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27 Best & Fun Things To Do In Milwaukee (Wisconsin)

It’s the largest city in Wisconsin, and it’s also one of the busiest.

There are so many things to see and do in Milwaukee that you might find your head spinning with all of the possibilities!

The good news is that it’s easy to cut down on your shortlist when you have a list of suggestions to choose from.

When you have a guide full of fun, free and fantastic things to do in the city, planning your vacation isn’t as difficult as it might originally seem.

Are you ready for a trip that you’ll never forget?

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

1. Historic Third Ward

Historic Third Ward

stellamc / Shutterstock

Located in downtown Milwaukee, the Historic Third Ward is a blast from the past.

It’s a former warehouse district that has been converted into a hip but historic neighborhood where you can find all sorts of shops, theaters, art galleries, performance houses and creative businesses.

The Historic Third Ward used to be called the “Bloody Third” because of its working-class residents and their propensity for fistfights.

Over time, however, it’s grown into a cultural hub that honors its vintage roots while also embracing the future of the arts.

You can find a number of tourist attractions in the ward, including the Broadway Theatre Center and the Milwaukee Public Market.

Entertainment is available at all hours of the day and night.

When it’s light outside, hop on the streetcar that winds through downtown Milwaukee and do the sightseeing thing; when the sun sets, enjoy nightlife in the form of bars, pubs and speakeasies.

If you’re freshly landed in Milwaukee and wondering what to do, start with the Historic Third Ward.

It’ll give you a taste of the heritage of the city while also preparing you for even more fun places ahead.

2. Potawatomi Hotel and Casino

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

Wisconsin has complicated gambling laws, but the exception to the rule is tribal casinos owned by Native Americans.

The Potawatomi Hotel and Casino isn’t the only one in the state, but it’s one of the best, and it’s located right in the heart of downtown Milwaukee.

A luxury hotel will provide jacuzzi tubs and salon massages.

Four-star restaurants will serve duck, lamb, sushi and steak.

Multiple bars will let you relax with a cocktail after a long day of travel.

The biggest draw of Potawatomi, however, is its casino.

From slot machines to poker games, there are plenty of ways to enjoy adult fun with high dollars and high stakes.

Do you like bingo? Does Lady Luck guide your hand at roulette?

There’s even off-track betting if you can’t make it to the races and see the horses for yourself.

If you’re looking for a decadent experience in Milwaukee, it doesn’t get any better than the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino.

It’ll offer relaxing days and exciting nights for couples, groups, bachelors and even families.

The kiddos can’t play blackjack, but they can relax in your suite while you indulge!

Address: 1721 W Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53233, USA

3. Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory

Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory

Joe Ferrer / Shutterstock

Known to locals as “The Domes,” the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory is a triplex of larger-than-life domes that function as a cross between greenhouses and botanical gardens.

They’re filled with all kinds of flowers, trees, shrubs and succulents, and their biodiversity ranges from thick jungle vines to dry desert cacti.

Each dome has a theme, so you can choose your own adventure during your Milwaukee vacation.

If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Milwaukee, you might enjoy holding hands with your lover and walking through the canopies of the rainforest dome.

If you want to teach the kids about the climate, you can take an educational tour of the desert dome.

The third dome is the most fun.

It’s the “show dome” with a constantly rotating schedule of seasonal and holiday themes, so you can catch firs in the winter, sunflowers in the summer and blushing peonies in the spring.

It also boasts a garden railway if you want to take a scenic ride through nature.

Consider the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory if you’re wondering what to see in Milwaukee.

It’ll provide all of the beauty and majesty of nature without making you sweat out a hike in one of the city’s parks!

Address: 524 S Layton Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53215, USA

4. Miller Park

Miller Park

Keith Homan / Shutterstock

It can get cold in Wisconsin, but there’s nothing to fear when you visit Miller Park in Milwaukee.

This baseball stadium is the only one in North America with a retractable, fan-shaped roof that can be closed over the field when the temperature drops below freezing.

This ensures that you’ll never miss a game, concert, movie or rally, not even in the dead of winter!

The primary purpose of Miller Park is to host sporting events in Milwaukee.

From baseball to soccer, it’s seen a variety of games. It’s even hosted a bowling championship.

If you aren’t the type to wave around a foam finger, however, you can find other things to enjoy at Miller Park as well.

There are annual concerts by pop stars and rock bands.

There’s even a wintertime tailgating event called “Arctic Tailgate” where you can munch on free doughnuts and hot chocolate as you wait for the day’s tickets to go on sale.

If you’re wondering how to plan a trip to Milwaukee when it’s 10°F outside, the answer is to look for destinations like Miller Park.

They’ll keep you warm and cozy no matter what the weather is like during your vacation.

Address: 1 Brewers Way, Milwaukee, WI 53214, USA

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5. American Science and Surplus

American Science & Surplus (Milwaukee)

American Science & Surplus (Milwaukee)

You don’t have to spend big bucks on your Milwaukee vacation.

There are plenty of cheap things to do in the city, especially if you like quirky, thrifty destinations.

One such place is American Science and Surplus.

American Science and Surplus is a floor-to-ceiling surplus store where the shelves are overflowing with goods.

While they’re loosely grouped by type, the sheer volume of stuff means that you’ll often find craft glitter right next to telescopes and encyclopedias.

You never know when you’ll pick up an algae brush and find gemstones beneath it.

Spice racks can be loaded with pipe cleaners and battery chargers.

Don’t be fooled by the name, either.

While many of the goodies at American Science and Surplus are related to medical or scientific fields, the store boasts a wide range of treasures that don’t require a lab coat.

American Science and Surplus is a great place if you’re exploring Milwaukee on a budget.

It’s a haven of cheap and free stuff, so you can save your money for the big-name tourist attractions while also stuffing your suitcase full of rare, cool, bizarre and utterly unique souvenirs.

It’ll be a blast.

Address: 6901 W Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53219, USA

6. Milwaukee County Zoo

Milwaukee County Zoo

Kingfishcafe / Shutterstock

The Milwaukee County Zoo offers one of the finest collections of animals in the entire state of Wisconsin.

With cheetahs, gorillas, siamangs, elephants, kangaroos and polar bears, it will take you on a journey from the rainforests of Asia to the dry savannas of Africa.

It’s one of the best destinations for animal lovers in Milwaukee.

Visitors can climb aboard a miniature railway train to explore the zoo at their leisure.

The train is modeled after the live steam locomotives of the early 20th century, and it’ll delight the kids as it choo-choos through everything from reptile houses to bird sanctuaries.

You might also enjoy the playgrounds, carousels, tree houses and interactive dinosaur displays of the zoo.

There’s even a ziplining course for anyone who wants to zoom over the skyline of Milwaukee!

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Milwaukee, you won’t want to miss the Milwaukee County Zoo.

It’s one of the biggest points of interest in the city, and it’ll keep you busy whether you’re hoping for a crazy day of thrills or a low-key night with the animals.

Address: 10001 W Bluemound Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53226, USA

7. Discovery World

Discovery World

f11photo / Shutterstock

Discovery World isn’t your usual museum.

It isn’t a hushed, sacred place where you have to tip-toe around priceless artifacts that will fall apart if you look at them too long.

Instead, visitors are encouraged to poke, spin, smack, juggle and play with the various exhibits.

It’s an interactive science and technology museum where your imagination can run wild in Milwaukee!

Many of the museum’s attractions are centered around the Great Lakes of Wisconsin, including the ten-tank aquarium filled with sharks, stingrays and starfish that you can actually touch.

There’s also a three-masted 19th-century sailboat that offers tours and rides on the Milwaukee River.

If you prefer to stay dry, there are other activities to enjoy as well.

Learn how to play the guitar; build a circuit board or laser-cut cardboard house in the design lab; enjoy a live theater show dedicated to STEM subjects.

There’s always something going on, so if you’re looking for things to do in Milwaukee this weekend, just open the museum’s schedule and pick your poison.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring.

In fact, with places like Discovery World, it can be downright exciting.

Find the sailboat in the harbor to get started!

Address: 500 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA

8. Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

Sprawling across the outskirts of Lake Michigan, the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center is the perfect place to get away from it all.

It offers breathtaking scenery in addition to a full schedule of both indoor and outdoor activities, so there are always new things to see and explore.

Do you want a traditional sightseeing experience?

Winding trails will take you through forests, beaches, cliffs and ravines, and an observation tower will provide amazing photo ops from 60 feet high.

Are you an animal lover?

Curious little noses will poke out of bushes as you explore their habitats, and there are live animal enclosures at the welcome center if you want to pet and hold them.

There’s also an observable butterfly migration every fall.

Events range from guided hikes to archeological excavations.

If you’re looking for things to do in Milwaukee at night, try a stargazing party.

If you want something romantic, grab your partner and spread a picnic lunch on the grass.

The sky is the limit at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, so if you’re looking for a top 10 destination in Milwaukee, put this one on your list.

It’s beautiful, fun and full of opportunity, and best of all, it’s completely free.

You won’t have to pay a dime to enjoy it!

Address: 1111 E Brown Deer Rd, Bayside, WI 53217, USA

9. Milwaukee Public Museum

Milwaukee Public Museum

Tony Savino / Shutterstock

As the only natural history museum in Wisconsin, there’s a lot to appreciate about the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Not only does it offer a staggering 4.5 million artifacts, but its displays range from a full-size mammoth skeleton to an elaborate greenhouse on the museum roof.

Your head will swivel in every direction once you step inside.

There are other things to do besides gawk, too.

The Milwaukee Public Museum has a variety of activities for visitors of all ages.

Kids will love running through the butterfly garden; adults will be on the edge of their seats when they take in a planetarium show and travel through the cosmos.

Another thing that sets apart the Milwaukee Public Museum is its “Streets of Old Milwaukee” exhibit.

It’s a replica of the shops, houses and markets that you’d find in the 19th-century city, and its entrance is through an old-fashioned, life-sized streetcar.

If you’re looking for cool things to do in Milwaukee, consider the Milwaukee Public Museum.

It’s a rare attraction, so it will provide a unique experience for anyone in the state, and it’ll also give you and the kids some culture while you’re there.

Address: 800 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53233, USA

10. Bradford Beach

Bradford Beach

AMC Images / Shutterstock

Do you love the feeling of gentle tides washing over your wiggling toes?

Do you dream about lounging on a beach towel and sipping from an oversized margarita without a care in the world?

If you want to turn these visions into reality, Bradford Beach is the place to go.

It’s a clean, beautiful beach near the east side of Milwaukee, and it will offer a splashing good time for visitors of all types.

Yoga classes are held on the sand if you’re into fitness.

There’s a tiki bar for adults and cabanas for couples and families.

Volleyball nets are available for games, and sandcastle competitions are frequent.

If you’re looking for excellent places to visit in Milwaukee, put on your bikini and make a day of Bradford Beach.

It’s one of the top attractions in the city, and there’s no reason for you to miss the fun!

Address: 2400 N Lincoln Memorial Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53211, USA

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11. Basilica of St. Josaphat

Basilica of St. Josaphat

Henryk Sadura / Shutterstock

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the splendor of the Basilica of St. Josaphat.

Towering more than 250 feet above the city skyline with thick stone walls and domed copper ceilings, it’s an impressive piece of architecture that dates back to the late 1800s and has been officially designated on the National Register of Historic Places.

Visitors to the basilica can roam its cathedral-like rooms and towers while admiring all of the magnificent details that went into its pews, altars, murals and staircases.

If you’re religious, you can join the local congregation in their daily prayers.

The Basilica of St. Josaphat is still an active house of worship.

Something else to know about the Basilica of St. Josaphat is that it was created by and for Polish Catholic immigrants.

By supporting the basilica, you’ll also be supporting the diverse history and heritage that makes Wisconsin so great!

The coolest things to see in Milwaukee aren’t always casinos and amusement parks.

Sometimes, they’re more somber.

Sometimes, they’re the Basilica of St. Josaphat.

Address: 2333 S 6th St, Milwaukee, WI 53215, USA

12. Estabrook Park

Estabrook Park is one of the most gorgeous destinations in Wisconsin.

If you’re wondering what to do in Milwaukee that takes full advantage of the beautiful, natural sights, you won’t want to miss this.

Rushing rapids plow over the rocks. Grassy hills are covered in flowers and trees.

Shaded bridges will keep you cool on hot days, and covered pavilions will stop the snow from falling on your shoulders when it’s cold.

There are lots of fun activities to keep you occupied, too.

You can walk the nature trails, play on the athletic courts or hike to scenic lookout spots.

Nothing is too difficult for the little ones; everything is family-friendly.

There’s even a dog park for Fido!

Estabrook Park is definitely something to consider if you’re looking for Milwaukee attractions that are fun for the whole family.

The best attractions don’t leave anyone out, and there are enough things to see and do here that you’ll be occupied for hours.

Just be careful! Today’s adventures are tomorrow’s bruises!

Address: 4400 N. Estabrook Dr., Shorewood, WI 53211, United States

13. Greenfield Park

The best golf course in Milwaukee isn’t an independent one.

It’s located within Greenfield Park, a sprawling nature complex that includes a golf course, a water park and an abundance of trails for walking, hiking, climbing and seeing the sights.

The beauty of Wisconsin is on full display when you visit Greenfield Park.

Not only does it offer top tier entertainment with its attractions, but it’s also filled with the kind of rugged natural beauty that you can only find in untouched areas of the state.

It provides some of the best views in the entire US!

Another great thing about Greenfield Park is that it has something to offer for couples, families and all other kinds of visitors.

It’s a very versatile destination; it’s not one of those places that only certain people can enjoy. It’s fun for everyone.

Greenfield Park is one of the best places to visit near Milwaukee.

But you don’t have to take our word for it: Schedule a trip today and see everything for yourself.

Once you’re among the ferns of the forest, you’ll realize why it’s such a popular hot spot.

Address: 2028 S 124th St, West Allis, WI 53227, USA

14. Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum

Sue Stokes / Shutterstock

As one of the largest museums in the United States, the Milwaukee Art Museum offers the unique opportunity to browse more than 25,000 pieces of art in the same building.

It’s filled with everything from classic paintings to contemporary wood carvings, and it’s sure to delight art and culture enthusiasts who find themselves in Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is best known for housing a large collection of watercolors by Georgia O’Keeffe, but there are many other artists on display as well.

You can find pop art by Andy Warhol, abstract sketches by Pablo Picasso and impressionist landscapes by Claude Monet.

There are paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures and folk pieces.

There are works spanning the globe from Haiti to Holland.

Long story short, if you’re interested in what the human spirit can create on a canvas, you’ll want to stop by the Milwaukee Art Museum.

It’s an incredible destination filled with some of the best artwork of the millennium, so it’s definitely one of the top places to go when you’re in the city.

Address: 700 N Art Museum Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA

15. Odd Duck

Odd Duck

Odd Duck

If you’ve never experienced a “small plate” restaurant, let Odd Duck be your introduction to the world of fancy dishes served in tiny bowls.

It isn’t a unique phenomenon to Milwaukee, but it’s something new and fun to try while you’re there!

You won’t fill up on a single dish. That’s the point.

Instead of gorging on one meal, you’ll get to indulge in multiple meals; instead of having to choose between menu items that look equally appealing, you can order them all.

As for the food, you’ll be amazed at the high-quality fare that you can enjoy without the high-quality price tag.

You can try duck, octopus, quail, oysters and pork belly all for less than $20.

While it isn’t exactly a cheap restaurant, it isn’t one that will break the bank.

They even hand out free food on occasion.

Stop by Odd Duck if you’ve worked up an appetite in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It’s a must do for people who like broadening their horizons and engaging in unique culinary experiences, and it might just become your new favorite way to dine.

Address: 2352 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA

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16. Helium Trampoline and Indoor Adventure Park

Helium Trampoline and Indoor Adventure Park

Helium Trampoline and Indoor Adventure Park

Get your heart pumping with a trip to the Helium Trampoline and Indoor Adventure Park.

It’s one of those Milwaukee attractions where every step is an adventure just waiting to happen, so it’ll provide fun for the whole family.

Like the name suggests, there are lots of trampolines to send you flying.

There are also rope courses, gladiator beams and rock walls.

If you prefer to stay a little closer to the ground, you can try your luck with laser games or bowling lanes.

If you want activities for families, start a rousing game of dodgeball or basketball.

The best thing about the Helium Trampoline and Indoor Adventure Park is that it’s suitable for all ages.

Your toddlers won’t have to sit out; your teens won’t be bored.

Even mom and dad can find fun things to see and do.

Something to note about the Helium Trampoline and Indoor Adventure Park is that it’s not quite located in Milwaukee, so you’ll need to drive to a region near it.

But don’t worry! The trip is short, and once you’re soaking up the adrenaline of the park, you’ll be glad that you didn’t pass it up during your Wisconsin vacation.

Address: 16235 W Beloit Rd, New Berlin, WI 53151, USA

17. Harley-Davidson Museum

Harley-Davidson Museum

Paulo Nabas / Shutterstock

There’s nothing like the purr of a 1977 XLCR Racer to make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a bike and chase this high.

You can just explore the Harley-Davidson Museum.

As the only museum of its kind, the Harley-Davidson Museum offers a rare and exciting glimpse behind the curtain of this world-famous brand.

You’ll get to soak in its history as you look at parts, pictures, clothes, accessories, memorabilia and motorcycle models from every era.

You’ll learn about scrapped ideas and production lines that never saw the light of day.

You’ll even get to throw your leg over some bikes on demo weekends!

When you’re done roaming the halls, grab a burger at the cafe or blow some money on official Harley-Davidson gear at the gift shop.

You won’t have to go home without souvenirs.

The Harley-Davidson Museum is definitely one of the coolest things to do in Milwaukee.

Even if you aren’t a fan of motorcycles, it’s hard to deny the impact and legacy of this company, especially when you’re surrounded by a celebration of its heritage.

Address: 400 W Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53201, USA

18. Lynden Sculpture Garden

Lynden Sculpture Garden

Sueno dos / flickr

The Lynden Sculpture Garden is one of the top things to do in Milwaukee.

It’s such a cool and unusual attraction that you just can’t pass it up once you know that it’s there.

Where else in Wisconsin can you find dozens of larger-than-life sculptures scattered across 40 acres of land?

The sculptures aren’t boring statues of long-dead people, either.

They’re marvels of abstract art.

They come in every color of the rainbow and twist into every shape that you can imagine.

Visitors are free to touch, photograph and interpret them in any way that they wish.

When you’re done with the sculptures, you can treat yourself to a walk through the bonsai gardens or a showing of paintings and textiles in the gallery.

The sculptures aren’t the only draw of Lynden; they’re simply the best.

Consider a stop at the Lynden Sculpture Garden if you’re on the hunt for must see attractions around Milwaukee.

It can get busy, so you might want to call ahead if you’re planning a last-minute trip this weekend, but it’s worth the visit.

It has some of the best abstract art in the entire region.

Address: 2145 W Brown Deer Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53217, USA

19. Brady Street

Offering a vibrant mix of bars, markets, teahouses and hobby shops, Brady Street is a one-of-a-kind destination in Milwaukee.

It tops the list of cool, colorful places to visit within the city, and as such, it’s one of the biggest points of interest for tourists.

What can you do on Brady Street? It might be easier to ask the alternative.

If you enjoy the nightlife scene, stop by the Balzac Wine Bar or the Nomad World Pub.

If you’re into quirky attractions, you might lose hours at Art Smart’s Dart Mart and Juggling Emporium.

If you’re hungry, grab some Italian bread at the Peter Sciortino Bakery or a Mexican turnover at the La Masa Empanada Bar.

Exploring Brady Street is one of the best things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment or boozy fun suitable for adults; it’s a destination that has a little bit of everything.

Put it on your vacation schedule today!

20. Milwaukee Public Market

Milwaukee Public Market

Checubus / Shutterstock

It’s hard to define the Milwaukee Public Market.

It’s not quite a shopping mall and not quite a farmer’s market; it’s not really an outdoor complex, but with its high, open-air ceilings, it doesn’t feel like an indoor venue, either.

Like many other Milwaukee attractions, it straddles the line between fun and pragmatic, and it’ll offer a memorable experience for anyone looking for cool and offbeat stuff to do in the city.

The biggest attraction of the Milwaukee Public Market is the food.

From smelly cheeses to exotic spices to freshly-laid eggs, you’ll be dazzled at everything that you can try during your Milwaukee vacation.

You can also indulge in ready-made snacks like roasted peanuts or crispy corndogs while you’re shopping.

If you aren’t hungry, hit up the clothing or crafting sections of the market.

Buy some jewelry.

Look at the potted plants and household appliances.

Shop for kitschy souvenirs like “I love Milwaukee” keychains.

The Milwaukee Public Market is one of the premiere places to see in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It’s the kind of place that everyone checks out at least once.

Don’t you want to know what the fuss is about?

Address: 400 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA

21. Mequon Nature Preserve

Mequon Nature Preserve

Mequon Nature Preserve

Located about a half-hour from downtown Milwaukee, you’ll need to take a road trip to reach the Mequon Nature Preserve.

However, it’ll be worth the extra gas.

With its streams, meadows, prairies and wetlands, it’s easily one of the most beautiful places in USA.

The primary objective of the Mequon Nature Preserve is to protect the native land of Wisconsin.

That’s why it has such gorgeous landscapes and why you’ll be able to breathe in deep lungfuls of fresh, crisp air.

Pollution is nonexistent. Commercial development is minimal.

They’re hoping to bring the whole area back to the “pre-settlement conditions” of Milwaukee without all of the lights and garbage of civilization, so they’re serious about conservation.

The result is a peaceful paradise where you can really connect with nature in Milwaukee.

Whether you’re a hiker, biker, birdwatcher or picnicker, the trails of the preserve will call to you.

They can also be incredibly romantic when the sun goes down.

Schedule a trip to the Mequon Nature Preserve this weekend.

Once you’re surrounded by singing birds and gently-waving grasses, you’ll be glad that you escaped the greater Milwaukee area for awhile.

There’s a reason why Wisconsin is renowned for its beauty.

Address: 8200 W County Line Rd, Mequon, WI 53097, USA

22. Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse

Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse

Mark Herreid / Shutterstock

Originally constructed in 1872, the Milwaukee Pierhead Light has been serving the shores of Milwaukee since the days of bonnets and buckle shoes.

It’s one of the major points of interest in the city for history buffs, and it’s fondly acknowledged by the locals as “their” lighthouse.

Part of its notoriety comes from the fact that it’s painted bright red.

It creates a colorful picture when framed against the white clouds and blue waters of the ocean beyond!

It’s also at the end of a long boardwalk, and it connects to several walking and biking trails that lead to other parts of the city.

It’s quite picturesque.

One downside of the Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse is that it doesn’t offer much in the way of entertainment.

It isn’t one of the more exciting tourist attractions out there.

On the flip side, it’s completely free, so you won’t have to open your wallet to experience it.

There are reasons to give it a try, too.

If you’re a fan of history or maritime architecture, you can learn a lot from the lighthouse.

It’s also nice if you’re looking to kill some time while in or near downtown Milwaukee.

It’s fun and free, and it will function as a nice backdrop for vacation photos.

Consider a visit to the Milwaukee Pierhead Light if you’re in need of free or low-key activities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

You won’t regret it!

Address: Erie St, Lakeshore State Park, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA

23. Pettit National Ice Center

Pettit National Ice Center

Pettit National Ice Center

We’ve already talked a little about how Wisconsin doesn’t shut down in the winter.

Even when temperatures are freezing, Milwaukee residents know how to stay active.

One of their secrets is by frequenting places like Pettit National Ice Center.

Offering both rinks and speed skating ovals, the Pettit National Ice Center is a climate-controlled arena where you can get a little chilly in a good way.

For example, you can have a fun, playful date with shared hot chocolates after twirling together, or you can let the kids burn off a little energy by skating or taking a hockey lesson.

There’s even a non-ice track if you want to walk or run on a comfortable surface without dodging cars or slipping on black ice.

The Pettit National Ice Center is one of the most fun places in the city, so you should definitely consider it if you’re wondering what to do on a cold or rainy day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

You don’t have to stay indoors just because the weather is being uncooperative.

It’s your vacation! You deserve entertainment!

Visit the rink for a fun, fit or romantic time.

Address: 500 S 84th St, Milwaukee, WI 53214, USA

24. Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park Milwaukee

Humboldt Park Milwaukee

Humboldt Park is one of the best attractions in Milwaukee that you can visit on short notice.

You can go right now. You can go today, tonight or anytime in between.

It won’t cost you anything, and you won’t have to jump through hoops to gain admission.

It offers free activities and amenities for anyone who can find it.

Covering almost 100 acres, Humboldt Park is a gorgeous place to be.

Its centerpiece is a massive lagoon that draws photographers like moths to a flame, but there are also playgrounds, ball fields, wading pools and sledding hills.

There’s a tennis court and a lily pond. There’s a “concert hill” where musicians always come to play.

Long story short, Humboldt Park has a lot to offer in terms of cheap entertainment.

There are lots of free things to do in Milwaukee, but this park is one of the best.

If you’re wondering what to do on a budget, put this destination on your shortlist.

You can’t beat free fun!

Address: 3000 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA

25. Boerner Botanical Gardens

Located near the Whitnall Park area just outside of Milwaukee, the Boerner Botanical Gardens will provide a fun and fragrant day trip.

There are literally hundreds of flowers in a dozen different gardens, and each of them will be a delight to the senses.

For example, have you ever stopped and smelled the roses in a literal rose garden?

Have you ever taken a daylily walk or explored a shrub mall?

Have you ever pounded the pavement in a rock garden?

The Boerner Botanical Gardens will give you a chance to experience all of these things right in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and you won’t have to pay exorbitant prices for the privilege.

While it’s not free, tickets are just $5 – $7 depending on your age, and they’re good for the entire day.

You can spend hours on a romantic date or an educational stroll with the kids.

If you’re looking for the very best things to do in Milwaukee, look up the Boerner Botanical Gardens.

You could schedule a tour for as early as this weekend, and the smell of a fresh bouquet will still be lingering on your clothes by Monday!

Address: 9400 Boerner Dr, Hales Corners, WI 53130, USA

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26. Lakefront Brewery

Lakefront Brewery

Animas Photography / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Milwaukee, crack open a cold one at the Lakefront Brewery.

It’s been rated one of the top breweries in Wisconsin, and it’ll send a frosty shock to your taste buds with its organic, handcrafted beers.

Tours take place every day, but the best time to go is the weekend.

When you’re done learning about the facilities and sipping on free samples, you’ll get to participate in events like “Friday Fish Fry” with live music and a full seafood menu.

You might also enjoy festivals, dinners, movie nights and “tap takeovers.”

Another nice thing about the Lakefront Brewery is that kids are permitted as long as they’re accompanied by a parent and guardian.

It’s mostly a place for adults, but kids can take the tour and eat at the bar, so you won’t have to leave them back at the hotel while you’re exploring the grown-up side of Milwaukee.

Have some fun in the city this weekend.

Drop by the Lakefront Brewery for food, music and as much beer as you can pack into your belly before your gut starts hanging over your pants!

Address: 1872 N Commerce St, Milwaukee, WI 53212, USA

27. Milwaukee RiverWalk

Milwaukee RiverWalk

Keith Homan / Shutterstock

There are many beautiful places in Wisconsin, but it’s hard to top the sights that you’ll see along the Milwaukee RiverWalk.

It manages to combine the hustle and bustle of a busy port with the scenic views that you’d expect from a riverside attraction.

So, what’s the Milwaukee RiverWalk?

Simply put, it’s a pedestrian walkway that stretches along the river and winds through the downtown area.

It’s dotted with shops, cafes and pubs, and it’s decorated with everything from historic steel sculptures to bronze medallions that were specially designed by schoolchildren.

You can stroll down the walk, feed the ducks, do some shopping, grab a burger or watch the landings of nearby water taxis.

You can branch off the path at any time to explore nearby tourist attractions like Caesar’s Park or the Erie Street Plaza.

One of the nicest things about the Milwaukee RiverWalk is that it can serve as a gateway point just much as a destination in its own right.

Consider the Milwaukee RiverWalk if you’re looking for places to visit near the downtown area of Milwaukee.

If you follow the path, you won’t have to choose between various destinations.

You can hit them all by sticking to the trail in front of you.

Address: Milwaukee River, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA

Start Planning Your Trip To Milwaukee

Maybe you’re looking for free things to do in Milwaukee.

Maybe you don’t mind spending a little money, but you don’t want to waste your time with crowded or outdated attractions.

Whatever your reasons for needing a list of the best places to explore in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, start with these suggestions!


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I live in the area but have never been to Discovery World! My husband and I are looking for things to do out of the house during our floor refinishing. Thanks for all the inspo!