridges, too.

There are lots of shells that wash up on the sand, too, which makes it great for beachcombing.

There’s even a dog beach at the park’s southern end for your furry friends!

Address: 8700 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931, United States

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13. Florida Repertory Theatre

Florida Repertory Theatre

Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock

Looking for things to do in downtown Fort Myers for some fun entertainment?

Check out the Florida Repertory Theatre, which boasts 21 years of experience and multiple award-winning and world-class performances in one historic location!

Each of its productions is delightful and has drawn more than 87,000 visitors yearly.

Known affectionately by locals as The Rep, the Florida Repertory Theatre offers a wide range of genres in its productions.

Comedies, dramas, musicals, classics, and modern acts of all kinds color the delightful experience, which has earned them praise from the likes of the American Theatre Magazine and the New York Times.

One of the main sections of this theatre is the Arcade Theatre, which was a Vaudeville house built back in 1908.

Its historic structure continues to host the bulk of The Rep’s shows, providing an added elegance and grace to what is already a widely lauded and much-revered repertory company!

Address: 2268 Bay St, Fort Myers, FL 33901, United States

14. Railroad Museum of South Florida

Railroad Museum of South Florida

Railroad Museum of South Florida

The Railroad Museum of South Florida, opened in 1994, is actually a part of Lakes Regional Park, but it alone is worth a trip so it deserves a spot on this list of what to see!

It spans an impressive 3,200 square feet and uses that space to operate a jaw-dropping collection of locomotives and is also known as the Lakes Park and Gulf Railroad.

One of the key draws of the Railroad Museum of South Florida is its operating train system, with four smaller trains as well as prized regular ones.

The miniature trains are an eighth the size of a full train and bring you on 1.5-mile rides on 7.5-inch gauge tracks all the way up to the park’s northern side.

The ride includes four crossing signals of operating grade in full size, a waterfall, a windmill, a 100′ tunnel complete with sounds and lights, a 20′ pedestrian bridge, a 20′ trestle, and multiple scaled buildings.

The four trains have six cars and 17 passenger seats with a cushioned bench portion for kids.

The trains use 16 or 16.5 horsepower engines of a four-stroke, two-cylinder variety to make the hydraulic motors run.

The model train layouts inside the museum are S scale, though there is a G scale overhead train and a live steam locomotive, too.

In the Railroad Museum, you’ll get to see all kinds of locomotive-related artifacts.

This includes ticket punches, rail tracks, baggage carts, a genuine brass bell, spikes, tools, lanterns, and more.

And, in addition to all of that, there’s a movie theatre at the museum that teaches you about railroad and park history!

Address: 7330 Gladiolus Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33907, United States

15. McGregor Boulevard

McGregor Boulevard

TasfotoNL / Shutterstock

McGregor Boulevard is among the quintessential Fort Myers attractions, with an extra twist of opulence.

It is a roadway lined with palm trees – all imported by Thomas and Mina Edison – totaling more than 1800, as well as some other trees.

The road is a true representation of the wealthy, rich, and old of Fort Myers, a slice of luxurious Florida tinged with history and taste.

At McGregor Boulevard, you’ll see restored buildings, botanical gardens, quirky and trendy eateries, and lots of pavement to drive, jog, and walk on.

Each portion of the boulevard tells another part of the city’s story, and its 14-mile length is a sight for sore eyes.

Address: Fort Myers, FL, United States

16. Defy Fort Myers

Defy Fort Myers

Defy Fort Myers

Defy Fort Myers is one-of-a-kind spots for recreation across America.

It is a fun and exciting center for people of all ages to enjoy a trampoline park complete with additional features like dodgeball courts, foam pits, trapezes, and more.

Their parkour pit is especially renowned for being heart-pumping and engaging.

A great indoor activity, Defy Fort Myers provides something for you to enjoy in an active way when it’s too cold, hot, or rainy in Florida weather.

Exhilarating experiences, numerous programs, and trained staff at an element of safety and further thrill and adrenaline to those who come by!

Address: 9370 Dynasty Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33905, United States

17. Bunche Beach

Bunche Beach

Ludibarrs / Shutterstock

Looking for more sunny things to do in Fort Myers?

Bunche Beach is one of your top choices, especially if you’d like a bit of relaxation away from noisy crowds.

A serene and tranquil environment, it’s one of the city’s impressive hidden gems and contains 718 acres of beautiful, natural, and unspoiled land.

Salt flats, beaches, mangrove forests, and land of all sorts look out over the rest of the city.

Bunche Beach is a safe swimming location, and paddleboards, kayaks, and other watercraft can be rented for use out on the cobalt waves.

You’ll even get to spot wildlife, such as flamingos – one of which posed for pictures here in 2016 – and other birds.

Don’t forget to go shell hunting, too!

Address: 18201 John Morris Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33908, United States

18. Murder Mystery Dinner Train

Murder Mystery Dinner Train

Murder Mystery Dinner Train

The Murder Mystery Dinner Train is one of the best and most unique must-do activities in Fort Myers.

It is a one-of-a-kind, unorthodox dining experience that involves you taking a 40-mile ride on a train and becoming part of a staged murder mystery!

You’ll get to step into your detective shoes in the vein of Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, or Hercule Poirot, taking note of all the clues you find and trying to decipher them with other guests in order to figure out who is guilty.

The exact mystery and culprit changes, rotates, and shifts all the time, so if you’ve gone for one dinner, chances are it’ll be different now!

The Murder Mystery Dinner Train also offers a wide range of seasonal events.

The holidays are a fantastic time to try out the experience, but all of the train’s themes are great, adding even more variety to ensure that every trip is different.

And, of course, one can’t forget the five-course meal you’ll enjoy during the ride, made scrumptious by qualified chefs!

Address: 2805 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33966, United States

19. J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge

J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge

Susan Rydberg / Shutterstock

Among the absolute best places to visit near Fort Myers is the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, especially if you’re interested in nature, Florida’s ecosystems and wildlife, and a generally good time!

It is situated on Sanibel Island and spans close to a whopping 8,000 acres – or half of the whole island.

You can pop by the visitor center to learn more about the habitats and wildlife, as well as to get some information on Jay Norwood “Ding” Darling himself.

The refuge was named after its founder, a political activist, and conservationist, and provides open-air tram tours, each one taking up 90 minutes and led by a certified naturalist.

At the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, you’ll get to see all sorts of diverse flora and fauna native to the mangrove environment.

This includes alligators, bobcats, otters, ospreys, numerous wading birds, and tons of different crustacean and fish species.

There are four hiking trails to explore as well as plenty of options of things to enjoy, such as canoeing, paddleboarding, fishing, bird-watching, and kayaking.

Address: 1 Wildlife Dr, Sanibel, FL 33957, United States

20. Times Square

Times Square

Jillian Cain Photography / Shutterstock

Times Square is a compact space that is close to Fort Myers Beach, in front of the pier – which we’ll talk about a little later.

It’s packed with many different places to go and things to experience.

It’s perfect for a bit of a stroll and some relaxation, and the bright bricks provide a good feast for the eyes.

With a gorgeous ambiance, all the vibrancy that Florida is famous for, plenty of restaurants and snack stops, and lots of places to sit to watch the sunset, Times Square is a wonderful place to spend an evening.

You can see street performers, hang out in the pedestrian-only areas, and buy souvenirs while you’re at it!

Address: Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931, United States

21. Fleamasters Fleamarket

Fleamasters Fleamarket

Fleamasters Fleamarket

The Fleamasters Fleamarket is one of the most fun and charming things to see in the city of Fort Myers if you’re looking for ways to immerse yourself in local culture and get some retail therapy without burning a hole in your pocket.

It is a festive and exciting experience, with eye-catching distractions on every corner.

Covering 400,000 square feet and providing more than 900 shops and approximately 20 stalls for food, the Fleamasters Fleamarket opens on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

You’ll find great bargains and unique treasures among souvenirs, apparel, pottery, art, home decor, antiques, jewelry, handicrafts, kitchen items, sculptures, collectibles, produce, toys, sporting goods, and much more in this indoor market.

As you shop at Fleamasters Fleamarket, you’ll get to listen to live performances at a brand new stage.

If you like, you can sit down to watch more closely on one of 300 seats once you’ve satiated your need for good deals!

You can find Fleamasters Fleamarket on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard.

Address: 4135 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33916, United States

22. John Yarbrough Linear Park

John Yarbrough Linear Park

John Yarbrough Linear Park

Looking for options for what to do in Fort Myers as an outdoor enthusiast?

Try walking a trail at the John Yarbrough Linear Park!

Southwest Florida is full of parks, so it’s easy to accidentally miss some that make fantastic tourist attractions.

This park is one you shouldn’t miss out on!

The main trail at the John Yarbrough Linear Park spans 6 miles from Crystal Drive to Six Mile Cypress.

The rest of the park includes areas next to Ten Mile Canal, lots of space for jogging, walking, skating, bird-watching, fishing, and picnicking, and lots of areas to explore and walk around in.

If you’re lucky, you may catch sight of egrets, alligators, eagles, and herons!

Address: Six Mile Cypress – Crystal Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33912, United States

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23. Mound House

Mound House

Warren Eisenberg / Shutterstock

The Mound House is a hidden gem located in the Fort Myers Beach area.

Known officially as the William H. Case house, it is Estero Island’s oldest standing structure and is a mix of museum and archeological site.

It’s a great spot for history buffs and educates visitors on the history of the tribe that once lived here, the original settlers of the state: the Native American Calusa tribe.

The Calusa tribe, which is often nicknamed the Shell Indians, were known for using seashells to carve weapons and tools.

They settled in the area approximately 2,000 years ago and, when their shell tools were damaged or couldn’t be used, they would simply be discarded.

This would grow into a large pile of shells – or a mound of them if you will.

William H. Case and his family built their home on this “mound” in 1906.

Today, it has been more modernized, reflecting an early 1920s style of decoration and architecture, with antique period-appropriate furniture inside.

With a low admission fee, visiting the Mound House is one of the cheap things to do in Fort Myers.

Inside the Mound House, you’ll get to view fun exhibits and learn more about the Calusa tribe, the history of the city, and the house’s own legacy.

There are also special guided beach walks, demonstrations of skills like woodcarving, and archaeology tours of the shell mound to enjoy.

The amount of information is exhaustive and expansive!

Address: 451 Connecticut St, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931, United States

24. Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall

Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall

Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall

The Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall is named after the legendary Barbara B. Mann herself, an icon of the performing arts and a woman who worked tirelessly to bring culture and the arts of world-class quality to the local area.

She succeeded, and today, the hall is a testament to her legacy and is one of the best places to visit in the city for that genre of recreation.

The Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall boasts the biggest proscenium stage in the state’s southwest, allowing it to host huge Broadway tours of the likes of The Lion King and Phantom of the Opera.

The main auditorium boasts space for 1,900 seats and is famous for professional performance art.

If you’re in town tonight, it’s worth checking their schedule to see what is in store!

Address: 13350 FSW Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33919, United States

25. Fort Myers Brewing Company

Fort Myers Brewing Company

Fort Myers Brewing Company

The Fort Myers Brewing Company was opened in 2011 by Rob and Jen Whyte.

Rob, who had brewing experience from the 90s, and his wife spent two years researching and planning the company’s opening in the city.

It has since become known as the greatest large brewery in all of Florida.

The Fort Myers Brewing Company has won multiple awards in the state and still comes with a lot of local whimsy and charm.

Their local brews are delicious and just the ticket after a long day of exploration.

Special events, like food truck nights, game nights, and trivia nights, further liven the experience.

If you’re looking for what to do in the city for a good drink and a fun time, the brewing company is a great choice!

Address: 12811 Commerce Lakes Dr #28, Fort Myers, FL 33913, United States

26. Go To An Art Gallery

Go To An Art Gallery

Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock

Fort Myers is simply filled to the brim with places to go for art-lovers and the artistically-inclined, and Florida, in general, is fairly well-known for its vibrant and diverse art scene.

That’s why your trip to the city should include a couple of art gallery viewings!

A great place to begin is the Arts For Act Gallery, which is a non-profit establishment dedicated to the mission of rehabilitating and supporting victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking.

It is situated in a gorgeous historic 1960s building and is home to unique rooms that each showcase different art from a mix of global and American creators.

The Alliance for the Arts is another such “gallery”, though it is more of an event campus, boasting the mission of connecting art and culture with the local community.

Numerous different local musicians and artists arrive to perform and showcase their talents and abilities here.

You should expect to see a mix of visual artists and musical arts here.

As a final recommendation, try the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center.

It is an immensely popular hotspot for lovers of art and culture and offers art exhibitions, film screenings, musical events, and fundraisers.

The building that it calls its home is built upon what was once a Native American Calusa settlement.

27. Port Sanibel Marina

Port Sanibel Marina is a beautiful location perfect for fun in the sun, especially as an alternative to the much more crowded beaches that make up a fair few Fort Myers attractions.

A bit more of a hidden gem, Port Sanibel Marina provides a glimpse into old Florida, boasting verdant green landscapes of lush trees, a beautiful lighthouse, and a lovely shoreline.

Port Sanibel Marina is a great place to spend some of your time on your vacation.

Mangrove trees and palm trees alike flank a natural boardwalk, shoreline seating provides great opportunities for sunset-watching, and the salt water is ideal for water sports.

Fish and birds make the marina even better for fishing and bird-watching, and you may spot even more animals, such as otters, manatees, and dolphins.

Address: 14341 Port Comfort Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33908, United States

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Start Planning Your Trip To Fort Myers

Fort Myers is a beautiful, vibrant, and sunny city that is well worth a visit.

Whether you seek golden sand, azure surf, verdant green, or something else entirely, there is sure to be an attraction at Fort Myers that will capture your heart.

Happy travels.