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29 Best & Fun Things To Do In Irvine (California)

Irvine is a lovely city in Orange County, home to many popular companies, natural spaces, and a famous university.

Many great athletes hail from here, and it is an interesting planned community that values history, culture, and success.

It has its fair share of attractions and places to go, so as a tourist, you’re in luck!

Here are the 29 best and fun things to do in Irvine, California.

1. Orange County Great Park

Orange County Great Park

LunaseeStudios / Shutterstock

Orange County Great Park is arguably the most popular attraction in Irvine, California.

Packed to the brim with activities and things to see, it features a wide range of attractions and amenities with more being added with time.

It has its share of normal amenities, like picnic tables and plumbing, but also goes well beyond that!

Spanning 1,300 acres, the Orange County Great Park opened in 2017.

It is situated on what was once an air station for the Marine Corps.

Now, it’s meant for a good, relaxing day, not rigid high-stakes military action, and it is home to a sports complex, art exhibits, and more.

Some notable attractions include the Farm + Food Lab, which provides education on agriculture and has a lot of themed planters, and the Certified Farmers Market.

The central attraction of the Orange County Great Park is definitely the Great Park Balloon, a large orange hot air balloon ride that can bring you on an awe-inspiring, breathtaking “tour” in the sky.

You’ll rise 400 feet above the ground and be rewarded with a delightful 360-degree view from a bird’s eye perspective of the park, the city, and beyond.

Next to the Great Park Balloon, you’ll also find the Palm Court Art Complex.

It is home to a 10,000 square-foot center for events that was once a military hanger, and it also features the beautiful Great Park Gallery.

There is also the park’s newest addition: Great Ice Park, which hosts events and is open for public skating all year round!

Address: 8000 Great Park Blvd, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

2. Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City Children’s Museum

David Tonelson / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for cool places to visit, the Pretend City Children’s Museum is an exciting and fun location, as well as one of the most popular Irvine attractions.

It first opened its doors in 1997 and is essentially a “city” filled with cool things to do and activities for kids to explore and enjoy.

Role-playing, hands-on exhibits, educational programs, and more allow kids to learn in each area!

Within the Pretend City Children’s Museum, you can find a bank, fire station, cafe, beach, post office, grocery store, farm, theater, construction site, and more.

They are interconnected within the building for the enjoyment of their tiny patrons, with a total of 17 exhibit spaces overall.

The museum is geared towards young children and staff are professionally trained to foster the development and education of the kids who visit.

One of this museum’s unique spaces is the Imagination Playground.

Here, kids can use their creativity to make houses, rockets, and even animals.

There are also numerous different events that are hosted throughout the year.

They range from occasion-related ones like Healthy Halloween and Father’s Day parties, but there are also others like Dance Like A Chicken Day and the Family Autism Event.

If you’re in California at the time, check out what the Pretend City Children’s Museum has planned!

Address: 29 Hubble, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

3. IRWD San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

Creative Jen Designs / Shutterstock

The IRWD San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best things to do in Irvine, California for photographers, bird-watchers, and nature-lovers.

Within the somewhat bustling urbanscape of Irvine, the IRWD San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary offers something of a genuine wilderness to explore.

It’s easy to access and can be found on Riparian View.

The IRWD San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary spans 300 acres and is technically a freshwater march.

Over 11 miles of trails to take you through many different ponds on the way.

Trails are somewhat varied, from wider, easier dirt roads to narrow and more challenging foot trails that bring you deeper and deeper into this “forest”.

Many birds live here, including geese, ducks, egrets, cormorants, herons, eagles, and grebes.

You’ll also spot other fauna, like raccoons, coyotes, and bobcats, and plenty of reptiles, amphibians, and fish can be spotted too.

As a genuine spot of wildlife and nature, there are few amenities along the trails of the IRWD San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary, apart from plumbing in the occasional restroom.

You’ll need to be prepared to pack away any trash you create to throw later, after your exploration!

There are also additional features that are modern, though, like the Audubon House, a boardwalk, and an area for observation.

Address: 5 Riparian View, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

4. Irvine Spectrum Center

Irvine Spectrum Center

David Tonelson / Shutterstock

The Irvine Spectrum Center is a huge shopping district of sorts.

As an outdoor center, it provides a wide range of different places to go and check out, some of which are fairly inexpensive or even free.

It is marked by beautiful landscaping, gushing fountains, and well-cared-for gardens.

The Spectrum Center is home to a whopping hundred or so boutiques, lots of dining establishments, a cinema, a spa, and even a virtual reality experience!

The retail shops range from local California sellers to popular brands, like Lululemon and The Denim Lab, and the food choices range from fast food joints like Umami Burger and dessert spots like Afters Ice Cream.

There is even a Dave and Buster’s for fun arcade games and classic American meals and snacks!

The central attraction of the Spectrum Center is the Giant Wheel, a huge Ferris wheel that lights up at night and offers gorgeous views from 108 feet above the ground.

For those less keen on heights, there’s a carousel for kids and, if you head there this weekend, you’re likely to find some of the weekly live music performances playing for shoppers.

Address: 670 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

5. Tanaka Farms

Tanaka Farms

emmavgerard / Shutterstock

Want to visit nice places in the US?

Tanaka Farms is an agricultural attraction and one of Irvine’s top points of interest.

It spans 30 acres and can be found on University Drive.

The farm was started by Glen Tanaka and his family.

Though it began operating in 1940, the farm was only really opened up recently to the public.

Primarily, Tanaka Farms serves as a produce growing center and an educational attraction for its visitors.

It also supports other California farmers by purchasing additional needed items from there.

It has a stand that sells all sorts of produce year-round, with each item being freshly harvested.

Tanaka Farms’ real draw lies in its Farm Tours, which bring you around the farm to teach you about the farming process while showing you all kinds of colorful fruit.

The tours take place on a wagon and end with the opportunity to pick produce that you can take home.

Every season, the experience changes just a little.

Between February and June, it’s all about strawberries.

In the summer, it’s all about corn.

From July to August, you can enjoy watermelon tours.

And, finally, from September to October, there are tours of the pumpkin patches!

There are other events held at Tanaka Farms, too.

Special cooking classes, parties, and festivals take place, so if you’re in town this weekend, check out what they have planned!

Address: 5380 3/4 University Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

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6. Irvine Museum

The Irvine Museum

The Irvine Museum

Irvine Museum specializes in the fine arts.

It is home to a wide range of different exhibits that focus on scenes from California and the works of the American Impressionist movement.

The state’s lush fields and farms gave artists lots of inspiration, allowing for such a huge collection of art inspired by and of the state to be created.

Rotating exhibits provide variety, so if you’re looking for where to go for your fill of good art, you can come back to this museum time and time again and find something new.

From works dating back a century to those closer to today, the museum aims to showcase all the greatest hits of local art to the modern generation.

Docent-led tours are available on Thursdays, and all sorts of programs, lectures, and fun classes are available.

Address: 18881 Von Karman Ave #100, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

7. University of California Irvine Arboretum

Looking for what to do as a nature enthusiast, specifically of rare and beautiful flora?

The University of California Irvine Arboretum has you covered with the very best!

The arboretum features many local plants from the floristic province of the state as well as a unique collection of plants from South Africa.

For the most part, this arboretum is a living classroom of sorts.

It spans 12 acres and is designed to educate students in relevant courses and areas of study.

There are numerous interesting special collections of plants from Baja, the Channel Islands, and the Mojave Desert too.

At certain times, the arboretum is only accessible by Biological Science students of the university.

However, it is open to the public five days a week, and guided tours are scheduled during specific seasons – usually when the flowers are blooming most – so if you’re in the city at the right time, you’ll be able to check out the lush natural space anyway!

There is no entrance fee, either, making it one of the greatest free things to do in Irvine!

Address: Campus Dr and Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92697, United States

8. William R. Mason Regional Park

The William R. Mason Regional Park is one of many nature-filled fun things to do in Irvine, California.

It is located in the southern portion of Irvine on University Drive and spans a total of over 300 acres and is named after the man who once was president of the Irvine Company.

When it first opened in 1973, it only had 45 acres of land, which grew to 95 acres (9 of which were part of a lake!) in 1978.

There are two parts of the William R. Mason Regional Park.

The east side is designed as an area of natural wilderness, boasting a bike trail, some rugged hills, and a little creek.

On the west side, you’ll find traditional areas, with an artificial lake, grassland, and a lot of different trails to walk along.

Aside from just sightseeing, you can do a number of things at the William R. Mason Regional Park.

The large lake allows for water-related enjoyment, there are areas for model-boat sailing, and there’s the championship-level Strawberry Farms Golf Course available to try out.

For those with kids, you can head to one of the three play areas for toddlers, too.

Address: 18712 University Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

9. Irvine Barclay Theatre

Irvine Barclay Theatre

LunaseeStudios / Shutterstock

The Irvine Barclay Theatre is one of the city’s top places to visit for all kinds of live entertainment.

It is situated on Campus Drive and was created as a collaboration between the city’s local government and the local branch of the University of California.

Most of the Barclay Theatre’s performances are held in Cheng Hall, which boasts amazing acoustics and opened in 1990, seating 756 audience members.

A number of imaginative programming is on the repertoire, providing the theatre’s contemporary mindset and direction.

Music, theatrical performance, and dance performances are abound at the Barclay Theatre, with a primary focus on regional and even local groups of artists and performers.

The Danish String Quartet, “River Run North”, and King’s Singers are among the many fascinating and impressively diverse programs put on.

The Barclay Theatre has events all year long, so if you want something to watch at night, you’ll be sure to enjoy something here.

Tours of the theatre and the backstage are offered, as well as event rentals, special family-friendly options, and an ArtsReach program.

Address: 4242 Campus Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

10. UC Irvine Anteaters

UC Irvine Anteaters

LunaseeStudios / Shutterstock

The UC Irvine Anteaters are the collective sports teams of the University of California, which is fairly well-known for their impressive performance in the field of sports.

In fact, they’re well-known enough to be part of the city’s tourist attractions, themselves!

18 different teams, including soccer, athletics, basketball, golf, baseball, tennis, and volleyball teams, are given the title of Anteaters after the university mascot, which was chosen in 1965.

This history of the university’s sporting endeavors is fairly rich and for good reason.

The Anteaters have 28 national championships under their belt, with 53 individuals from the Anteaters going on to be a part of the Olympics.

If you’re looking for fun entertainment today, check out what games are being played by the Anteaters.

Tickets are pretty affordable and venues are all over the city!

11. Irvine Historical Museum

Irvine Historical Museum

LunaseeStudios / Shutterstock

The Irvine Historical Museum is situated on the grounds of the old Irvine Ranch, which was one of America’s biggest private ranches.

Specifically, it rests inside the oldest structure of the ranch that remains standing, which dates back to 1877, and it is operated by the Irvine Historical Society.

The ranch was created by James Irvine in 1868 as he wanted a home that he could use when he was in the city for business.

Coyotes, fleas, and wild cats continued to give him and his local house problems, eventually leading to its disuse and eventual destruction in 1971.

Five years later, the museum was established and it is now one of the best places to see of historical value in this little California city.

This Historical Museum has one main purpose: to preserve the ranch’s history.

It provides guided tours that teach you about the finer details of that history, but you need to make a reservation for that!

Otherwise, you can simply roam around on your own.

It holds a research library and archive, and the collections provide many fascinating bits of information about the ranch that would become the city’s very foundation.

Address: 5 San Joaquin, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

12. Bommer Canyon

Bommer Canyon

Kittipod Pungcharoenkul / Shutterstock

Bommer Canyon is an amazing natural area that’s perfect for sightseeing, skirting the very borders of the city and bordering many other areas of California.

It rests on what used to be the Irvine Ranch Cattle Camp, making the 4.6 miles trail through it a historically rich exploration path today.

It is pretty near to the Quail Hill Loop Trail, too, in case you want to do more exploring.

Bommer Canyon is packed with groves and outcrops, with trails that are suited for things like hiking, biking, and even riding horses.

It’s an adventurous and fun location to wander in!

Some trails are available to all of the public, but you’ll need a guide for some of them.

Still, most trails are easy to access and work your way through, and it’s easy to see why Bommer Canyon is one of the more famous Irvine attractions.

Address: 6400 Shady Canyon Drive, Irvine, CA 92603, United States

13. Global Village Festival

Global Village Festival

LunaseeStudios / Shutterstock

Termed as one of the best places to visit in California, the Global Village Festival is one of the top things to do in Irvine, arriving in California every September at Bill Barber Park.

It is a gem and tradition of the Orange Country and boasts rich cultural events, with lots of activities to take part in and enjoy.

Usually, the Global Village Festival begins its events at 10 in the morning.

Then, you get to enjoy musical demonstrations and dances, with over a hundred performances put on annually.

As you walk around, you’ll get to experience all sorts of diverse sounds and sights during this one-day event, and you’ll also get to try out a bunch of different foods from different countries across the planet.

With no charge at all, the Global Village Festival is one of the free things to do in Irvine that is too good to pass up if you’re here at the right time.

Shuttle buses are also available – once again without a fee – as there is no parking for the festival.

Address: Bill Barber Memorial Park, 4 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606, United States

14. Irvine Regional Park

Irvine Regional Park

Steve Cukrov / Shutterstock

Irvine Regional Park was the very first of its kind to open in Orange County, California, swinging into the public sphere in 1897.

It spans 475 acres of land and is a distinctly natural way to spend time in the bustling city.

It’s a great place to head to for some sightseeing or other related fun.

There are a number of places to go within the regional park.

Hiking trails and paved paths for walking and cycling let you explore in comfortable ways.

You can get to the peak of the hiking trail in a barren portion of the park for a delightful view of the area.

Lakes allow for boats, picnic areas and barbeque pits let you stop with your family for a nice snack or two, and softball fields and playgrounds let people of all ages play.

Pony and horse rides are also available at this regional park, as well as a nature center, zoo, and even a waterfall!

The zoo is home to tortoises, goats, bears, raccoons, reptiles, rabbits, vultures, peacocks, deer, insects, donkeys, and more.

Better yet, the entrance fee is extremely low at just two dollars!

Address: 1 Irvine Park Rd, Orange, CA 92869, United States

15. Oak Creek Golf Club

Oak Creek Golf Club

LunaseeStudios / Shutterstock

For those looking for stuff to do, you’ll be pleased to know that this California city has some good options for golf – but one of the best is the Oak Creek Golf Club!

It is situated on the aptly named Golf Club Drive and is a public golf course designed by one of the world’s most renowned course designers, Tom Fazio

The Oak Creek Golf Club is an 18-hole course and opened in 1996.

The land it is situated on was once an orange grove.

It spans 6,834 yards and is a 71-par course that is great for people of all skill levels.

Boasting gorgeous greens, lovely landscapes, relaxing fairways, delightful lakes, and swelling bunkers, the golf course is nothing short of a joy to play on.

Birds and other animals often wander through the Oak Creek Golf Club, giving you a chance to see some as you partake in your golfing activities.

There’s a practice area for those who want to get a few trial swings in before hitting the green and there’s even an in-club restaurant known as The Grille.

Don’t forget to stop by the golf shop to check out the selection of balls, sunglasses, shoes, and souvenirs!

Address: 1 Golf Club Dr, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

16. Turtle Rock Viewpoint

Turtle Rock Viewpoint

Turtle Rock Viewpoint

Turtle Rock Viewpoint is the endpoint at the top of the Turtle Rock Trail found in California’s Irvine Chaparral Park.

The steep mountainous crags of the turtle rock area are great for exploration during breezy and warm sunny days.

The park itself boasts lots of options for what to see, including wide expanses of green and towering trees, but few can deny that the turtle rock spot is the most fun.

Getting to the Turtle Rock Viewpoint is rewarding, especially in the evenings, when you can watch the sunset as a backdrop to a beautiful city lighting up with the night.

Whether you’re a photographer, hiker, or dog owner looking to bring your pup somewhere exciting, hiking to Turtle Rock Viewpoint is one of the many great free things to do in Irvine.

Address: Irvine, CA 92603, United States

17. Boomers! Irvine

Boomers! Irvine

David Tonelson / Shutterstock

Looking for what to do in Irvine?

Check out Boomers! Irvine, a theme park located on California’s Michelson Drive.

It’s packed with all sorts of activities for all sorts of people, preferences, and age groups, with lots to explore and enjoy!

Boomers! offers a number of ways to spend your time.

A go-karting track, water park, mini-golf course, laser tag course, rock wall climbing area, bumper boat area, and more add to the vibrancy of the amusement park.

There are also indoor arcade areas with virtual snowboarding and racing games, as well as lots of outdoor rides.

Buccaneer Cove is a favorite area, boasting five levels with wet tunnels, slides, spray loops, and more.

An outdoor seating expanse at this carnival of sorts provides you with places to sit, eat, and relax.

Address: 3405 Michelson Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

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18. Diamond Jamboree

Diamond Jamboree

Diamond Jamboree

Did you expect to find excellent Asian food in Irvine, California of all places?

Well, if that’s what you’re craving, you should head to Diamond Jamboree.

It is considered an International Dining Destination in Orange County and is famous as a retail and dining center with diverse, fun options.

Whether you desire Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese fare, you’re sure to find some delicious offerings at Diamond Jamboree.

Each restaurant is incredibly high-quality, making it a surprisingly authentic, genuinely world-class spot in the city.

Most restaurants are mindful of ingredients and cooking styles, allowing for relatively healthy meals.

Want some recommendations?

Diamond Jamboree has a number of restaurants that are so renowned, they’re practically Irvine attractions themselves!

Check out 85ºC Bakery Café, Capital Seafood, Lollicup Coffee and Tea, Urban Seoul, Afters Ice Cream, and SWSH Shabu Shabu!

Address: 2700-2750 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606, United States

19. Bistango



Want some more places to visit for great food in California?

Bistango is one of the best, and it’s a super trendy hotspot to boot!

It calls the Atrium Building, which is award-winning, its home.

Primarily, its menu focuses on New American cuisine.

The food at Bistango is known for being scrumptious and lovely to look at.

High-quality seafood and fish take up most of the menu, but there are also great other options like bison Ribeye dressed in cherry demi-glace and brandied peach, numerous pasta choices, and even delicious tapas from the bar.

In addition to all of that, there’s a wine list with more than 400 labels and you can try a number of unique cocktails.

You can eat in the dining room or on the patio for an al fresco experience.

Aside from just offering great food, Bistango also provides you with a fantastic ambiance.

The spacious dining area is filled with art, both on the plates and on the walls.

As a matter of fact, the art you’ll see here is actually a part of the rotating exhibits at the Atrium Building!

Live music is often performed at the bar, and if you’re there tonight, you’ll likely catch classics, rhythm and blues, and jazz music playing.

Address: 19100 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

20. Irvine Improv Comedy Club

Irvine Improv Comedy Club

David Tonelson / Shutterstock

The Irvine Improv Comedy Club is widely considered the greatest of its kind in Orange County, so it’s one of the city’s tourist attractions all on its own!

It provides a huge list of comedy acts, beefed up by state-of-the-art modern technology and enough space for 500 eager audience members.

All sorts of comedians have performed at this Improv Comedy Club over the years, both from California and from across the country.

It’s famous enough that it’s generally said that stand-up acts that do well at the Improv will go on to have a good future in comedy!

It’s always a great, fun time at this club, and you’ll get to watch a mix of upstarts and A-listers.

Dave Atell, Jay Leno, Paul Reiser, Drew Carey, and more big names have taken to the stage here.

It is undoubtedly one of the most fun things to do in Irvine!

Address: 527 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

21. Marconi Automotive Museum

Marconi Automotive Museum

Marconi Automotive Museum

The Marconi Automotive Museum is named after its founder, Dick Marconi, who was an impresario in the vitamin industry back in the day.

It’s one of the coolest options for things to see in Irvine if you’re an automobile enthusiast!

The collection at the Marconi Automotive Museum features race cars, streetcars, high-performance cars, muscle cars, and famous cars alike.

Collectively, the ones on display total more than 30 million dollars in value.

Though most are racing cars, like Michael Schumacher’s 1996 Formula One Ferrari, there are also other interesting ones on display.

You’ll see unique American-made cars, open-wheel cars driven by celebrities and Marconi himself, and a fair number of Lamborghinis.

The admission fee to the Marconi Automotive Museum is a “suggested donation” of $5, which will go to a charity for children locally.

Children aged 12 and below have no charge for entry.

Address: 1302 Industrial Dr, Tustin, CA 92780, United States

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22. Orange County Soccer Club

Orange County Soccer Club

Steve Cukrov / Shutterstock

The Orange County Soccer Club can be found in another one of our listed Irvine attractions, specifically the Orange County Great Park.

It is a championship soccer stadium that boasts the only professional soccer team from Orange County in the United Soccer League.

It is also an official affiliate partner of Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Football Club.

This stadium is a fairly new addition to the city.

It has space for more than 5,000 audience members and has quickly become a local favorite.

It’s a lot of fun to be a spectator at these games, with excitement levels running high.

Outside, you’ll find food truck stands filled with yummy snacks and concessions, and there’s an interactive fan zone to enjoy between matches.

Address: 8272 Great Park Blvd, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

23. Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial

Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial

Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial

The Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial can be found in the similarly named Northwood Community Park of Irvine.

It is the only memorial in the United States that completely lists all the US servicemen and servicewomen who have passed away in the conflict of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Each individual is listed by full name, adding up to a total of 6, 786 as of now, growing from the original 5,714.

It’s a special, sobering location, and it’s among the best things to do in Irvine for the patriotic who wish to pay their respects to these brave, amazing individuals.

If you’d like to honor the fallen, add this to your list of places to visit.

Address: 4531 Bryan Ave, Irvine, CA 92620, United States

24. Aldrich Park

Aldrich Park

LunaseeStudios / Shutterstock

Aldrich Park is one of the many places to go in the city that offers nature, beauty, and relaxation.

It is located on the grounds of the University of California and is, in fact, widely considered its centerpiece.

It sits slightly to the University Town Center’s South and is commonly visited by those seeking a moment of respite for their busy daily lives.

More than 11,000 trees provide a tranquil experience here, with shrubs, 33 eucalyptus species, and plenty of sweet sloping hills.

The shade from the fauna allows for calming picnic experiences and it’s a lovely, fun place to spend some time.

In addition to all that, it has one the Tree Campus USA designation, making it only one of 74 other winners!

Address: Irvine, CA 92697, United States

25. Irvine Farmers Market

Irvine Farmers Market

Arina P Habich / Shutterstock

The Irvine Farmers Market is one of the city’s points of interest for those who want to get more in touch with local life.

You see, the city’s general region has growing seasons all throughout the year, regardless of the climate, blessing it with one of the country’s most vibrant farmers markets no matter the month!

Much of the farmers’ market’s produce is grown at Great Park Farm, but all of them are from local growers only, so everything is from a near location.

There is also an arts and crafts fair for those seeking more long-lasting souvenirs.

Regardless of what you’re here for, few can deny that it’s nice to get to shop like the locals do!

Address: 5001 Newport Coast Dr, Irvine, CA 92603, United States

26. Beall Center for Art + Technology

Beall Center for Art + Technology

Beall Center for Art + Technology

The Beall Center for Art + Technology is situated at the University of California’s Claire Trevor School of Arts in the city.

It is, at its core, a science and art center, earning its name from the Rockwell Corporation’s Board Chairman Don Beall.

There are a fair number of activities to enjoy at the Beall Center for Art + Technology.

Famous exhibits include Wall of Sound: New Work by Zimoun, Origins of Life: Experiment #1.X, and Sight & Sound.

In addition to unique hands-on and interactive exhibits that are sure to excite and entice children, there are also outreach programs, lectures, summer camps, videos, and more.

Without a doubt, the Beall Center for Art + Technology is one of those interesting tourist attractions that shouldn’t be missed in the city!

Address: 712 Arts Plaza, Irvine, CA 92697, United States

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27. K1 Speed Irvine

K1 Speed (Irvine)

K1 Speed (Irvine)

K1 Speed Irvine is a fairly interesting location.

It is a racing center for go-karting and is entirely indoors-only.

The large facility boasts two impressive race tracks, designed by professionals for an exciting and excellent karting experience.

Electric go-karting is the game here, which is suitable for people of all skill levels and ages – so if you’re seeking what to do for the whole family, this may be up your alley!

Aside from just go-karting itself, K1 Speed offers some nice plasma televisions and leather couches for lounging in.

Pit Cafe provides great food for pre-or post-racing meals and snacks.

There is also a fair amount of memorabilia and art related to racing that you can check out, and if you like, K1 Speed has areas rentable for meetings, parties, and events.

Regardless, it’s something exciting to add to your list of places to visit.

Address: 17221 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92614, United States

28. Irvine Open Space Preserve

Irvine Open Space Preserve

zaranda / Shutterstock

You’ve probably already noticed how many places to visit in this city are natural, and the Irvine Open Space Preserve is just another one of them.

Numerous different spots for recreation are scattered throughout the wide-reaching Open Space Preserve, connecting to many different Orange County natural areas, public land, and trailhead access.

Whether you want to bike, hike, or ride horses, the Open Space Preserve has something for you.

With a total of more than 20,000 acres, which even cover Fremont Canyon Nature Preserve and Crystal Cove State Park, you’ll have no shortage of areas to explore, enjoy, and bask in.

29. Newport Beach

Newport Beach

Atomazul / Shutterstock

If you’re willing to leave Irvine for a bit of a day trip this weekend, you can’t go wrong with a near attraction: Newport Beach.

From the city, a 10-mile drive brings you as quickly to the Pacific Ocean as you can travel.

Newport Beach is more than just a beach – it’s a coastal city in itself, centered on a huge recreation harbor and packed with attractions.

While at Newport Beach, there is no shortage of ways to spend your time.

You can walk along the sandy shores, hop on a cruise during sunset, go rollerblading, or simply explore.

Restaurants offer delicious seaside meals, million-dollar mansions are fantastic to ogle at, and boutique shops provide interesting shopping experiences.

Newport Beach is fairly famous as a day trip location, and you can find other neighborhoods in the area that are worth checking out.

This includes the ferry-accessible Balboa Island, the romantic Corona Del Mar, and of course, the Balboa Peninsula that hosts the Balboa Pier and Balboa Beach for whale watching, sport fishing, and surfing.

Basically, if you’re happy to drive out of the city, there’s no better place to head to!

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Start Planning Your Trip To Irvine

Irvine isn’t always a typical destination, but with all its delightful spots and places to go and after housing some of the best California attractions, it’s no surprise that this Orange County community has made quite a name for itself.

Whether you’re a nature-lover, art enthusiast, appreciator of culture and diversity, or even simply someone who likes a few performances now and then, there’s sure to be something you’ll love in Irvine, California.

Happy travels.