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34 Best & Fun Things To Do In Green Bay (Wisconsin)

You might be most familiar with Green Bay as the home of the Green Bay Packers, a championship football team.

However, there’s plenty to love about this beautiful tourist destination even if you couldn’t tell a pigskin from a pork rind!

For starters, Green Bay is a natural paradise filled with lakes, woods, meadows, waterfalls, and other sightseeing locales that’ll take your breath away.

Because of its landscapes, it’s also a popular spot for everything from kayaking to horseback riding.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, you can definitely work up a sweat here.

Other Green Bay attractions include historic homes and museums, a vibrant arts scene, a treasure trove of restaurants, and an assortment of quirky lore that include a history of being the world’s biggest supplier of beaver pelts.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best places to go in Wisconsin, this is the city to put on your shortlist.

Let’s talk about great things to do in Green Bay!

1. Green Bay Botanical Garden

Green Bay Botanical Garden

Amdizdarevic / Shutterstock

Wisconsin might be known for its winters, but there’s always something blooming at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

There are orchards, gardens, greenhouses, and more, all of them carefully cultivated to showcase nature’s beauty year round.

If you’re the floral type, there are countless gardens where you can stroll among the flowers.

If you’re more of an arborist, you can check out the lush tree groves; the foliage is particularly impressive in the fall when the leaves change.

Scattered among all of the scenery is a collection of fountains, gazebos, and other architectural features that range from English cottages to Scandinavian summerhouses.

The whole thing is so picturesque that you’ll feel like you’re walking from one storybook to another.

Stop and smell the roses at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

It’s one of the very best things to do in Green Bay, and it’ll linger in your senses long after you leave.

Address: 2600 Larsen Rd, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States

2. Oneida Casino

Oneida Casino

Oneida Casino

The Oneida Casino is one of the major points of interest of Green Bay.

It’s basically an adult playground where you can eat, drink, and gamble to your heart’s content.

What’s more, since it’s run by the Onedia tribe and exempt from Wisconsin’s gambling laws, it’s the only place near the city where you can try to hit a jackpot.

Games include poker, slots, bingo, and an assortment of table games such as blackjack and roulette.

Food options range from cheap eats at bars to gourmet dining at sit-down restaurants.

Accommodations are available in the form of on-site hotels and dedicated spaces for RV parking.

Do you feel the call of Lady Luck?

If you aren’t afraid to risk it all, try throwing some dice at the Oneida Casino.

Address: 2020 Airport Dr, Green Bay, WI 54313, United States

3. Neville Public Museum

Neville Public Museum

Big Joe / Shutterstock

With dinosaurs and woolly mammoths rearing up right outside its front doors, the Neville Public Museum will delight your inner child as soon as you arrive.

It isn’t a stuffy kind of museum.

It’s an interactive delight with tons of cool things to do.

Exhibits, for example, cover a wide assortment of topics related to space, history, zoology, and natural science, and many of them are dynamic in some way.

An exhibit about nature might have hanging vines that you have to duck through; an exhibit about aeronautics might have immersive videos and simulations.

The museum also hosts a number of special events that range from fancy dinners to messy afternoons of arts and crafts for the kids.

Sponsors include their geology club, their astronomical society, and their film society.

All things considered, the Neville Public Museum is a top destination in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and it’s sure to make you rethink your stance on museums on general.

Who knew that they could be this fun?

Address: 210 Museum Pl, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States

4. Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field

Keith Homan / Shutterstock

Home of the Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field is a must-visit for football fans.

Not only is it the largest stadium in Wisconsin, but with a capacity of 81,000, it’s also one of the most gargantuan in the United States!

Football is the primary reason that people visit the stadium, of course, and there are all kinds of customs and traditions for NFL games hosted there, including the “Lambeau Leap.”

Tours of the facilities are also available if you’ve always wanted a behind-the-scenes look at the locker rooms and player’s tunnel.

The stadium has hosted other sports games, too, and it’s even welcomed a few concerts over the years.

It’s worth checking the schedule to see what’ll be going on during your own vacation.

If you’re wondering what to do in Green Bay this weekend, consider a visit to Lambeau Field.

There’s always something happening, and there could be up to 81,000 other people to enjoy it with you.

Address: 1265 Lombardi Ave, Green Bay, WI 54304, United States

5. Heritage Hill State Historical Park

Heritage Hill State Historical Park

Heritage Hill State Historical Park

Heritage Hill State Historical Park is an “open air” museum, meaning that it’s the opposite of stuffy.

In fact, it’s spread across a lush landscape that measures more than 55 acres, and its complex includes farms, cabins, chapels, town halls, and other reproductions of turn-of-the-century living.

The goal of the museum is to bring history to life.

For this reason, it promotes activities just as much as artifacts.

You can take a tour of historic buildings; you can watch demonstrations by cobblers and blacksmiths; you can enjoy shows put on by costumed actors who also double as the museum’s interpreters.

Wisconsin is a state with a full and complex history that’s just begging to be explored.

If you’re interested in turning back the clock and learning a few things for yourself, Heritage Hill State Historical Park is easily one of the best things to do in Green Bay.

Address: 2640 S Webster Ave, Green Bay, WI 54301, United States

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6. Bay Beach Amusement Park

Bay Beach Amusement Park

James.Pintar / Shutterstock

Do you laugh in the face of danger?

Then you’re going to love the rides of Bay Beach Amusement Park!

They have an impressive collection of scramblers, gravity towers, tilt-a-whirls, and Ferris wheels.

They even imported an early 1900s wooden roller coaster that’s just extraordinary!

Other things to see at the park include games, haunted houses, and more sedate rides like carousels and bumper cars.

When you’re feeling hungry, there are plenty of concessions for a finger-licking fair experience.

When you want to sit down for awhile, there are pavilions that showcase movies and dance performances.

If you’re traveling with a group, you can also rent pavilions for private use; you can even bring a grill, picnic, or potluck.

Follow the carnival chimes if you’re looking for fun places to go in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

They’ll lead you right to Bay Beach Amusement Park and all of its nostalgic glory, and you’ll get to create lasting memories with your family during your vacation!

Address: 1313 Bay Beach Rd, Green Bay, WI 54302, United States

7. National Railroad Museum

National Railroad Museum

Dual Freq, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located a few miles outside of Green Bay in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, the National Railroad Museum is the country’s oldest and largest museum dedicated to the railway system.

If anyone in your family is obsessed with trains, this is the destination for them.

Objects at the museum range from maps and photos to old-fashioned uniforms worn by train conductors.

However, the highlight of the facility is its collection of real, life-sized locomotives.

They include steam, diesel, and electric powered locomotives, and they’re supplemented by all kinds of boxcars and cabooses.

You could easily spend all afternoon walking among these metal giants and marveling at how far they’ve come since their inception.

Train enthusiasts, you won’t want to miss the National Railroad Museum.

It’s one of the coolest places to visit in not just Green Bay but the whole of the United States!

Address: 2285 S Broadway, Ashwaubenon, WI 54304, United States

8. NEW Zoo and Adventure Park

NEW Zoo and Adventure Park

NEW Zoo and Adventure Park

Green Bay doesn’t have its own zoo, but if you’re willing to travel 20 minutes outside of the city, you’ll hit pay dirt with the NEW Zoo and Adventure Park.

Formerly known as the Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo, the NEW Park offers all kinds of experiences for guests.

There’s the zoo itself, which has everything from aviaries to tortoise dens to penguin exhibits; there’s also the amusement park, which is filled with ziplines, climbing towers, and aerial adventures courses.

There’s even a canopy tour that connects the two sites by allowing visitors to walk among the treetops!

The NEW Zoo and Adventure Park is one of the most fun and exciting of Green Bay’s attractions.

Whether you’re looking for animal encounters, nature walks, or obstacle courses, it can deliver entertainment for all ages.

Address: 4378 Reforestation Rd, Green Bay, WI 54313, United States

9. Green Bay Ghost Tours

Spirits have their spooky tendrils all across Green Bay, and with the help of Green Bay Ghost Tours, you can track ’em as well as any Ghostbuster.

Choose from three different tours, including one on foot and one on a bus.

A guide in period-appropriate clothing will take you on a journey through the most haunted spots of the city, including cemeteries, historic homes, and haunted alleyways.

If spiritual activity is detected, you’ll be given the chance to use a real EMF meter.

Instead of just passively listening to ghost stories, you’ll have the opportunity to actively hunt for paranormal phenomenon!

There are many places to see in Green Bay with grim or ghastly origins.

On a Green Bay Ghost Tour, you can turn them into an adventure.

Address: Green Bay, WI, United States

10. Scray Cheese

Scray Cheese

Scray Cheese

You can’t visit Wisconsin without trying its signature dish: cheese.

Thankfully, Scray Cheese is here to offer authentic tastes from a family-owned and operated cheese factory that’s been welcoming visitors for four generations.

Its specialty cheeses include cheddar, Gouda, Edam, and Fontina.

They’re handcrafted several times per week, and visitors can actually watch the process from viewing windows in the shop.

As for the rest of your visit, you can browse all kinds of cheese and cheese-adjacent goods, including sausages and crackers.

You can also order fresh cheese curds, a Wisconsin specialty, and a cup of coffee.

Trying local cheeses is one of the most essential things to do in Green Bay.

Scray Cheese isn’t the only place to do it, but it’s one of the best, so schedule your visit today and have some Wisconsin-style fun!

Address: 2082 Old Martin Rd, De Pere, WI 54115, United States

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11. Meyer Theatre

Meyer Theatre

Chris Rand, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Built in the 1920s, Meyer Theatre has a grandiose style of architecture that combines elements of both art deco and colonial revival styles.

It’s a cool sightseeing destination in its own right, but it gets even better when you realize that it’s still an active theater house.

Shows include plays, concerts, musical acts, stand-up comedy, and more.

You can watch nativity scenes in December and simulated fireworks shows in July.

One night, there might be an ABBA tribute band; another night, there might be an orchestra.

Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to the Meyer Theatre.

Not only is it one of the major points of interest of historic Green Bay, but it’s also a destination that grows its legacy every day with its continued devotion to the arts.

Address: 117 S Washington St, Green Bay, WI 54301, United States

12. Tall Ship Festival

Tall Ship Festival

Alexandria Rose / Shutterstock

Do you like quirky things?

Are you always on the lookout for rare and unique tourist attractions?

You’ll love the Tall Ship Festival.

Held off the coast of a riverside park, the Tall Ship Festival is exactly what it sounds like: a celebration of big and largely historic ships.

You can take tours, chat with sailors, go for sailing excursions, watch fireworks from the deck, and more.

The ships aren’t the only entertainment, either.

The whole park transforms into a festival space where you can enjoy food, drink, games, souvenirs, and other novelties.

The most famous is probably the World’s Largest Rubber Duck, a massive yellow construction that’s almost as big as the ships themselves!

One thing to note about the Tall Ship Festival is that it comes and goes; it isn’t an annual thing.

You have to catch it when you can.

However, if you’re headed to Green Bay and wondering what to do that’s off the beaten path, it’s worth seeing if the festival is in town.

It can be an elusive event, but when you’re able to experience it, it’s truly one of a kind.

Address: Green Bay, WI, United States

13. Green Bay Sail & Paddle

Green Bay Sail & Paddle

Green Bay Sail & Paddle

Many things to do in Green Bay are landlocked.

However, the word “bay” is right in its name, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to jump in the water with a destination like Green Bay Sail & Paddle.

You don’t need any experience to sign up.

Lessons are available for everything from sailing to kayaking to paddle boarding, including single-day lessons that’ll prep you with the basics and then cut you loose to have fun.

More advanced classes are available as well.

You can also visit during themed nights aimed at couples, families, women-only sailing, and more.

If you’re short on cash, you can even take a complimentary cruise on a catamaran!

Just look for a “free ride” day.

Green Bay Sail & Paddle has everything that you’ll need to enjoy the waters of Wisconsin.

Whether you’re a newly minted swimmer or an old hat at aquatics, it’ll be ideal for anyone looking to make a splash.

Address: 700 Bay Beach Rd, Green Bay, WI 54302, United States

14. Oneida Street

Oneida Street

Bay Park Square Mall

The downtown area of Green Bay is a thriving metropolis.

However, you might have trouble deciding what to see with so many options in front of you.

A centrally located choice is Oneida Street.

Home to the Bay Park Square Mall, Oneida Street is something of a shopper’s paradise.

You can buy everything from fast fashion to high-tech gadgets at more than 100 retail outlets, and you can wash it all down with a dozen different restaurants that range from Texas Roadhouse to the International House of Pancakes.

Oneida Street is also right in the middle of other attractions, so it’s an easy road to follow when you’re visiting nearby stadiums, museums, and event spaces.

Last but not least, there’s always something happening at Oneida Street, so it’s a destination that doesn’t shut down just because the sun sinks below the horizon.

If you’re looking for fun stuff to do at night, hit up Oneida Street and its malls, stores, restaurants, cafes, and general revelry!

Address: S Oneida St, Green Bay, WI, United States

15. Fox River State Recreational Trail

Fox River State Recreational Trail

Fox River State Recreational Trail

The Fox River State Recreational Trail is a gorgeous trail that stretches along the waters of Wisconsin for miles and miles.

Not only is it a great place for outdoor activities of all types, but it won’t cost you a dime, making it one of the top free things to do in the city.

Common activities on the trail include walking, jogging, biking, skateboarding, and rollerblading.

There are even places where you can go horseback riding; just be warned that they come with a fee.

The trail is open year round, so there’s sun in the summer and snow in the winter, creating beautiful landscapes that you’ll ache to capture in a camera shutter.

If you’ll be in Green Bay this weekend, consider a stroll along the Fox River State Recreational Trail.

You’ll probably wind up on it anyway since it’s so long and so conveniently located, but you can also make it a deliberate pursuit when you feel like breathing deep by the water.

Address: Green Bay, WI, United States

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16. Voyageur Park

Voyageur Park

Voyageur Park

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy Green Bay attractions.

There are plenty of free things to do in and near the city, including a visit to Voyageur Park.

Found about 20 minutes from the city in De Pere, Wisconsin, Voyageur Park is a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

It covers wide ground that encompasses both land and water, so whether you’re looking to dock a boat or go jogging along a shaded nature trail, you can do it here.

Other outdoor activities include biking, fishing, sailing, and observing local wildlife.

There’s also a playground area for kids.

Another noteworthy aspect of Voyageur Park is its location.

It connects to both Green Bay’s Fox River Trail and De Pere’s Riverwalk, so it can serve as a convenient spot for gathering with friends or exploring with a central “home” base.

Voyageur Park isn’t a showy tourist destination, but you don’t always need showy to have a good day on vacation.

Especially if you’re strapped for cash, Voyageur Park can be a fun, affordable, and relaxing place.

Address: 100 William St, De Pere, WI 54115, United States

17. Revolution Public Market

Revolution Public Market

Revolution Public Market

The Revolution Public Market generated a lot of excitement when it first came to the Green Bay area, and since its launch, it’s continued to serve as a source of fun for locals and tourists alike.

What is the Revolution Public Market?

Simply put, it’s a gathering spot for vendors and creators.

It’s part farmer’s market, part community center.

People sell things; people hold classes and put on musical performances.

In terms of commerce, there’s an emphasis on locally and ethically sustained products, so you’ll find lots of organic produce, pasture-raised eggs and dairy, and homemade and handcrafted items.

In terms of events, look for a diverse mix of everything from live music to civic speakers.

Are you still deciding what to do on your Green Bay vacation?

Make some time for the Revolution Public Market.

There’s nothing else quite like it, which means that it’s a top pick for unique destinations in upper Wisconsin.

Address: 2160 Holmgren Way Suite 103, Ashwaubenon, WI 54304, United States

18. Fonferek’s Glen County Park

Fonferek's Glen County Park

Tyler Hebert / Shutterstock

Green Bay might be several states away from Niagara Falls, but the underlying geological formation, the Niagara Escarpment, is something that stretches all of the way to Wisconsin.

This means that some of the most beautiful local sights are waterfalls!

To experience the wonder for yourself, try taking a hike at Fonferek’s Glen County Park.

Its most popular summit is ended by a 30-foot waterfall tumbling over the rocks below.

Other things to see include dolomite cliffs, grassy prairies, and archways made from natural stone.

The best things to do in Wisconsin are often found outdoors.

It’s a gorgeous state with gorgeous scenery, and you can see it all firsthand when you put on your hiking boots and trek to Fonferek’s Glen County Park.

Address: 2825 Dutchman Rd, Green Bay, WI 54311, United States

19. LedgeStone Vineyards

LedgeStone Vineyards

LedgeStone Vineyards

Located less than a half-hour from Green Bay, LedgeStone Vineyards is a stunning sight.

You won’t even know what to see or do when you’re astonished by the sunlight dappling the green vines bursting with grapes.

Once you’ve picked your jaw off the ground, however, you’ll enjoy your time at the vineyard.

You don’t have to be a wine aficionado.

In fact, the folks running LedgeStone Vineyards promise to “take the snobbery out of wine” by offering tours, tastings, and dining options that require zero knowledge of wine to enjoy.

Sip at samples.

Nibble on artisanal finger foods.

Take a walk through the stunning scenery.

There’s a lot to experience at LedgeStone Vineyards, especially if you’ve never before experienced one of Wisconsin’s wineries.

Address: 6381 WI-57, Greenleaf, WI 54126, United States

20. The Automobile Gallery

The Automobile Gallery

The Automobile Gallery

“The automobiles are the art,” says The Automobile Gallery, and they aren’t wrong.

Their classic cars are displayed much like portraits and paintings would be.

It’s a bold, sleek, and chrome-filled collection that’ll make you whistle in appreciation even if you aren’t a car person.

If you are a car person, of course, this gallery will be one of the most fun places to visit in or around Green Bay.

You’ll get to marvel at more than 100 years of automotive history right before your eyes.

There are even a few fictional favorites like the DeLorean from Back to the Future, and yes, you can sit in it and take a picture!

The Automobile Gallery also doubles as an event space, so if you’re in town to host a conference or celebrate a birthday, ask about renting a room with floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase all of the cars beyond.

You’ve never seen anything like The Automobile Gallery, and that’s exactly why you should go.

It’s a Wisconsin original in the very best of ways.

Address: 400 S Adams St, Green Bay, WI 54301, United States

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21. South Bay Marina & Marine Center

South Bay Marina & Marine Center

South Bay Marina & Marine Center

The South Bay Marina is a bustling place that can dock up to 200 boats at a time.

It isn’t just functional, however; there’s a lot of fun to be had as well.

This is because the marina is also home to shops, restaurants, pools, playgrounds, and many other forms of entertainment.

If you’re feeling hungry, you’ll want to prioritize the food, including the freshly caught seafood hauled right off the docks.

If you’re looking for adventure, you’ll probably be more interested in the bait and tackle shops for fishing and the catamaran launches for sailing lessons.

Romantic things include patios with grills and fire pits.

Family-friendly destinations range from putting greens to shuffleboard courts.

Important note: Some of these destinations are open to the public.

Others can only be accessed if you buy a pass.

Green Bay’s attractions are just as diverse as the city itself, but if you’re looking for a fun time near the water, there’s only one site worth mentioning: the South Bay Marina & Marine Center.

It offers all kinds of activities for visitors of all ages, and it’s the best place to dock your boat, too.

Address: 101 Bay Beach Rd, Green Bay, WI 54302, United States

22. Brown County Reforestation Camp

Brown County Reforestation Camp

Brown County Reforestation Camp

Wisconsin is home to staggering amounts of natural beauty, so if you’re looking for nice places to travel in the US, it should definitely be considered as a sightseeing destination.

One of the best places to pull out your camera is the Brown County Reforestation Camp.

Stretching for more than 1,500 acres, the camp crosses Green Bay and several smaller towns, so it’s a massive landscape with a lot of biodiversity.

You can walk among the wildflowers; you can hunker down in the woods; you can cool your feet at the ponds and streams.

Since it’s open all year long, the camp is also a fun spot for outdoor adventures in every season.

Go hiking in the spring, horseback riding in the summer, hunting in the fall, and skiing and snowmobiling in the winter.

The views are always amazing regardless of the weather.

Experience the great outdoors at the Brown County Reforestation Camp.

No matter when you’re headed to Green Bay, it can offer a chance to unplug for a while and luxuriate in all of nature’s splendor.

Address: 4418 Reforestation Rd, Suamico, WI 54313, United States

23. Weidner Center for the Performing Arts

Weidner Center for the Performing Arts

Ken Wolter / Shutterstock

The Weidner Center for the Performing Arts is a top 10 destination in Green Bay.

Not only is it a historic location with a lot of character, but it also hosts a wide variety of plays, concerts, musicals, orchestras, and more.

You can weep at a Broadway tragedy or crack up at a comedy show by amateurs.

Its versatility makes it a great date night option for couples!

Another nice thing about the Weidner is that it often showcases rising talent both locally and nationally.

It’s located in the heart of the University of Wisconsin campus, so innovation is in its blood, especially when it comes to young people raising diverse and eclectic voices.

If you’re wondering what to do to experience art and culture in Green Bay, consider a visit to the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts.

It has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment options, and your support could mean the world to a youth ballet or an African stomp show.

Address: 2420 Nicolet Dr, Green Bay, WI 54311, United States

24. Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

As you might expect, the city of Green Bay is very proud of the Green Bay Packers.

You can see their colors and logos everywhere!

If you’re a fan, however, the top destination for football fandom is the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.

Built in the 1960s, this museum was actually the first of its kind for any individual football team.

It was brought into being because the Packers were that popular, a fact that’s still true today.

You can see all kinds of memorabilia in the museum, including plaques, trophies, jerseys, and other bits and pieces of NFL history.

A trip to the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame is one of the most iconic things to do in Green Bay.

It’s the kind of thing that friends and family back home will fully expect you to do.

If you don’t, prepare for some weird looks when you return!

Address: 1265 Lombardi Ave, Green Bay, WI 54304, United States

25. Garden of Lights

Winter can be very gray in Wisconsin, which is probably one of the reasons why the city goes to great lengths to bring razzle-dazzle to the holidays.

Nowhere is this more apparent than the Garden of Lights!

Held at the Green Bay Botanical Garden, the Garden of Lights is a festive event that can be seen for miles.

It uses more than 300,000 bulbs to create a winter wonderland filled with tunnels, tents, treetop displays, and other amazements for the eye.

You can also have fun by taking pictures with Santa and hopping aboard horse-drawn wagon rides designed to look like sleighs.

Cookies and cocoa will keep you warm throughout the night.

If you’ll be in Green Bay during the holiday season, it’s worth checking out the Garden of Lights.

It’s so cozy that even the Grinch would find himself wanting to come back for more!

Address: 2600 Larsen Rd, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States

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26. Titletown Brewing Company

Titletown Brewing Company

Titletown Brewing Company

Once upon a time, the towering brown chimneys of the Titletown Brewing Company belonged to a canning factory.

Today, they’re part of a brewery, but they still retain their rustic and historic charm.

There’s a lot to enjoy at the Titletown Brewing Company.

The ground floor has bars, tap rooms, and Foosball tables.

The rooftop has a beer garden as well as a dining area.

If you’re interested in going behind the scenes of the brewing process, you can take a tour; if you enjoy special events to go along with your booze, you can hit up the establishment on a Vinyl Night or a Taco Tuesday.

Open seven days per week, the Titletown Brewing Company will always offer a warm welcome to thirsty guests.

Put it on your list of places to go this weekend in Green Bay.

Address: 320 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States

27. Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

BlueBarronPhoto / Shutterstock

The zoo isn’t the only place to get up close and personal with animal life.

In fact, since the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest park and the second-largest wildlife rehabilitation area in the state of Wisconsin, it could be argued that it’s even better than the zoo when it comes to animal encounters.

Hundreds of critters live at the sanctuary, most of them in the process of being rehabilitated and returned to the wild.

You and the kids can have a great time exploring their habitats, feeding them corn, and learning about their roles in local ecosystems.

If you’re looking for family things to do, this could be a very wholesome option.

Other activities at the sanctuary revolve around the outdoors.

You can explore parks and trails, visit a nature education center, or even hit the slopes in the wintertime if you’re a skier.

Ultimately, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary can offer fun for the whole family, and your admission price will go towards supporting a good cause.

It’s worth putting on your bucket list for Green Bay.

Address: 1660 E Shore Dr, Green Bay, WI 54302, United States

28. Grassy Island Range Lights

Grassy Island Range Lights

Aaron of L.A. Photography / Shutterstock

Dating back to 1872, the Grassy Island Range Lights are small and modest lighthouse by modern standards, but they’re still relics of the past that are worth appreciating.

They also won’t cost you anything, so if you’re looking for free things to do in and around Green Bay, they could make bookends for a nice day trip.

One thing to note about the lighthouses is that you can’t actually go inside; there are no tours open to the public.

However, you can stand by the water, snap some selfies, and enjoy the identical white towers standing sentinel over the shore.

Once upon a time, their lights were all that stood between sailors and certain death!

Consider a trip to the Grassy Island Range Lights if you’re a fan of history, maritime landmarks, or tourist attractions on the National Register of Historic Places.

Address: Green Bay, WI 54302, United States

29. Resch Center

The Resch Center is a multi-million dollar complex with glass and metal that shines in the sunlight, so it’s easily one of the most impressive things to see near Green Bay.

That said, it’s just as big and grand on the inside, too.

It can seat more than 10,000 people!

Sporting events are the most popular, and regulars include volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, and indoor football.

Other events run the gamut from rock concerts to filmings of WWE SmackDowns.

There have even been a few political rallies from time to time.

Ultimately, you’ll need to check the schedule of the Resch Center to see what kind of fun you can have while you’re in town.

From today’s comedy shows to tomorrow’s political events, you never know what will be next in store.

Address: 820 Armed Forces Dr, Green Bay, WI 54304, United States

30. Foxy Paddler

Foxy Paddler Party Boat

Foxy Paddler Party Boat

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Green Bay that can be accomplished under your own power, try the Foxy Paddler or the Foxy Pedaler.

The Foxy Paddler is a pontoon boat that can seat up to 22 passengers.

While it’s navigated by a captain, you can help move its paddle wheel by cycling at a pedal station.

Meanwhile, you can drink, relax, or ask to stop at local bars and restaurants along your cruise.

The Foxy Pedaler has a similar set up, but it happens on land, not water.

A driver navigates from the front while you and up to 14 friends cycle at the back.

You’ll take yourself on a tour of the downtown Green Bay area that also allows for stops.

The Foxy experience is a unique one, but it can make for a great story when you get home.

It’ll also remind you not to skip leg day!

Address: 128 Dousman St, Green Bay, WI 54303, United States

31. Kastle Karts

Kastle Karts

Kastle Karts

You might be roaming all over Green Bay, but you’ve never seen the sights through a banked turn on a quarter-mile racetrack!

To get this experience, you’ll need to visit Kastle Karts.

Located across the street from Bay Beach Amusement Park, Kastle Karts is home to the only go-kart course in the city.

It offers turns, tunnels, and more, all of it designed to give you an exhilarating experience in the world’s most compact cars.

When you’re done on the track, other places to visit include an arcade and a food court.

As previously mentioned, it’s also near a full-sized amusement park, so you can keep the excitement going with a trip on a roller coaster or gravity tower.

There are lots of things to see in Green Bay.

Have you ever considered seeing them at top speeds on a go-kart?

Address: 2301 N Irwin Ave, Green Bay, WI 54302, United States

32. Wander Springs Golf Course

Wander Springs Golf Course

Wander Springs Golf Course

You might not expect a golf course to be one of the most beautiful places to go in Green Bay, but you’ve probably never seen one like Wander Springs Golf Course.

It’s “where golf and nature meet,” a site that uses its stunning natural scenery to enhance its fairways.

The greens are lush and vibrant.

The sand dunes sweep towards gardens, woods, and open meadows.

Since it’s located in a far-flung suburb of Green Bay, there won’t be any noisy traffic to distract you from making the perfect shot.

It’s beauty mixed with tranquility.

Experienced golfers can play at three different nine-hole courses.

Beginners can try their swings at putting areas, driving ranges, and practice sand bunkers.

Channel the Tiger Woods within as you make your way through the Wander Springs Golf Course.

It’s a great destination for golf enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, especially if you’re the type who enjoys a view while you play.

Address: 4342 Wayside Rd, Greenleaf, WI 54126, United States

33. Hazelwood Historic House

Hazelwood Historic House

Hazelwood Historic House

See what life was like in 1837 when you take a tour of the Hazelwood Historic House.

It’s been carefully preserved and restored to look just like it did when it was owned by the Hazelwoods, and it stands today as a monument to Victorian homes as well as the overall turn-of-the-century living.

Each room is furnished to perfectly replicate the past.

Objects are even placed within closets and drawers like someone was just there and using them.

This is fitting since the story of the Hazelwoods is also a source of speculation for a local haunting!

Step into the past with a trip to the Hazelwood Historic House.

Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, it’s a nice landmark that will give you a glimpse of Wisconsin living in the 19th century.

Address: 1008 S Monroe Ave, Green Bay, WI 54301, United States

34. Oneida Nation Museum

Oneida Nation Museum

Oneida Nation Museum

It’s important to acknowledge the people who lived in Wisconsin before the arrival of European settlers.

There are several places to do this, including the Oneida Nation Museum.

Run by members of the Oneida, a Native American and First Nations community, the museum is dedicated to the preservation of their culture, history, and traditions.

Exhibits cover everything from their creation stories to the roles that they played in Green Bay’s expansion as fur traders.

You can also look at all kinds of artwork, tapestries, maps, tools, and handicrafts created by both ancient and recent tribal members.

The Oneida Nation Museum is among the best of historic Green Bay attractions.

To learn the real, full history of the region and not just the version that’s taught in textbooks, hear it from the people who actually lived it.

Address: W892 County Rd Ee, De Pere, WI 54115, United States

Start Planning Your Trip To Green Bay

These are just a few fun and exciting things to do in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but truth be told, we’re only barely scratching the surface of everything that you can enjoy at this wonderful destination.

To get the full experience, you’ll have to visit on your own!