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28 Best & Fun Things To Do In Park City (Utah)

Located south of Salt Lake City, Park City is known primarily as a skiing destination.

It has all of the powdery slopes and cozy, mitten-filled ski villages that you could want.

It was even used as a competition site during the 2002 Winter Olympics!

What if you aren’t into skiing, however?

Or what if you’re traveling in the spring or summer months?

Can you still find cool stuff to do in Park City?

The answer is yes.

Beneath its rugged, snow-capped mountains, Park City is filled with tourist attractions ranging from museums and art galleries to escape rooms and costumed ghost tours.

You can ride a zipline through the trees; you can sip aged whiskey in a distillery; you can take a yoga class by a waterfall.

You can also enjoy tons of outdoor fun like camping, kayaking, sledding, stargazing, and sleigh riding!

Are you ready for an awesome vacation?

Here are just a few of the best things to do in Park City, Utah.

1. Park City Main Street Historic District

Park City Main Street Historic District

Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Main Street Historic District consists of more than 40 buildings built in Victorian, Queen Anne, and Spanish Revival styles.

Interestingly, all of these are recreations of even older buildings; a fire destroyed much of the neighborhood in 1898, and everything had to be built again.

Today, however, you won’t even know that the district had been touched by flames.

It’s reinvented itself as a lively little hub of food, drink, art, music, and shopping.

Dozens of boutiques line the streets, most of which are run by locals and not big businesses.

Art galleries are next to bookstores which are next to candy shops.

There are also plenty of cafes where you can grab a bite to eat as you wander around.

The Main Street Historic District is one of the best Park City attractions for those interested in visiting the heart and soul of the region.

Just like in old times, Main Street is always where the action is.

Address: Main St, Park City, UT 84060, United States

2. Sundance Institute

Sundance Institute

PureRadiancePhoto / Shutterstock

Of the many things to see in Park City, the Sundance Institute is among the best.

You’re probably familiar with the name because of the annual 10-day film festival that gets hosted in the city, but it also offers classes, workshops, movie screenings, and other fun events.

The Sundance Institute is officially a nonprofit dedicated to the arts, so it takes a very civic approach to film and film making, and it’s always giving back to the community in some way.

The “Utah Summer Screenings,” for example, are free film screenings held outside on the grass every summer.

The “Artist Talks” are lectures and Q&A sessions with filmmakers.

The Writers Cafe is a weekly meetup for aspiring authors who want to share and collaborate on their work.

If you’re looking for top 10 Park City attractions, you’ll definitely want to put the Sundance Institute on your bucket list.

How many times in your life can you say that you went to Sundance?

Address: 1500 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT 84060, United States

3. Utah Olympic Park

Utah Olympic Park

Jakub Zajic / Shutterstock

Built specifically for the 2002 Winter Olympics, Utah Olympic Park has morphed into one of the biggest and grandest of Park City’s attractions.

It’s a multi-million dollar sports complex that offers skiing, sliding, tubing, bobsledding, ziplining, and more.

If you’re the active type, there are plenty of ways to get your blood pumping.

Thrill seekers can test their luck at everything from treetop obstacle courses to “drop towers” connected to the ends of ziplines.

Families can turn the kids loose in splash pads or join them for tandem rides on alpine slides.

You can also hop on sleds, tubes, and other rides.

If you prefer to stay on the sidelines, the facility is still used to train Olympic athletes, and you can often catch glimpses of them hard at work.

There’s also a museum dedicated to the Olympics with various medals on display, and day tours are led by former Olympians themselves.

There are so many fun activities at Utah Olympic Park that you won’t even know what to do.

Schedule a trip and see it all for yourself!

Address: 3419 Olympic Pkwy, Park City, UT 84098, United States

4. Freshie’s Lobster

Freshie's Lobster

Freshie’s Lobster

You don’t have to be located on the coast to serve great seafood!

Freshie’s Lobster flies in fresh catches every day from Maine, allowing them to offer a downright tropical menu even in the middle of a mountain blizzard.

Lobster is the main attraction, of course, and you can order all kinds of lobster-based dishes, including creative inventions like “lobster lettuce cups” drizzled with hot sauce and “low tide salads” filled with leafy greens and lobster.

Other seafood options include crab rolls, clam chowders, and seafood bisques.

Freshie’s Lobster is also known for its casual atmosphere, so you don’t have to dress up.

Just bring yourself and your empty stomach!

If you’re looking for unique things to do while in Park City, consider a trip to Freshie’s Lobster.

Your friends will never believe that you dined on fresh seafood in a landlocked state like Utah.

Address: 1915 Prospector Ave, Park City, UT 84060, United States

5. Red Pine Adventures

Red Pine Adventures

Red Pine Adventures

Daredevils, this one is for you.

Red Pine Adventures is a place that offers “two kinds of horsepower” in the form of summer horseback rides and winter snowmobile rides.

Both will give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful, rugged landscapes of its hills, forests, streams, canyons, and prairies.

The horseback riding is a guided tour that will take you through these stunning surroundings.

From pristine lakes to colorful fields of wildflowers, every change of scenery will take your breath away, especially since you’re viewing it all from horseback.

The snowmobile tours are just as fun, though their sights are always dominated by white.

They’ll get your heart racing as you speed through everything from glittering aspen groves to jaw-dropping mountain ridgelines.

Ultimately, Red Pine Adventures is exactly what it sounds like: the chance to have an adventure.

If you’re ready to heed the call, this is the destination for you.

Who says that Utah isn’t exciting?

Address: 2050 White Pne Cyn Rd, Park City, UT 84060, United States

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6. Rockport State Park

Rockport State Park

NicholasGeraldinePhotos / Shutterstock

Named for the reservoir that it surrounds, Rockport State Park is about 20 minutes north of Park City, and it’s well-worth the extra gas money.

You can do everything here.

Do you like being on the water?

Go swimming, fishing, water skiing, or wakeboarding.

Do you like captaining your own ship?

Rent a kayak, wave runner, or pontoon boat.

Is camping your thing?

There are five different campgrounds with spaces for tents or RVs.

Are you a speed demon?

Check out the landscapes reserved just for off-roading vehicles.

Are you into astronomy?

Go stargazing under brilliant blankets of constellations in the “dark sky” zone.

There are even fun and unique outdoor activities for people who like trying new things.

For example, you can hit up the archery range and shoot arrows at zombie boards!

A trip to Rockport State Park can be one of the most nonstop, action-packed things to do in Park City.

It can also be one of the most beautiful places to travel in the state of Utah.

What’s not to love?

Address: 9040 UT-302, Peoa, UT 84061, United States

7. Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway

Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway

salilbhatt / Shutterstock

The Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway is one of the most scenic spots in the US.

Connecting miles and miles of backcountry, it starts at Park City and ends at either Brighton or Midway, offering you the chance to put several more notches in your travel map.

The scenery changes by the season, but whether you’re interested in the vibrant colors of fall leaves or the frosty, ice-covered lakes of winter, you can find them here.

Major points of interest include the Wasatch Mountain Range and the nearby Donut Falls.

You can also stop at several observation points that dot the highway at particularly beautiful locations; these will give you incredible views of rivers, evergreen forests, and clusters of red mountain maples.

There are lots of lovely places to visit along the Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway.

Grab your camera and get ready to fill the entire roll.

Address: Park City, UT, United States

8. Egyptian Theatre

Egyptian Theatre

Michael Gordon / Shutterstock

Walk like an Egyptian over to the Egyptian Theatre, one of Utah’s oldest and most colorful establishments.

You can’t miss it: The exterior is flanked by golden columns meant to resemble King Tut’s tomb, and the interior is decorated with scarabs, lotus leaves, and hieroglyphics that surround a center stage with an Egyptian mural on top.

Built in the 1920s, the Egyptian Theatre was originally a replacement for another local theater that collapsed under a snow fall, and survival has been a recurring theme in its existence.

It’s weathered everything from the Great Depression to World War II, never closing down, often transforming into different venues as people’s tastes changed.

It’s been a saloon, vaudeville house, cinema house, and live performance theater.

Today, the Egyptian Theatre is a performance venue, so it hosts all kinds of plays and musicals.

If you’re into theater, it’s one of the best places to go in Park City.

Not only will you enjoy the show, but you’ll also enjoy the grand, one-of-a-kind majesty of your surroundings, and you’ll be part of an ongoing legacy of a venue that just refuses to die.

Address: 328 Main St, Park City, UT 84060, United States

9. Park City Yoga Adventures

You’ve never done a virabhadrasana like this!

One of the first businesses of its kind, Park City Yoga Adventures combines yoga classes with spectacular outdoor experiences.

You can stretch on cliffs, paddle boards, and silk hammocks.

You can do it while surrounded by lakes, meadows, mountains, and hot springs in hidden caves.

A number of yoga excursions also come with add-on benefits like meals and trips to exotic locales.

In one, for example, you can snowshoe along Mount Timpanogos before returning to a candlelit chalet and doing yoga by the flickering flames.

This is more than just one of those trendy Park City attractions.

Yoga Adventures has been featured in everything from Yoga Journal to The New York Times.

It’s a worldwide phenomenon, but it’s one that you can experience right here in the foothills of Utah.

Address: Park City, UT, United States

10. Park Silly Sunday Market

Park Silly Sunday Market

Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock

A mix between a farmer’s market and a street festival, the Park Silly Sunday Market is an open-air event held every weekend from June to September.

Vendors come from all over Utah to share food, art, music, games, crafts, antiques, and more.

You could spend a full day just wandering the stalls and looking at all of the creativity and commerce on display.

Another nice thing about the market is that there’s no admission charge.

While you’ll need to pay for things like snacks and souvenirs, everything else is free, including kids’ activity tables, performances from local bands, and demonstrations by chefs and artists.

It’s one of the best free things to do with kids during the summer.

Called a “treasure box” by its organizers, the Park Silly Sunday Market is definitely a place filled with shiny, colorful baubles.

It’s also a place where you and your family can have fun without needing to spend a dime.

If you’re headed to Park City this weekend, swing by and see!

Address: 780 Main St, Park City, UT 84060, United States

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11. Park City Mountain Resort

Park City Mountain Resort

starlyw / Shutterstock

Park City Mountain Resort is one of the two major ski resorts in Park City, and during the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, many competitions were held here.

It has TV-ready slopes that will absolutely dazzle you when you’re gazing at the world from 10,000 feet high.

Trails number in the hundreds, and there are also pipes, lifts, and terrain parks.

Slopes range every level of difficulty, so whether you’re a shy beginner or an expert capable of top speeds and clever tricks, you can find the right environment for you.

Summer is a great time to visit as well.

When the snows melt, the resort opens its alpine coaster and slide, and there are activities ranging from wall climbing to trampoline jumping.

There are also shops, spas, restaurants, and many other amenities in the village.

Ultimately, no matter when you’re visiting, Park City Mountain Resort can offer a fun time on the mountain.

Thrill seekers of all types are all welcome!

Address: 1345 Lowell Ave, Park City, UT 84060, United States

12. Park City Nursery

Park City Nursery

Park City Nursery

The Park City Nursery is a must do for nature lovers.

In addition to its namesake nursery, it also boasts a cafe, flower barn, garden boutique, and bulk yard.

You’ll get completely lost among the sights and scents of its amazing floral collections, and what’s more, you’ll also be able to purchase some of its goods to take home.

Sightseeing can be done at the gardens year round, which is great for travelers who can’t make it during planting season.

Shopping can be enjoyed at the on-site boutique with its many souvenirs and flower arrangements.

If you’re hungry, grab a bite to eat at the cafe.

If you have a green thumb yourself, shop for seeds, shovels, and other gardening equipment.

The Park City Nursery is more than just a nursery.

It’s an entire botanical experience, and especially during the bleak winter months, it can be a much-needed reminder of light, color, and fresh air.

Plan your visit today to enjoy one of the top nature destinations of the city!

Address: 4459 N Hwy 224, Park City, UT 84098, United States

13. Kimball Art Center

Kimball Art Center

Kimball Art Center

The Kimball Art Center is a must see destination in Park City.

Founded in the 1970s, it started in a garage, moved to a warehouse, and exists today as one of the oldest arts-centered nonprofits in the city.

Visitors to the center can enjoy a wide assortment of both historic and contemporary artwork.

Many galleries are diverse, multicultural ones that can help you open your mind and embrace different voices from the world.

There are paintings, photos, objects, sculptures, and more.

One artist even created an entire series of South American artwork made out of corn kernels!

Did we mention that most exhibitions are free?

Exploring the intersection of art and culture at the Kimball Art Center can be one of the best free things to do around town.

Even when you’re on a budget, there’s room for self-reflection and self-expression.

Address: 1251 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT 84060, United States

14. Exclusive Excursions

Exclusive Excursions

Exclusive Excursions

Did you ever read those “choose your own adventure” books?

Exclusive Excursions takes the concept literally by allowing you to create your own, personalized tour through Park City and the surrounding areas.

Available activities include hiking, rafting, boating, skiing, and snowshoeing.

You can soak in hot springs nestled deep in a cave; you can trek across a nature trail to see cliffs and waterfalls.

You can even take sleigh rides during Christmas!

What makes Exclusive Excursions different from other adventure companies is that you can customize your experience by picking and choosing what you’d like to do during your “tour.”

They’ll also handle all transportation, including airport transportation, so you don’t have to worry about making any travel arrangements while you’re with them.

Many fun things to do in Utah take place outdoors, and Exclusive Excursions allows you to have self-paced, self-directed fun in these stunning landscapes.

Stop letting tour guides decide where you go!

Choose your own adventure!

Address: 18 Payday Dr., Park City, UT 84060, United States

15. Park City Library

Park City Library

Park City Library

You might not typically think of a library as a tourist attraction, but the Park City Library can be a great destination for you and the kids.

Not only does it offer a staggering collection of media materials, but it also plays hosts to a number of events, and many of them are free!

If you’re looking for free things to do while in town, just spend an afternoon at the library.

What can you do once you arrive?

It depends on the ages of your children. Babies and toddlers, for instance, might like “Baby and Me” sessions with mom and dad.

Older kids might enjoy “Music and Movement” hours, “Crafternoon” sessions, or “Preschool Storytime” meetings.

Teens and adults, of course, can check out the many materials of the library.

There are more than 350,000 in all, including books, movies, magazines, videos, maps, and old historical records.

Don’t write off the Park City Library.

It might not be a ski resort, but it can still be a lot of fun, and it’s a place worth visiting when you’re in the neighborhood.

Address: 1255 Park Ave, Park City, UT 84060, United States

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16. Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley Resort

David A Litman / Shutterstock

The second of Park City’s two major ski resorts, Deer Valley Resort offers miles and miles of fresh white slopes.

Activities include skiing, snowmobiling, and more.

Winter isn’t the only time that you can enjoy the great outdoors, either.

When the snows melt, you can go hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding.

There’s an amphitheater for summer concerts and a beach for kayaking and paddle boarding.

There are also chair lift rides year round if you want to enjoy dizzying views of the hills and horizons.

At the village, amenities range from fine dining restaurants and upscale shopping boutiques.

Everything is built with luxury in mind.

You might be on a mountain, but you definitely won’t have to rough it!

Consider a trip to Deer Valley Resort if you’re looking to experience the best of Park City attractions.

There’s a reason why it’s such a defining tourist attraction in the region: It’s hard to get better than this.

Address: 2250 Deer Valley Dr S, Park City, UT 84060, United States

17. Park City Ghost Tours

Park City Ghost Tours

Park City Ghost Tours

Do you hear an eerie wailing in the distance?

You might if you sign up for a Park City Ghost Tour.

Offered every night in the historic district, these tours will take you to some of the most haunted places to go in the city.

Stories range from the grim to the gruesome.

There’s Lizzie, the prostitute who was murdered by her husband after he found her in bed with another man at the Imperial Hotel.

There’s Black Jack Murphy, the man who killed an innocent miner and got himself hanged by the miner’s friends and family near the Kimball Arts Center.

A dozen more ghosts are said to haunt the century-old buildings and businesses of the historic district.

As you make your way through the darkness, your tour guides will give the chance to try various gadgets used in paranormal investigations, including gaussmeters and plumb-bobs.

They’ll also be in early 20th century costumes for a little extra pizazz!

If you’re looking for unique things to do while you’re in town, there’s nothing like a Park City Ghost Tour to make your hair stand on end.

Even if you don’t see any spirits floating around, you can still enjoy the thrills and chills of a dark night and a scary story!

Address: 415 Main St, Park City, UT 84060, United States

18. Park City Ice Arena

Park City Ice Arena

Park City Ice Arena

You can’t visit a winter resort town without engaging in fun winter pastimes like ice skating!

The good news is that you don’t have to travel all the way to a frozen lake in the middle of the woods.

You can just swing by the Park City Ice Arena.

Centered around an Olympic-sized rink, the arena offers ice skating for all ages and levels, including complete beginners.

You can sign up for public or private lessons, attend group classes, or simply hit the ice yourself during an open skate session.

Hockey is another major sport at the arena, and you can often find lessons, games, and summer camps devoted to it.

Curling lessons are sometimes available as well.

One thing is for sure: Folks in Park City don’t hibernate for the winter.

They go out, brave the chilly wind, and have a blast with cold weather sports and activities.

By visiting the Park City Ice Arena, you can do the same!

Address: 600 Gillmor Way, Park City, UT 84060, United States

19. The Spa at Hotel Park City

The Spa at Hotel Park City

Kzenon / Shutterstock

Do you need a vacation from your vacation?

Travel can be tough on both the mind and the body, and when you’re feeling too stressed to enjoy all of the wondrous things to see around town, you might need to step back for awhile.

Fortunately, The Spa at Hotel Park City is here to help.

One of the many luxuries offered by Hotel Park City, this spa is equipped with everything from hydrotherapy tubs to herbal-burning steam rooms.

Its spa service menu includes manicures, massages, body wraps, facials, scalp treatments, aromatherapy sessions, and more.

It’ll refresh you from head to toe, and you won’t have to lift a finger during the process.

If you’re wondering what to do when you’re feeling frazzled on vacation, plan a getaway at the Hotel Park City Spa.

When you’re shoulder-deep in whirlpool jets, you’ll realize it was a great idea.

20. High West Distillery

High West Distillery

High West Distillery

Have you ever tried elk chili or bison tacos?

These are just a couple of the menu offerings at High West Distillery, one of the best things to do in Park City.

The distillery itself is nestled in the snowy hills of Park City, and it offers tours and tastings that will let you go behind the scenes of aging, blending, and bottling operations.

Once you’ve worked up a nice buzz from the whiskey, you can venture to the “saloon” nearby, which is actually a restaurant filled with gourmet dining options that include wild game.

Another attraction is their “cottage,” an event space that’s popular for weddings and other receptions.

Trying new foods and drinks can be cool things to do during a vacation, especially when they’re as unique as the ones at High West Distillery.

Expand your horizons during your trip.

Have a new experience.

That’s what travel is all about.

Address: 703 Park Ave, Park City, UT 84060, United States

21. Park City Museum

Park City Museum

Park City Museum

The Park City Museum is one of the best places to go to learn more about the region.

From its establishment in 1981 to its rise as a mining town and its transformation into a ski town, the city has seen a lot of historic changes over the years.

These changes have been carefully preserved, detailed, and displayed by its namesake museum.

Exhibits include things like “The Great Fire of 1898” and “The Skier Subway Theater.”

Visitors can explore recreations of old mine shafts, turn-of-the-century neighborhoods, and vintage machinery.

The basement is also home to a former jailhouse that held some of Park City’s most notorious criminals!

If you like learning more about the places that you travel, you’ll want to make time for the Park City Museum.

Located right on Main Street, you can’t miss it, and it’ll be an educational experience that enriches your entire vacation.

Address: 528 Main St, Park City, UT 84060, United States

22. Atticus Coffee & Teahouse

Atticus Coffee & Teahouse

Atticus Coffee & Teahouse

Atticus Coffee & Teahouse is among the quirkiest of Park City attractions.

Family-owned and operated, it’s a cozy little bookshop where wall-to-wall books jostle for space with gifts, posters, tea tins, and other assorted knickknacks.

There are nooks and crannies everywhere, and it always smells like whatever warm drinks and pastries are being whipped up in the kitchen.

It’s one of those tourist attractions that’s wonderful to get lost in for an hour or three.

Menu items range from the “Goblet of Fire” cinnamon spiced tea to the “Pooh Bear” milk and honey latte.

Book titles include both current bestsellers and old and rare books.

They also have a trade-in system if you’d like to unload any used books from your collection!

Another great thing about the bookstore is that it’s community-minded, so in the world of big businesses taking over, this store is staying real, small, and local.

The doors are always open at Atticus Coffee & Teahouse.

There’s no such thing as a reservation.

Even if you’re planning a last-minute trip to Utah this weekend, you’ll be welcome here.

Address: 738 Main St, Park City, UT 84060, United States

23. Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City is one of the major points of interest in Utah.

It’s a massive indoor/outdoor sports complex where you can try your hand at everything from parkour to gymnastics tumbling, and it welcomes thousands of visitors per year from all around the state.

The outdoor facilities offer several skate parks and BMX biking trails as well as lift-accessed mountainous regions for skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing.

Inside, there are even more activities; you can climb a rock wall, run obstacle courses, jump on trampolines, or practice your stunts or cheerleading routines on foam equipment.

If you’re curious about what everything looks like, just check their website and click on the live webcams.

You’ll have a front row seat to all of the sports hub action!

Woodward Park City is one of the top destinations for fans of extreme sports in the southwest.

If it makes your stomach swoop, they probably have it here.

Address: 3863 Kilby Rd, Park City, UT 84098, United States

24. Snowed Inn Sleigh Company

Snowed Inn Sleigh Company

Snowed Inn Sleigh Company

Are you wondering what to do in Park City with kids?

How about a snowy sleigh ride that ends with warm drinks in front of a roaring fire?

The Snowed Inn Sleigh Company is a unique, western-style lodge that operates near the Park City Mountain Resort.

It offers both individual sleigh rides and sleigh rides bundled with a dinner experience.

If you choose the ride-and-dinner experience, your evening will start with a merry sleigh ride drawn by two draft horses.

They’ll take you from the resort to a waiting restaurant where you can order everything from prime rib to chocolate brownies topped with ice cream.

As you eat, you’ll enjoy a crackling fire and live music played by a local band; when you’re all done, you’ll hop back in the sleigh and return to the resort.

There’s a particular beauty to Utah in the winter, and you can get breathless and red-cheeked right there under the falling snow with the help of the Snowed Inn Sleigh Company. It’s a great place to make memories with the entire family!

Address: 1310 Lowell Ave, Park City, UT 84060, United States

25. Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa

Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa

Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa

A trip to the Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa is one of the most fun things to do in Park City.

Despite its ritzy appearance, it offers very affordable rates, and it’s open to kids, families, couples, and solo travelers from all walks of life.

The amenities are suitable for everything from self-indulgent girl’s weekends to high-octane fitness training.

You can enjoy pools, pilates, racquetball, water slides, and more.

There are also a number of spa services available if you’d like to relax for awhile in a sauna or steam room.

You don’t have to be a member of the club to use its facilities.

There are single- and multi-day passes, and children under six get in free.

Spend a day at the Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa if you feel like treating yourself to something nice.

Utah is already a great destination, and places like this make it even greater.

Address: 2080 Gold Dust Ln, Park City, UT 84060, United States

26. Escape Room Park City

Escape Room Park City

Reddogs / Shutterstock

Escape rooms are always fun, but Escape Room Park City takes things to a whole new level by incorporating the town’s mining past into its puzzles.

Its most popular game is “Mine Trap,” a room where you and your cohorts have been trapped in a collapsing silver mine where the air is slowly running out.

Can you make it to the surface in time?

Other rooms include “Pirate Booty,” a high-seas adventures, and “The Parlor Whodunnit,” a vintage murder mystery.

Some games can be played by all ages while others are only recommended for adults.

All will offer a combination of physical challenges, mental puzzles and quizzes, and emotional tests of fortitude.

If you’re looking for the most fun things to do in Park City, you’ll definitely want to check out Escape Room Park City.

Entertainment is best when it’s exciting and interactive!

Address: 136 Heber Ave #207, Park City, UT 84068, United States

27. Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter

Located a few miles north of Park City in a gigantic basin valley, the Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter is a nature preserve that covers more than 1,200 acres of land.

In addition to being a beautifully remote landscape in Utah, it’s also the site of several nature and wildlife conservation efforts, including ones dedicated to endangered species.

As for what to do at the Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter, there are many ways that you can pass the time.

You can take tours, walk nature trails, visit the exhibit hall, and see live animals.

You can also sign up for special events that range from firefly walks to scavenger hunts, so if you’re looking for cool sightseeing opportunities this weekend, just check the schedule on their website and figure out what’s happening next.

If you’re looking for places to visit near Park City, the Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter could be a fun day trip that takes you just slightly outside the city limits.

Think of it as a way to extend your vacation one more day!

Address: 1258 Center Dr, Park City, UT 84098, United States

28. Utah Outdoor Adventures

Utah Outdoor Adventures

Amateur007 / Shutterstock

There are many things to do in Park City.

Why don’t you do them all?

Utah Outdoor Adventures is a tour company that specializes in everything from snowshoeing to river rafting.

You can hit the water and enjoy the spray of class II rapids; you can stay on land and hike through meadows, mountain valleys, and forest groves.

Additionally, since Utah Outdoor Adventures is an “all-season” tour company, they offer tours all year long.

Whether you’re a snow bunny or a summer lover, you can find cool things to see in the rugged yet beautiful wilderness of the southwest.

It’s time for adventure, and Utah Outdoor Adventures is the company that can deliver.

Strap on your snowshoes and get moving!

Address: 3310 Mountain Ln, Park City, UT 84060, United States

Start Planning Your Trip To Park City

Park City is a place filled with opportunity, so whether you’re looking to eat, ski, shop, or careen wildly on a zipline suspended between trees, this is the vacation destination for you.

Have fun!