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29 Best & Fun Things To Do In Aruba

Anyone who’s keen on planning a Caribbean vacation should consider venturing to Aruba.

This island nation is one of the best destinations, bringing together the best aspects of luxury vacation, from a wonderful climate to beautiful scenery and a distinct culture with a large focus on hospitality.

There are all kinds of things to see and opportunities for fun here. The list below will show you the best attractions and activities in Aruba.

1. Bushiribana & Balashi

Bushiribana Gold Smelting Ruins, Aruba

Bushiribana Gold Mine

Aruba has so much history in its perimeter, with settlements dating back to at least 2500 B.C.

Although there are plenty of modern aspects of the nation, there’s also a deep reverence for bygone eras.

The gold mine ruins of Bushiribana and Balashi is one of the best attractions for anyone wanting a personal glimpse at history.

These mines were constructed in the late 19th century. Like the U.S., Aruba had its own sort of gold rush.

Manned by the British, these mines were designed with the purpose of maximum protection against undesirable forces, such as pirates.

You might not find any more miners here, but you can still have a fascinating walk through these ruins.

Although they are decayed, they have held up remarkably well in some senses.

Just imagine what it would be like to step back in time and be among those rooting for gold in these mines.

Destinations like this can give you a great deal to dwell on.

2. Natural Pool

Natural Pool Santa Cruz Aruba

Natural Pool

You can’t expect to come to Aruba without cooling off a bit, and you should have a swimsuit packed.

However, your resort’s pool won’t compare to your experience at Aruba’s Natural Pool.

This phenomenon is one of the most desirable destinations in all of Aruba.

Part of Arikok National Park, this pool is encircled by volcanic rock.

Due to the intense terrain of the surrounding areas, you must have a vehicle with four-wheel drive, if you choose to drive. Otherwise, it’s about a three-mile hike.

Upon reaching your destination, you’ll head downstairs to the pool. The water is about 17 feet deep and often full of other tourists.

Anyone who visits the pool must be careful and follow all safety rules. For those who are quite adventurous, there are also cliff-jumping opportunities.

Address: Natural Pool, Santa Cruz, Aruba

3. Aruba Aloe Factory

Aruba Aloe Factory

Aruba Aloe Factory

One of the most miraculous plants is aloe, as anyone who has used it to treat a cut or burn should know.

Aruba shows a great deal of appreciation towards this plant with the Aruba Aloe Factory.

A visit to this factory can help you to realize just how much this plant has done for our world.

While at the factory and its museum, you can learn about all the practices that go into cultivating aloe for our benefit.

You can witness professionals turn this plant into Aruba Aloe.

You can also see how the brand has evolved through the ages while sticking to the basic concepts of what aloe is meant for.

Tours are easy to come by, occurring in 15-minute intervals. This is one of the most exciting and informative factory tours you can ever experience.

This is among the best things to do in Aruba for how it extends your appreciation for nature.

Address: Pitastraat 115, Aruba

4. Palm Beach

Palm beach at Aruba

Palm Beach

Even if you’ve never heard of Aruba before, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Palm Beach.

It’s one of the most celebrated tropical points of interest on earth and for good reasons.

Palm Beach feels like the kind of place that was made specifically with the purpose of letting your troubles melt away.

There’s so much pleasure to be had on this stretch of the island.

The water at Palm Beach seems to positively glow. It’s such a brilliant shade of blue that you might find yourself feeling hypnotized just by looking at it.

You might also want to head in to go swimming, surfing, or scuba diving. Otherwise, there’s also lots to explore on the coast.

Palm Beach is also one of the top destinations on the island due to all the shopping and entertainment.

You can check out first-class stores, go to vibrant nightclubs, and enjoy activities like bowling and seeing movies.

Kids and adults alike can love their time spent at Palm Beach.

5. Arikok National Park

Arikok Natural Park

Arikok National Park

Going on a hike is like going for a walk, but taken to the next level.

A hike at Arikok National Park in Aruba is the kind of experience that could trump all of your previous hiking.

It’s an absolutely incredible place to walk and engage your senses.

A bit under a quarter of Aruba is made up of Arikok National Park, so avoiding it is rather difficult.

But why would you want to avoid such a magnificent sight, featuring cliffs, caverns, and other sorts of natural delight?

Whatever your thoughts about hiking are, this is something that you can’t recreate anywhere else.

Arikok National Park should be at the top of your list for visiting Aruba.

Don’t let yourself be discouraged by the notion that you won’t be able to see all of it, at least not in one day.

Get up early so you can enjoy a hike without the sun bearing down on you too much.

Be sure to take plenty of photos so you can help preserve what a special memory this was.

Address: San Fuego 70, Santa Cruz, Aruba

6. Made in Aruba Tours

Aruba Tours

Made in Aruba Tours

The biggest downside of Aruba is that there are so many upsides, it can be frustrating to figure out what to do first.

For those who are plagued by indecision or simply like to be directed by others, “Made in Aruba” Tours are right for them.

These are guided tours that highlight some of the best aspects of this lovely Caribbean nation.

This isn’t just a “one size fits all” tour either.

Depending on the tour you choose, you might be able to learn about the breathtaking Natural Bridge.

You might also get to learn about some of the goods that are exported from Aruba.

All of these tours are hosted by guides who are always enthused about the richness of their island.

The best way to learn about a culture is from those who have plenty of firsthand knowledge about it.

“Made in Aruba” tours provide maximum excitement and education.

When you’re not sure what path to take on your Caribbean vacation, these tours are here for you.

7. Sailing

Aruba Sailing Tours

Aruba Sailing Tours

To experience the Caribbean Sea in total luxury, you should go sailing.

On a breezy day, your vessel can be an incredible means of navigating the sea.

As you feel the wind against your neck and smell the sea air, you can be totally in the moment.

Aruba offers sailing in true style with their sailing tours.

Aruba Sailing Tours put you in a great position of traversing the waters on a glamorous sailboat.

Along the way, you can also do some fishing or simply focus on the glory of the sea and sky.

Explorers used to travel these waters, looking for new lands to settle. Now, you can just lie back and enjoy the relaxation.

On Aruba Sailing Tours, the absolute splendor of the Caribbean Sea is never in doubt.

8. Charlie’s Bar

Charlie's Bar

Charlie’s Bar

There’s nothing like visiting a local watering hole to help you truly feel like you’re getting the true cultural experience of wherever you’re vacationing.

Charlie’s Bar has the kind of homey-sounding name that makes you feel like you can trust in.

When you step into this Aruba bar, you’ll likely find yourself quickly adapting to it.

Like any good bar, Charlie’s Bar has plenty of great drinks.

On a warm day in Aruba, a cold beer at Charlie’s can be just what the doctor ordered.

There’s also a top-notch menu if you want something to chow down with your drink.

This all sounds great, but what separates it from all the other bars, you might ask?

Among Charlie’s biggest attractions are all the cool items they have on display.

These are unique items that you’re not going to see at just any other bar, from old vehicle registrations to miners’ lanterns.

Address: B V/d Veen Zeppenfeldstraat 56, San Nicolas, Aruba

9. Aruba Bob Snorkeling

Aruba Bob Snorkeling

Aruba Bob Snorkeling

It might sound like an underwater version of bobsledding, but this is actually just a snorkeling business operated by a cool guy known as “Aruba Bob.”

If you’ve never gone snorkeling before, you need to strap in for what’s sure to be one of the most exhilarating times of your life.

In the depths of the Caribbean Sea are so many wonders.

To make getting around underwater easier, there are special scooters you can use while snorkeling.

You’ll also be provided with all the gear you need, including masks, snorkels, and lifejackets.

Aruba Bob makes sure that all of his guests are properly accommodated.

On these 90 minute or so tours, you can see amazing sights like coral and tropical fish.

There will also be professional photos taken, so you can have plenty of keepsakes.

Once you get down into the water, you’ll feel like you’re in a wonderful new world.

10. Fort Zoutman Historical Museum

Fort Zoutman Historical Museum

Fort Zoutman Historical Museum (Jasperdo / flickr)

Aruba’s capital city, Oranjestad, is also home to the most historic building in the nation, Fort Zoutman.

This city centerpiece was constructed back in 1796. It originally served as a means of protection against pirates.

Today, Fort Zoutman and much more of Aruba’s dynamic history is captured at Fort Zoutman Historical Museum.

All kinds of precious artifacts are housed here, including historical documents.

While here, you can get a beautiful view of the area from its watchtower and learn about things such as how historic Arubian cooking was done.

One of the best times to visit Fort Zoutman is on Tuesday evenings. From 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., it’s the site of the Bon Bini Festival.

This is a time for guests to feel welcomed and get right into feeling all the joy this nation has to offer.

Address: Fortzoutmanstraat z/n, Oranjestad, Aruba

11. Donkey Sanctuary

Donkey sanctuary. Aruba Island

Donkey Sanctuary

Fun in Aruba can be had by learning about their animal conservation operations.

There’s quite a large population of donkeys on the island, but it wasn’t always like that.

Before the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary opened in 1997, the species had been experiencing a truly troubling decline over the last century.

Thanks to the sanctuary, the donkeys have a place to live and be safe.

The dedicated team behind it has put in so much time to make sure these special animals are in good condition.

Anyone who visits can receive a superb education regarding what animal conservation entails.

Address: Bringamosa 2-Z Sta Cruz, Aruba

12. Gold Mine Ranch Horseback Riding Tour

Aruba Horseback Riding

Gold Mine Ranch (Thomas Hawk / flickr)

All the beautiful scenery of Aruba can be even better experienced on horseback.

Gold Mine Ranch provides guests with access to horses that let them see amazing trails on various beaches and other locations.

It’s the kind of moment that lets you embrace your surroundings with full joy.

Even if you’re new to horseback riding, this is a totally safe experience.

As long as you’re following directions and are kind to your horse, you’re bound to have a good time.

Being on these animals is such a memorable experience, and doing it while exploring this incredible land is unmatched.

Address: Matividiri 60, Paradera, Aruba

13. Bushiri Karting Speedway

Bushiri Karting Speedway

Bushiri Karting

If you’ve ever been behind the wheel of a go-kart, you know that it’s one of the most fun ways to get a dose of adrenaline.

In Aruba, there’s a single speedway, Bushiri Karting Speedway, but it’s one of the best karting experiences you’ll ever have.

It’s a total blast of excitement for everyone.

This is the place for anyone who’s a total nut about karting. The speeds are high and the turns are precise.

Your go-around track lasts only about eight minutes, so make sure to savor it.

Fantastic karting is just another thing that makes Aruba a top vacation destination.

Address: Bushiri 25, Oranjestad, Aruba

14. UTV/ATV Tours

UTV excursion ride in Aruba


If there’s one thing you should understand about Aruba by now, it’s that there are so many ways to get around.

On both land and sea, the nation offers visitors some of the top transportation options.

For a very special ride around Aruba, you should consider taking UTV/ATV tours.

ATV tours let you see some of Aruba’s best sights, including the Natural Pool and the Alto Vista Chapel.

UTVs are able to handle tougher terrain, and these tours let you check on things like the ruins, Black Stone Beach, and California Light House.

These tours are offered by Action Tours Aruba.

Address: J.E. Irausquin Blvd 382A, Noord, Aruba

15. California Dunes

California Sand dunes. Aruba

California Dunes

Despite its name signaling that you might be in the western United States, California Dunes is part of Aruba, through and through.

It’s one of the top things to do in Aruba for anyone who loves being close to nature.

These are some of the best dunes you’ll ever encounter, if not the best.

Part of what makes it one of the top attractions in Aruba is the color scheme.

At first, the combination of yellow and brown tones might not seem all that attractive or noticeable.

However, the longer you focus on it, the more stunning it becomes.

A walk along the California Dunes is one of the most fun sightseeing experiences you can have in Aruba.

16. Natural Bridges

natural bridge on Aruba

Natural Bridges

The natural bridges of Aruba are among some of the greatest attractions of the nation.

It took millenniums for wind and water to form these astounding bridges.

Although the most well-known Natural Bridge suffered an unfortunate collapse in 2005, what survived can still be viewed.

Right by this bridge is Baby Bridge, another one of Aruba’s top sights.

There are also some great natural bridge sightseeing opportunities elsewhere.

You want to be sure to check out bridges at Black Stone Beach and Wariruri Beach.

All of these beautiful works of nature signify just how special Aruba is.

17. Around Aruba Tours

Around Aruba Tours Jeep

Around Aruba Tours

There’s certainly room for debate about what the best way to get around Aruba is, but a jeep is definitely one of the top transportation options.

On “Around Aruba Tours,” visitors can have fun exploring many of these aforementioned sites in a Jeep Wrangler.

With air-conditioning and ample room, it’s one of the top ways to experience the island.

On this tour, you can see Aruba’s longest-standing church, Alto Vista Chapel, as well as places like the Natural Pool and the ruins.

It’s a great way to capture all kinds of Aruba understanding into one tour. Your Jeep is a totally comfortable way to get around.

If you want to ride around in a Jeep but want to have your own Aruba experience, you can rent one for personal use.

You just need to make sure you know how to handle the terrain.

A cruise around Aruba in a Jeep Wrangler, seeing different points of interest, is something you’ll hold dear to your heart.

Address: Ticket Booth, Alto Vista, Noord, Aruba

18. Stellaris Casino

You probably packed a lot of things in your suitcase for your trip to Aruba, but did you save room for Lady Luck?

Going on vacation is all about taking chances and hoping they pay off.

At Stellaris Casino at the Marriot Resort, you can have a devilishly fun gambling experience.

For adults visiting Aruba, this casino offers hours of entertainment opportunities.

Those who love gambling can try their hands at poker, slot machines, roulette, and more. You can even place bets on sporting events.

You can avoid gambling and still have fun at the casino. There are events like comedy shows and even parties.

If you’re looking for a good time in Aruba, the odds are in your favor at Stellaris Casino.

Address: L.G. Smith Blvd 101, Aruba

19. Surf and Paddle School

couple paddleboarding

Aruba Surf and Paddle School

There’s so much great water to take advantage of while visiting Aruba.

Surfing and paddleboarding are two excellent aquatic recreational activities.

At Aruba Surf and Paddle School, you’ll receive some of the best instruction anywhere in the world.

With more than two decades of history on the island, this school is the real deal.

Instructors are personal and professional.

Learning surfing and stand-up paddleboarding have never been more fun thanks to this school’s commitment.

No matter where you are in learning to surf or paddleboard, this school will be able to help you out.

There are also surfing tours that let you see the best places to catch some waves.

The water is waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

Address: J.E. Irausquin Blvd, Noord, Aruba

20. Baby Beach

Aruba, baby beach

Baby Beach

With an adorable name and image to match, Baby Beach is one of the best tourist attractions in all of Aruba and the Caribbean.

True to its name, this beach hosts waters that are quite tranquil.

If you’re traveling with small children, this is the place to come to for a peaceful time by the water.

Whether you want to go swimming, snorkeling, or just soak your feet for a moment, Baby Beach is a great place to be.

There’s also delicious food for sale in the area, with options ranging from seafood to hamburgers and hot dogs.

Take a dip into Baby Beach for one of the top moments of your trip.

21. Boca Catalina

Boca Catalina

Boca Catalina

There are all kinds of beaches to consider visiting in Aruba, but one of the best places to check out is Boca Catalina.

This beach is on the western part of the island.

It is far more intimate than other areas, thanks to its spot surrounded by Malmok Beach and Noord.

While at Boca Catalina, there are many activities you can do, either on land or in the water.

You can walk along the beach or around the various cliffs. When night falls, this is a great place to catch a sunset.

You can also dive into the water and go snorkeling. You could get up close with species you’ve never encountered in person before, such as starfish.

Part of what makes Boca Catalina one of the island’s top attractions is how unspoiled it feels.

It might be the island’s best-kept secret, but it shouldn’t be kept that way much longer.

Visiting Boca Catalina is one of the top things to do in Aruba.

22. Underwater Tours

Have you ever imagined what it would be to explore the depths of the ocean inside a submarine?

A trip to Aruba can fulfill that dream thanks to underwater tours.

Different vessels, such as Sea TREK diving helmet, submarine, and semi-submarine allow you to encounter the vast, wondrous waters of the Caribbean Sea.

During your underwater journey, you’re sure to see a veritable rainbow of fish swimming about.

You might also see remnants of ships that sunk years ago.

This is a time to have your eyes open and be wowed by all that’s around you.

This is something you must do if you want to take full advantage of your water surroundings.

When you’re on the shore or swimming above the surface and wonder about what all is out there, this is your chance to find out.

It’s one of the greatest activities you can ever partake in.

Address: L.G. Smith Boulevard 82, Oranjestad, Aruba

23. Jetskiing



One of the greatest advancements in water vehicular technology is the jetski.

Aruba offers you one of the best experiences by jetskiing on the Caribbean.

You can rent a jetski and blast off all around the ocean.

When jetskiing, safety is of the utmost importance.

Make sure that you’re riding when the conditions are good, you’re alert, and you’re confident in maneuvering these devices.

You should also be sure to wear a lifejacket and keep watch for any obstacles, such as rocks or other jet skiers.

If you do that, then this will be one of the top parts of your trip.

24. Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach in Aruba

Eagle Beach

Close to Oranjestad is Eagle Beach, one of the most heralded points of interest in all of Aruba.

Everything about this beach is gorgeous, but the sand is especially heavenly.

Its light tones against the blue of the Caribbean gives it a striking juxtaposition.

There is all kind of things to do on the water at Eagle Beach.

You could take out a kayak or sailboat. You could also ride your jet ski or even go for a refreshing swim.

This is a place that sums up everything that makes Aruba so fantastic.

25. Windsurfing



Windsurfing is a bit like sailing, but it requires a bit more skill.

To windsurf successfully, you need to know how to navigate your vessel and maintain the proper stance.

Keep your knees bent and point your head where you want to go.

Once you know the fundamentals, windsurfing is one of the top things to do on the water.

Aruba is a great place for your first windsurfing experience.

There’s plenty of wind to give you some momentum and guide you around the water.

Look for opportunities to learn windsurfing, and it’s likely to be one of the best parts of your vacation.

26. Kayaking

kayak tour


It might not be as fast as a speedboat or even a sailboat, but kayaks can be a superb mode of transportation.

The beauty of the Caribbean Sea is the kind that you want to savor.

For your Aruba visit, kayaking lets you navigate the water in gentle, peaceful motion.

This is no ordinary kayaking experience either. Aruba Kayak Adventure offers amazing tours.

You can encounter incredible points of interest like secluded caves and lovely forests.

Accessing these destinations via a kayak can make for an even more noteworthy experience.

With each stroke of your paddle, you can look forward to what to see next.

Address: Ponton 90, Oranjestad, Aruba

27. Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus

Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus

Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus

It’s hard to hear of a party bus from a company called “Kukoo Kunuku” and not have a smile spread across your face.

One of the best aspects of your Aruba trip can be cruising along in one of these multicolored buses.

Easily identified by their lavish and fun decorations, Kukoo Kunuku party bus rides can be a highlight of your vacation.

You can do some sightseeing on your bus, but the destinations are what’s really worth your time.

Kukoo Kunku party buses take you to clubs around the island.

It’s one of the top things to do if you’re someone who lives to party and parties to live.

Address: Caya Frans Figaroa Noord 128-P, Noord, Aruba

28. Music Festivals

Aruba Summer Music Festival

Aruba Summer Music Festival

Aruba is a place for celebrating, and there’s hardly a better way to celebrate than with music.

Throughout the year, music festivals are held, bringing diverse genres to the stage, from electronic music to jazz, and reggae.

If you’re trying to decide when to schedule your trip, consider doing it around the time of a music festival.

Some of the best festivals here include the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival and the Aruba Summer Music Festival.

All of these offer opportunities for absolute joy. There’s so much soul in this island, and the music festivals demonstrate it perfectly.

29. Skydiving

Skydive Aruba

Skydive Aruba

You’ve told yourself you’ll do it when the opportunity presents itself.

Well, guess what, you’re in Aruba, and now you have the perfect opportunity to go skydiving.

At Skydive Aruba, you can get access to a first-class skydiving experience, one of the most exciting activities you’ll ever experience.

With close to twenty years of experience, Skydive Aruba has provided thrillseekers with one of the top moments of their entire life.

Although skydiving can be scary, it’s so popular due to safety-minded businesses like these.

Get ready to let go of what “normal” feels like and look forward to feeling the wonders of freefalling.

This is what to do if you want to feel pure excitement.

Address: Noord, Aruba

Start Planning Your Trip To Aruba

Aruba is one of the top places in the world to visit. There are so many fun things to do in Aruba.

It’s one of the best vacation spots due to all the activities and beautiful scenery.

Anyone looking for destinations that are great for sightseeing and unique things to see should come to Aruba.

There are so many things to see in Aruba. All of the unique things to do in Aruba can help you to feel more well-rounded.

All the fun things to do in Aruba could end up in your top 10 or 20 most enjoyable vacation experiences.

Going to Aruba is a must do for anyone who loves tropical vacations.

The top things to in Aruba are ones that make themselves known immediately based on how much fun they are.

They’re such tourist attractions because they do so much to appeal to guests.

If you’re looking for what to do in Aruba, you don’t have to look far.

The best things to do in Aruba are the top things to do in much of the world.

You should definitely consider a trip if you’ve been to places like Puerto Rico.

You should also look up on how to plan a trip as well as travel tips and travel hacks to make it even better.

Knowing the top things to do in Aruba can make your time even more enjoyable.