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25 Best & Fun Things To Do In Johnson City (Tennessee)

Johnson City has been a site for industrial, educational, and healthcare development in the Tri-Cities for more than half a century.

Though not a common vacation spot, there is no shortage of what to see in this charming and busy town.

Here are our picks for the 25 best and fun things to do in Johnson City, Tennessee!

1. Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site

Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site

Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site

The Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site is situated on 45 acres of ground and its structures were created by Colonel John Tipton in 1784.

A loyalist, Tipton built ten buildings and a house on the grounds and eventually left the home to his son, but his son passed away young.

As a result, the Haynes family was able to purchase the property, only to lose it again when the Civil War rocked the country.

In 1945, as the site wound up within state borders, the Tennessee Historical Commission purchased the property.

Today, the Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site is one of Johnson City’s best things to see.

It is home to a Museum and Education Center with both permanent and rotating exhibits, showcasing antiques, photographs, media files, ancient documents, and Woodland Indians archaeological remnants.

Archives and a library provide even further historical information, with the Sheryl T. Cooper art collection, the Tipton Family Collection, and the Simmerly Family Documents.

Situated on Roan Street, the Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site is also home to some natural features.

A spring and garden offer relaxation while a limestone cave is a scenic and interesting addition to the area.

Other historical attractions include a battle site from 1788, the historic home of Tipton himself, and the rich history surrounding the many ancient buildings.

These buildings date back to as early as 1783 and as late as 1870 and have been restored.

There is also a cemetery at the Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site where Gifford, Simerly, and Tipton family members have been laid to rest.

Whatever you plan to visit the site for, the operating hours run from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, Tuesday to Saturday.

Address: 2620 S Roan St, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States

2. Reece Museum

Reece Museum

Reece Museum

The Reece Museum has been around for over 50 years, but its initial “start” was in 1920 as nothing more than a humble class project directed and overseen by Maxine Mathews, a history professor.

In 1961, Congressman Brazilla Carrol’s widow donated the late man’s entire library to the project, providing historical documents, congressional reports, and more.

This would lead to the name change of the project to the B. Carroll Reece Museum.

Today, the Reece Museum is a center for art and history.

It holds paintings, letters, files, reports, and all sorts of exhibits.

The museum is home to over 25,000 different individual artifacts and boasts rich historical information regarding old and contemporary culture and art of the Appalachian region.

It is one of the state’s first museums to earn an American Alliance of Museums accreditation, and that is clearly seen in its high standards, quality, and ongoing excellence.

It is one of a mere 13 museums in the state with this honor.

The Reece Museum is one of the top things to do in Johnson City for history buffs.

It sits in the East Tennessee State University’s Center for Appalachian Studies.

It’s also one of Johnson City’s free things to do, as there is no entrance fee.

It is open on weekdays, from 9 in the morning to half-past 4 in the evening, and occasionally holds events and houses temporary showcases.

Address: 363 Stout Dr, Johnson City, TN 37614, United States

3. Johnson City Community Theatre

Johnson City Community Theatre

Johnson City Community Theatre

Johnson City Community Theatre, known shortly as JCCT, is one of the key locations for entertainment in the state.

It holds the state’s record for length of continuous production runs in Tennessee and is widely loved for its high-quality and exceptional performances.

The theater group behind JCCT formed in the year 1885 and grew through the decades, eventually reaching a point where they performed three shows seasonally at least beginning 1912.

For the most part, they were nomadic, but they eventually managed to find an empty lot: the former Temple Baptist Church.

In 1956, they set up shop here, and the rest is history!

Some of the JCCT’s regular annual shows include Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward, The Little Mermaid, and the ever-famous Rocky Horror Live.

The long years of experience have allowed for even more excellence by the theatre group, which showcases its expertise with outstanding performances.

Despite the small space size, the seating design is innovative and allows for comfortable audience seating.

With all sorts of education programs centered around acting, direction, and design, the JCCT provides excellent performance art and seeks to share its knowledge with a world of interested patrons.

You can find the JCCT on Maple Street, so check out what the itinerary is this weekend for a fun night!

If you want romantic things to do, this is a great place to take a date!

Address: 600 E Maple St, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States

4. Johnson City Public Library

Johnson City Public Library

Donald R Slaughter / Shutterstock

The Johnson City Public Library would not have been founded if not for a little group of women who wanted to share knowledge and information with the city and the wider Tennessee state beyond.

In 1895, these women formed The Monday Club, which was designed to promote literature, art, and history study.

There were only twenty of them, but their volunteer spirit led them to collect reference books and find a place to house them.

Originally, The Monday Club paid one of its own members to act as a librarian for subscription-based library service.

The site of the actual library moved over time and had many homes over the years, but today, it can be found on W Millard Street in its own personal location.

If you don’t know what to do during your trip to the city and love books and learning, this library, referred to simply as the JCPL, is now one of the best places to go!

Despite its age, the JCPL is a well of modern technology.

It circulates half a million different items annually, providing an impressively computerized system.

Of course, it hasn’t forgotten its roots, and you can find everything from eBooks to audio information and from visual to print media.

Meeting rooms, educational programs, and activities for children – including games and storytime – make for a surprisingly engaging and exciting time at the library, which is one of the free things to do in your vacation.

The JCPL operates every day, with different opening and closing times, to check their schedule before arriving.

Address: 100 W Millard St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

5. Tweetsie Trail

Tweetsie Trail

Jason Sanderford / Shutterstock

If you need more free things to do in Johnson City and you’re down for a bit of exercise, the Tweetsie Trail is as good a place as any!

It is the work of the Rails-to-Trails project, which used land that was once the ET&WNC Rail Line from an abandoned disused stretch and into a gorgeous and relaxing trail.

Despite being in a city and accessible via Alabama Street or Legion Street, the Tweetsie Trail is extremely relaxing and removed from any of the bustles of urban life.

The trailhead leads you through a very simple wide, flat trail that’s great for all skill levels and ages – or even some biking or skating!

The Tweetsie Trail connects Elizabethton to Johnson City and is one of the area’s most tranquil points of interest.

It’s also great for family fun, with an easy hiking ground that passes through a fair number of unique attractions.

You’ll see creeks, forests, rock formations, a quarry, and plenty of places to leave the trail to head to attractions near it.

The trail is open from 6 in the morning to after 9 at night!

Address: 107 Alabama St, Johnson City, TN, United States

6. Winged Deer Park

Winged Deer Park

LEVATEC / Shutterstock

Winged Deer Park is one of the many beautiful Johnson City attractions you can find, offering top recreational activities within this Tennessee town.

A stroll through here is delightful, and it’s great for sightseeing, picnics, or going on a date as one of the romantic things to do with your partner.

There are numerous activities to enjoy in Winged Deer Park.

There are two volleyball courts, an 18-hold course for disc golf, and a couple of playgrounds with facilities for softball, soccer, and general play for children.

These sports areas are away from other spots, preventing the risk of a volleyball careening into a picnicking couple.

If you like birdwatching, Winged Deer Park is definitely one of the best places to go!

Warblers, vireos, cuckoos, thrushes, and flycatchers are just a few of the varieties of the bird species you may spot as you hang around.

So head over to Bristol Highway to the park for a nice, chilled out time!

Address: 4137 Bristol Hwy, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States

7. Go To A Brewery

Go To A Brewery

Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock

There are many breweries in Tennessee, and some of them make pretty fun places to visit if you’re looking for a way to spend your time here.

Here are some of the most renowned ones in town.

JRH Brewing is a terrific site for craft beer, opened by John Henritze and born out of his love of brewing beer even since high school.

He went to college to become a physician, but his wife encouraged him to follow his dreams.

After a tour of American breweries with her, he was inspired, and in 2013 he graduated from the American Brewers Guild.

That was the year he started JRH Brewery on West Walnut Street, which boasts an open taproom six days weekly, the option to bring your own food or even have it delivered, multiple regular events, and even a shop!

Johnson City Brewing Company is the city’s longest-running microbrewery, specializing in cask ales, beers, and ciders, with a mix of seasonal, traditional, and experimental brews.

The brewery boasts a large outdoor space, a fantastic location, and a welcoming environment with informative and high-quality customer service.

Some of the signature brews include Double IPA, Raspberry Mocha Stout, the Belgian Quad, and J Brown Ale.

Yee-Haw Brewery offers balanced lagers and ales, including Dunkel, which won the World Beer Cup award.

Their goal is to produce high-gravity and seasonal beers of all kinds, encouraging customers to be open about their flavor preferences while enjoying good company.

8. Buffalo Mountain Park

Buffalo Mountain Park

Buffalo Mountain Park

Termed as one of the most beautiful places in the United States, Buffalo Mountain Park is easily one of Johnson City, Tennessee’s best tourist attractions, providing adventure and nature with beautiful panoramas of green and scenery.

For the most part, it’s known as a hiking location, with well-demarcated trails that are easy to follow, often providing overlooks of the city as you pass through streams and forests in the mountainous area.

One of Buffalo Mountain Park’s most gorgeous overlooks is at White Rock, which is a slightly challenging but very rewarding hike that has stunning views from its peak.

If you’re not up for something that strenuous, lots of simpler paths are available to explore.

There are also nature programs if you’d like to immerse yourself in the local flora and fauna.

Apart from hiking, picnic areas are scattered across Buffalo Mountain Park; the park is also dog-friendly, so you can bring Fido and the kids along for a relaxing time.

You can find the park on High Ridge Road, and it’s open every day from 7 in the morning to 5 in the evening.

Address: 570 Highridge Rd, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

9. Have Some Great Pizza

Have Some Great Pizza

V. Matthiesen / Shutterstock

It’s surprising to think that one of the fun things to do in Johnson City, Tennessee, is something like eating good pizza.

But you’d be surprised!

Johnson City actually has some fantastic pizza spots that are worth checking out and should be on your food destination list in town.

Here are some of them.

Greg’s Pizza opened in 1963, has become something of a landmark within the city.

It’s outlasted many businesses and is owned and run by locals, which adds to its appeal.

Artisans use old-fashioned methods to make pizzas, basically tossing dough into the air while you watch.

Its most famous pizza is its volcano pizza, which boasts a whopping 10 toppings, but it’s also becoming known for its gluten-free pizza made with cauliflower.

There are also other Italian offerings on the menu, from entrees to desserts, and it’s all made in-store from scratch!

The Main Street Pizza Company specializes in handmade pizzas, providing salads, pasta, subs, desserts, and many more in addition.

With more than 50 toppings, you can make your own pizza or choose a unique gourmet pie option.

Many of the offerings here are commonly expected far with a little twist, and the shop doesn’t use additives, preservatives, or artificial flavorings – only whole ingredients.

There are also wine, liquor, high gravity beers, and microbrews to try.

The Italian Pizza Pub has over two decades of experience running its business in the city.

It provides calzones, pizza, salads, pasta, subs, and more, all homemade for an authentic home-grown taste.

Knight’s Pizza is a great stop for wings, pizza, and sandwiches, and it also has lots of options for dietary restrictions, happy to cater to anyone with specific needs.

As it’s near to the East Tennessee State University, it’s a common haunt for faculty and students.

The Scratch Brick Oven isn’t just a pizzeria, it’s also a smokehouse, bakery, and charcuterie, using wood-fired methods to create delicious smoky meals.

It sits in an old, historic building, and its river stone and brick oven is hand-built with 100 tons of materials!

10. George L. Carter Railroad Museum

George L. Carter Railroad Museum

George L. Carter Railroad Museum

The George L. Carter Railroad Museum has been in operation for more than half a decade, with a dedicated commitment to providing engaging and amusing exhibits to people of all ages.

As its name suggests, it’s a center for learning about railroads in all their glory, and it’s a fascinating spot of interest in Johnson City, Tennessee.

There are many exhibits as places to visit in the George L. Carter Railroad Museum, all of them cool and interesting.

You’ll get to learn all about the history of locomotives, view memorabilia, and see a bunch of toy trains.

There is also a large rolling stock collection, beautiful railroad structures, and there may be a special event this weekend – like a Heritage Day that celebrates railroad evolutions in specific areas.

In addition to all of that, the George L. Carter Railroad Museum also occasionally sponsors special excursions that bring people to view the Smoky Mountains or the countryside.

You can find the museum on Ross Drive, but it’s only open from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon on Saturdays, so plan accordingly!

Address: Ross Dr, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States

11. Willow Springs Park

Willow Springs Park

Willow Springs Park

Looking for more serene and nature-filled things to see?

Willow Springs Park is yet another one of these types of attractions in Johnson City, Tennessee.

It offers gorgeous views, lush green, and great courts for basketball and volleyball games.

The walk through Willow Springs Park takes you to a fun playground, with chain tags, scavenger hunt spots, and more.

The park is actually part of Willow Springs resort and boasts a pet-friendly status, with even a great, high-quality dog park.

You can find this park at Huffine Road, where it operated from 7 in the morning to 10 at night.

Address: 1201 Huffine Rd, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

12. Founders Park

Founders Park

Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock

If you haven’t noticed by now, some of the best things to do in Johnson City involve parks and areas of nature.

So Founders Park is, naturally, one of them.

Originally, the park began construction as a method for handling stormwater that had been damaging this part of Johnson City, but now, it’s a great Tennessee spot for relaxation and calming activities.

The greenery at Founders Park is truly lovely.

Paths allow for easy strolling, large grassy expanses are good for bug collecting and flying kites, and sculptures and statues decorate the area beautifully for some variety in your walks.

There is also a creek that is commonly used for meditation.

Founders Park is also a common hotspot for all sorts of events.

The Blue Plum Festival is held here, along with a number of non-profit events.

This weekend, you may see some outdoor yoga classes, or you can opt to hear live entertainment on Fridays or with Founders After 5.

Get to the park on Commerce Street; it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Address: 225 Commerce St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

13. Eat Sweets and Desserts

Once again, we circle back to food locations as the most fun places to go in Johnson City, Tennessee.

There are numerous well-known spots to satisfy your sweet tooth all across town.

Here are some of the more delicious, scrumptious ones!

Petite Sweets is a rather fascinating way to enjoy sweets.

It’s more of an activity center than anything else.

Basically, it allows you the chance to decorate cakes and cupcakes during parties and events, and you get to eat the delicious food after, from hand-scooped ice cream to edible cookie dough and from floats to cupcakes!

Dippin’ Dots is a site to try sherbet, ice cream, and yogurt in a wide range of flavors, decorated with flavored beads.

Their most popular flavors include pink lemonade, cherry berry, chocolate chip cookie, watermelon, caramel brownie, raspberry, lemon-lime, and orange.

There are also purchasable goodies that you can take home with you.

Cakebuds is considered one of the entire state’s greatest cake shops, voted onto an actual proper list!

It’s a baking and cake-decorating company that takes requests and sells delicious slices for you to try.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is part of a simple but satisfying chain of dessert stores.

It offers self-serve fro-yo in numerous flavors, with tons of topping options and a vibrant, cheerful atmosphere.

Maple Street Biscuit Company focuses on selling comfort food, but with artisanal, homemade, natural twists.

Biscuits are freshly baked with whole, real ingredients, and all goods are accented with great natural additions like shiitake gravies, from-scratch sausage, house-made jelly and jam, and natural chicken.

Mona Lisa’s Gelato and Cafe is a go-to spot for artisan gelato of an authentic variety, made with ingredients imported from Italy and fresh Mayfield Cream.

The gelato is all made fresh daily and the cafe also serves non-dessert foods, like salads, sandwiches, and soups.

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14. TVA Credit Union Ballpark

TVA Credit Union Ballpark

TVA Credit Union Ballpark

The TVA Credit Union Ballpark is the best choice for what to do in Johnson City, Tennessee for sports-lovers.

Until 2020, it was home to the famous Johnson City Cardinals, a Minor League Baseball team that won the league 10 times.

Now, the new home team is the Johnson City Doughboys, an Appalachian League summer collegiate baseball team.

You can watch a game at the TVA Credit Union Ballpark, but you can also simply tour the stadium by checking the schedule to find a spot.

On weekday nights, game tickets are accompanied by low-cost candies and snacks, with fireworks occasionally going off, but Budweiser beer, peanuts, cotton candy, soda, burgers, and hot dogs are available for purchase any time!

Address: 199-131 Legion St, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States

15. Freedom Hall Civic Center

Freedom Hall Civic Center

Freedom Hall Civic Center

The Freedom Hall Civic Center is one of the more fun points of interest in Johnson City.

Situated at the Science Hill High School, it boasts an 8,000 person capacity for audience members and is the university’s home ground.

Essentially, the center is a multipurpose location, designed to provide a space for concerts, sports, and more.

The Freedom Hall Civic Center is commonly used for a lot of the city’s sporting events, ranging from basketball to professional wrestling.

The high-quality sound, impactful lighting, and comfortable seating arrangements make it an enjoyable experience.

Beyond just sports, many great acts have played here, including Creed, Shrine Circus, Luke Bryan, Motley Crue, and even Elvis Presley!

Address: 1320 Pactolas Rd, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

16. Tannery Knobs Mountain Bike Park

Tannery Knobs Mountain Bike Park

Tannery Knobs Mountain Bike Park

Are you a biker?

If so, check out Tannery Knobs Mountain Bike Park, one of the top places to visit for such excursions in Johnson City, Tennessee!

Not only is it widely considered one of the most iconic Johnson City attractions by the city’s own recommendation, but it’s also a safe way to practice your mountain skills, no matter your level of expertise.

The land at Tannery Knobs Mountain Bike Park was a donation made in 2016 by the Summers-Taylor construction company, and now, there are 40 acres of wooded terrain to its name.

The ridgeline spans more than 300 feet.

The off-road trails at Tannery Knobs Mountain Bike Park are meant for people of all ages and skill levels.

Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, you’ll find a berm that fits you.

Beginners, including children, get to develop their abilities too, going from the flowier, simpler areas to more challenging ones.

IMBA mountain biking solutions experts run the Tannery Knobs Mountain Bike Park, allowing you to feel ensured that your safety is prioritized.

It also means staff are highly capable and can provide educated aid.

As an added bonus, the park overlooks gorgeous sixty and mountainscapes.

It’s open from 7 in the morning to 10 at night.

Address: 18 Tannery Knob, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States

17. Go Shopping

Go Shopping

Nolichuckyjake / Shutterstock

Want to find fun places to visit for shopping and “retail therapy” in Johnson City, Tennessee?

You should go where the locals go.

The Johnson City Farmer’s Market is a crucial cultural part of the downtown scene of the city.

Since 1976, it’s sold arts and crafts, fresh produce, canned goods, and baked goods.

Food trucks of all kinds provide great snacks for you to eat as you browse.

The market is open from April to October, from 7 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

But what about shopping malls?

The Mall at Johnson City is among the biggest shopping spots in the area, with 60 different locations for excitement, dining, retail, and more.

There are also all sorts of events held here annually.

Similar places include Johnson City Marketplace, Johnson City Crossings, Peerless Shopping Center, Roan Center, and Hamilton Place.

That’s a lot of places for shopping in a city like this!

18. Appalachian GhostWalks Ghost History and Bigfoot Adventure Tours

Appalachian GhostWalks

Appalachian GhostWalks

Appalachian GhostWalks Ghost History and Bigfoot Adventure Tours is a mouthful of a company name, specializing in bringing you to a wide range of different intriguing tourist attractions in Johnson City, Tennessee, for fans of the weird and esoteric.

It offers 16 different kinds of tours, all ward-winning and lantern-led, with some even leaving the city depending on your preferences.

Appalachian GhostWalks’ primary attractions relate to Adventure Tours, with specifics being for bigfoot hunting, ghost sightings, and historical education.

If you’re willing to make a day of it, the company actually plans entire itineraries, including dining places, accommodation, and a wide range of activities.

Better yet, if you’re happy to leave Johnson City for a while, you can explore even further, whether near or far!

Tours happen year-round and are designed to be family-friendly.

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19. Nelson Fine Art and Frames

Nelson Fine Art and Frames

Nelson Fine Art and Frames

Nelson Fine Art and Frames is a great spot in Johnson City, Tennessee for art enthusiasts.

Located on Colonial Way, the institution focuses on preserving artwork through the delicate skillset of framing.

A fair amount of expertise is necessary to ensure the correct framing methods for the safety of art.

Nelson Fine Art and Frames isn’t just a framing business – it’s also a local gallery that houses paintings, pictures, and art of all sorts from a mix of uprising locals and experts.

It’s open from 10 in the morning to half-past 5 in the evening on weekdays, and though it’s a very small hidden gem, it’s still among the most fun things to do in Johnson City.

Address: 205 Colonial Way, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States

20. Campbell’s Morrell Music

Campbell's Morrell Music

Campbell’s Morrell Music

Campbell’s Morrell Music is one of the go-to places to visit in Johnson City, Tennessee for musical instruments.

It is a one-stop-shop catering to musicians of all skill levels, providing lessons by qualified instructors, and offering a wide range of services.

Visitors to this Johnson City joint will be able to buy electronics, amplifiers, drums, string instruments, sound systems, audio setups, lighting, and more.

There are also instrument repair services, and lessons – if you’re keen – cover piano, fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, drums, violin, dobro, and bass.

It may not be one of the city’s typical tourist attractions, but it’s a fun visit for music lovers nevertheless.

Address: 118 W Market St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

21. Little Chicago Downtown Arts and Music Festival

Little Chicago Downtown Arts and Music Festival

Little Chicago Downtown Arts and Music Festival

The Little Chicago Downtown Arts and Music Festival first made its debut not too long ago in 2016, but it has since risen in reputation as one of Johnson City, Tennessee’s most delightful and fun things to see.

It was originally created by a mix of volunteers and the Downtown Merchants Association, and together, they aimed to celebrate the rich heritage of the region’s art, music, and food culture.

It is completely free to head to and participate in, and you can watch performances, shop, or just explore the many businesses that are a part of the festival.

22. Austin Springs Spa & Salon

Austin Springs Spa & Salon

New Africa / Shutterstock

Austin Springs Spa & Salon is situated at the Carnegie Hotel.

Though not one of the typical Johnson City attractions, it’s a great choice among places to go for relaxation after some Tennessee exploration.

A mix of Old World luxury, modern convenience, and glamorous comfort, the spa provides many different programs.

Body wraps, hydrotherapy, massages, pumpkin scrubs, waxing, acupuncture, eyelash extensions, sauna therapy, manicures, pedicures, and hair services let you pamper yourself, with packages for singles, couples, friends, families, and more.

Address: 1216 W State of Franklin Rd, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

23. Blue Plum Festival

Blue Plum Festival

Blue Plum Festival

The Blue Plum Festival isn’t just popular in Johnson City or Tennessee.

It’s one of the entire South’s biggest outdoor festivals for music and art.

It is usually held during the first weekend of the month of June, and is one of the most fun free things to do that you’ll find in the general region!

The Blue Plum Festival is named after the post office that was set up in the 1800s in a rural location that would eventually grow into the city it is now.

It attracts approximately 80,000 guests annually.

There are three stages set up during the Blue Plum Festival, with many different genres performed among all sorts of vendors selling crafts and food.

It takes up a lot of space in the downtown area, and streets are often blocked off just for the festivities!

You’ll also get to try out special events like the 5k Blue Plum fast walk and run, the Annual Urban Art Throw-down, the corn hole tournament, the roller derby, and the Omnium bike race.

Address: 325 W Main St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

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24. Buy Gifts

Village Antique & Home Decor Mall

Village Antique & Home Decor Mall

If you’re not sure what to do to get souvenirs for your loved ones after perusing Johnson City attractions, check out these locations for gifts!

The Village Antique & Home Decor Mall boasts more than 200 booths showcasing collectibles of all kinds, ranging from quilts to glassware and from railroad memorabilia to historical objects.

Aesthetics are also diverse, with shabby chic, contemporary, and even Victorian styles!

HobbyTown is a unique location for remote-controlled cars, education and scientific toys, games, model airplanes, and many kinds of merchandise for hobbies.

If you know someone into something specific – or if you’ve got a big hobby yourself – this is a fantastic place to head to.

Finally, you can simply go to generic gift shops known for their great selection.

Gourmet & Company Retail and Nest Interiors & Gifts are both great options!

25. Enjoy Nightlife and Live Music

Enjoy Nightlife and Live Music

Stokkete / Shutterstock

Johnson City may not be extremely famous for nightlife, but many of its points of interest for live music and other performances are extremely fun and definitely worth heading to.

Here are some ways to enjoy live music in different ways in the city.

The Johnson City Symphony Orchestra is the most obvious way to get classier versions of live music.

It performs in a wide range of different places within the space of the Tri-Cities, including Blackthorn Club and the aforementioned Winged Deer Park.

Special guest performers make it even more special!

Capone’s is a great location if you want to be entertained!

It can be found downtown and provides great food like Philly cheesesteaks and burgers in an intimate setting.

Music ranges from new rock n roll to Americana.

The Hideaway is a downtown venue for live music.

With a punk grunge sort of atmosphere, it’s very much the “underground” type of spot.

Band posters and skateboard art cover the walls, and live music is very diverse.

You can enjoy folk, indie, punk, alternative, metal, rock, and garage music, as well as vaudeville and live comedy.

Start Planning Your Trip To Johnson City

Johnson City, Tennessee is ripe with stuff to do.

No matter what you’re interested in, you’re guaranteed a relaxing, interesting, and vibrant holiday trip to this blossoming, culturally rich town!

Happy travels.